Snell Golf Balls Review – MTB Black, X and Get Sum Rated!

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Golfers of all skill levels look continuously for equipment that will help improve their games. Often players will focus on clubs, but the importance of the proper golf ball is often overlooked.

Distance, control, durability, feel, and the price is common factors when looking for the right ball. Snell MTB Black, MTB-X and Get Sum are great options for players of all abilities but let’s look closer…

Which one is the best ball for your game and where can I buy these balls?

Snell MTB Black Golf Ball

Snell MTB Black My Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)


The MTB Black has a 3-piece construction with 360 dimples.

Similar to the Red version, the MTB Black has a urethane cover that provides excellent short game feel and control, while being extremely durable.

Distances are optimized due to a seven percent lower compensation core, which decreases spin rates off the driver.

The ball feels a bit softer than other premium balls with a bit of a deep sound off the face of the wedge and putter.

In addition, the spin rate in the short game is higher than with the other clubs in the bag.


  • Great distance
  • Softer feel
  • Excellent control in the short game
  • Price point lower than other premium balls


Not particularly suited for high handicap players

Overall Verdict on the Snell MTB Black Golf Ball

Although the ball is similar to the original MTB ball, the Snell MTB Black is just as good as any Tour ball, without the extravagant cost.

It’s not often that you can find a ball with a urethane cover with a price tag of 30 dollars per dozen. That in and of itself makes the MTB Black a great value.

Snell MTB-X Golf Ball

Snell Golf MTB-X Golf Balls - White (One Dozen) (867916000391)


Snell categories the MTB-X as a mid-launch ball with the highest spin rate of their urethane cover balls.

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The three-piece constructed ball has 360 dimples and a slighter firmer feel (85-90 compression) than the MTB Black.

This low lift, low drab ball for controlled ball flight reducing ballooned shots and provides excellent performance in the wind.

Fast speed and low spin rates increase distance with the driver, while spin rates are higher on iron shots. Like the MTB Black, the greenside feel and control are excellent.

Testing has shown that the consistency of diameter, compression, and weight was within reasonable specification limits.

The rate of bad balls was low, although the 50 percent rate of balls with minor defects indicates the ball isn’t perfect.


  • Great distance
  • Pristine feel around the greens
  • Outstanding value compared to other premium balls


Minor imperfections are common but this is simply nit-picking

Overall Verdict on the Snell MTB-X Golf Ball

The performance of the MTB-X is comparable to the more expensive brands.

These balls provide a great combination of durability, feel, distance, control, and overall value.

The consistency and quality during testing show that although there are imperfections in half of the balls, the MTB-X is still one of the best values on the market.

You may want to test this ball with the MTB Black to determine which best suits your game.

Snell Get Sum Golf Ball

Snell Mix Golf Balls 12 Pack, White


The Get Sum golf ball is a 2-piece ball that provides a great feel and control while providing high performance.

The large, soft, low compression core helps lower spin rates which increase distance.

An added benefit is that it helps keep the ball flight straighter, reducing hooks and slices.

The cover is made of thin, soft Surlyn which adds to the cottony-soft feel of the ball. The combination of the core cover was specifically designed to reduce spin rates, providing higher, straighter shots.

Ball speeds are fast for swings of most speeds, while the feel around the greens is extraordinary. One must note that the lower spin rate around the green means the ball won’t grab as quickly on chips and approaches.

Finally, the Snell Get Sum conforms to USGA standards, making it legal for tournament play.


  • Great value
  • Good feedback on putts
  • Low spin minimizes hooks and slices
  • Designed for high handicap players
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Not great for low handicap players

Overall Verdict on the Snell Get Sum Golf Ball

Like the other golf balls produced by Snell, the Get Sum is great value, although the price savings is not as much compared to the My Tour Ball.

The Get Sum lowers spin rates, adding distance while keeping the shots straighter, reducing hooks and slices.

This makes the ball perfect for high handicap players while making it less attractive for more accomplished players.

The feel of the ball is solid with a nice amount of feedback on the greens.

There is a reason behind creating a low spinning 2-piece ball with a Surlyn cover compared to a 3-piece construction with a urethane cover.

For players that don’t produce enough spin with a premium ball, they won’t be hurt by a ball that creates less spin, making it ideal for high handicappers.

Are Snell Golf Balls Any Good?

Despite increased market share, Snell has not yet become an elite name in the industry such as Titleist or Callaway.

Those that are loyal to one brand generally don’t like to match the change to another.

Reviews strongly suggest that Sell balls are among the best deals in golf, not only in balls but of all equipment on the market.

The company has grown over the past few decades mainly by word of mouth, which is impressive in and of itself.

The MTB Black, which is a newer version of the MTB design, is a great choice for the mid-handicap player.

A similar ball to compare it to is the Titleist ProV1. The MTB-X was launched after the MTB Black. The biggest difference is the MTB Black has a softer feel than the other Snell golf balls.

The MTB-X provides maximum control, less spin on long irons, and greater spin on short irons.

The Get Sum golf ball is a very nice ball, particularly for a higher handicap player, and is suitable for tournament play. In fact, the ball is so good that it was named Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal Award Winner.

Can You Buy Snell Golf Balls in Stores?

Yes, you can find Snell golf balls in stores where Costco is the best place to buy.

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For online shoppers, check out Amazon, and recycled ones at

Snell balls generally have to be ordered from the company website, as they are direct-to-consumer.

That can be a big problem since you cannot try the ball before buying it.

However, since the popularity of the ball has increased, it may not be too difficult to find a golfer who will let you try one before you order.

The Snell website offers discounts at times on balls.

Which Snell Ball is the Longest?

Of the three balls review (MTB Black, MTB-X, and Get Sum), the MTB-X is the longest.

It’s an exceptionally fast ball with distance comparable to top premium Tour balls.

The MTB Black also has excellent distance and both balls have been compared to the Titleist ProV1 and ProV1X.

The Get Sum ball is still a long ball, rated 4 out of 5 in terms of distance, but not as long as the MTB-X and MTB Black.

Should I Use Snell Balls in My Golf Bag?

Along with finding the best clubs to suit your game, the proper golf ball is essential to provide the best results on the course.

Golfers may normally gravitate to the big brand on the market, such as Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, and Bridgestone, among others. One brand that has increased in popularity but is likely still not a household name is Snell.

They have a great line of balls that compare favorably to the premium tour brands on the market.

The MTB Black is a 3-piece urethane cover ball with a price of around 30 dollars, making it an exceptional value.

The MTB-X is the longest of the Snell balls and offers a great combination of feel, durability, and control.

The Get Sum balls are better suited for players that need help with controlling hooks and slices and launch, while still adding impressive distance.

There are relatively few options for purchasing the Snell balls other than through their website.

Other possible options are Costco and used/recycled balls at and

Snell golf balls are on the rise and definitely worth trying. They may be just what you need to take your game to the next level.