SMT Golf – What Happened to these Clubs?

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As far as golf brands go, SMT certainly doesn’t enjoy the same level of popularity that it once did. In the early 2000s, this brand was particularly prevalent with players looking to increase their distance off the tee and was the brand of choice for many long drive champions.

Today, SMT is still producing golf clubs. Although they are often overshadowed by some of the more prominent brands in the game, it is still a company that you should consider if you’re looking for high-quality, affordable golf clubs to add to your bag.

So, in this article, we explain everything you need to know about SMT golf clubs and how the brand has changed over the years. 

What is SMT Golf?

SMT Golf is a company that supplies a broad range of equipment and club components to players of all levels. The brand is renowned for its selection of drivers and has racked up many Long Drive competition wins over the years.

SMT Golf MB-3 Forged Blade Iron Set KBS Tour Steel 5-PW Stiff Flex

You can buy a wide range of drivers, irons, and clubs for your short game on the official website, which is undoubtedly the best place to go if you’re looking to add SMT clubs to the bag at the start of this year’s golf season.

As well as clubs, you can purchase component parts of clubs on their website, including driver and iron heads, shafts, and grips. 

After all, SMT has an excellent reputation as one of the best club fitters and builders out there, so their website is a great place to go if you are looking for individual parts for your clubs.

What Happened to SMT Golf?

The founder of SMT, Mike Tait, stepped down as the company’s CEO in 2019, and the brand was taken forward by Diamond Tour golf, which has taken SMT in a new direction.

While you can still select from a vast selection of golf clubs on the online store, there’s no doubt that the brand isn’t as famous as it once was.

This is mainly since other brands have emerged as viable alternatives to SMT, which has influenced the company’s popularity in the world of golf.

That being said, if you want to try the brand, you can still equip your golf bag with a top-quality driver or a set of SMT irons to suit your style and level of play.

SMT Golf 3391 Iron Set True Temper Steel Shafts 5-PW, SW Stiff Flex

Irons are available for beginners, recreational golfers, and elite players alike, so they have all bases covered as far as club selection is concerned.

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Is SMT Golf Still in Business?

Yes, SMT golf is still in business and is operating out of Illinois. There has been some confusion as to the business’s operations in recent years as they recently partnered with Diamond Tour, the company that is now responsible for production.

SMT enjoyed massive success in the early 2000s, particularly with long drive competitors. However, it’s fair to say that the brand is no longer enjoying the same levels of success that it once was.

This is primarily due to increased competition in the golf market, and there are now so many brands to choose from.

The best place to buy SMT golf clubs is on their online store, where they stock all their latest drivers, irons, putters, and component parts for you to choose from. You can also select the shafts and grips that you would your club to consist of.

So, although this golf brand isn’t as prominent as it once was in the world of golf, it’s still a brand that is very much in business and worth considering. If you’re looking for affordable clubs of high build quality, SMT is an excellent option.

Are SMT Golf Clubs Any Good?

SMT golf clubs are built to exceptionally high specifications and have an impressive reputation among recreational golfers. Although it might not be the first brand that you think of, SMT golf clubs are a good option if you’re hoping to upgrade your golf bag without breaking the bank.

The company manufactures an impressive selection of drivers, irons, wedges, and putters, all of which have been built to Tour standard.

SMT Golf Spectrum Wedge Black 48 Regular Flex True Temper Steel

If you’re building your own clubs with SMT, you can choose from a range of high-quality component parts, including shafts and grips from some of the biggest and most reputable names in golf.

Over the years, SMT has developed a reputation as expert club builders and fitters, and your game will undoubtedly benefit from carrying these clubs in the bag.

Whether you go for their impressive irons or one of their distance-focused drivers, you are likely to see an improvement in your game.

We also like that these clubs aren’t as expensive as those sold by many of their competitors. This positions the brand uniquely in the market and ensures it can appeal to players at all game levels.

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Are SMT Driver Heads Legal?

SMT’s driver heads are legal and USGA conforming. While clubs popular with long drive competitors are often non-conforming, there is nothing in the design or manufacturing of SMT’s current selection of driver heads to suggest that players cannot use them in golf competitions.

Specifically, the driver’s heads aren’t oversized, and all comprise a 460CC head, which is the biggest size that the USGA permits.

All SMT driver heads are also offered with loft angles of between 9 and 12 degrees, ensuring they fall within the guidelines stipulated by the USGA and R&A.

It’s essential to check that a driver’s head is legal before buying it, particularly from a popular brand on the long-drive competition circuit. Most clubs used by long drive competitors are non-conforming, which is how they provide players with an advantage off the tee.

So, you can buy SMT drivers or driver heads, safe knowing that they’re perfectly legal to carry in your bag this golf season.

What About the SMT Irons – Good for Beginners?

The SMT collection features everything from bladed irons to cavity-backed golf clubs, ensuring they’re ideal for most players, regardless of handicap. But because they are forgiving with a high tolerance, they are rated excellent for beginners.

SMT 3391 irons are a wise investment for those just starting in golf. They’re very much game improvement irons, with a generous cavity back and an ultra-low center of gravity ideal for producing mid-high trajectory shots.

If you’re a competent golfer and boast a single-digit handicap, SMT’s MB-3 forged irons are a better option and are designed with skilled players in mind.

They boast a traditional muscle-back design, which results in a soft forged blade that feels and plays great.

You will also find single-length irons within the SMT range, ideal if you view golf similarly to Bryson DeChambeau!

Ultimately, SMT produces a range of irons well suited to players at all stages of the game, including beginners.

Who Currently Makes SMT Golf Clubs?

Until 2019, SMT golf clubs were made by Mike Tait and his talented team of club fitters and builders. However, the company has recently partnered with Diamond Tour Golf Wholesalers to meet the increased demand for their clubs.

SMT clubs are manufactured in Oswego, Illinois, and they are a proud, all-American company. Given that many of the most prominent brands in the golf industry manufacture their clubs overseas, the fact that SMT equipment is manufactured in the United States is a significant bonus.

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Although Diamond Tour has taken over the production of SMT clubs, you can still be assured of the excellent quality that customers have expected of the brand over the years.

Whether you’re looking for an SMT driver to increase your distance off the tee or are keen to add new irons to your bag this season, SMT is an American brand worth considering.

Another impressive aspect of SMT’s manufacturing process is that they donate a percentage of their sales to charitable causes.

Mike Tait launched SMT Events & Fundraising soon after the golf brand took off in the early 2000s, and SMT has raised more than $14 million for various charities in the years since.

Who Owns SMT Golf?

American entrepreneur Mike Tait owns SMT Golf. He began working in golf at Exmoor Country Club in Highland Park, Illinois, when he was seventeen. 

He developed a talent for club fitting and building, and he joined the PGA three years later.

After leaving Exmoor, Tait worked as a PGA professional at various golf clubs throughout the United States, honing his skills and adding to his experience.

In his various experiences at different golf courses, he noticed that there was a big gap in the market as far as quality club building and fitting is concerned.

In 2001, Tait launched SMT Golf to serve players at all game levels. Since the launch, SMT has been the equipment of over 300 long drive champions in ten different countries, highlighting how the brand is seen by those looking to maximize their distances off the tee.

By 2019, Tait partnered with Diamond Tour Golf Wholesalers, which allowed him to step back from his role as CEO of the successful company.

SMT is still thriving today, and you can undoubtedly improve your game out on the course by adding an SMT driver or irons to the bag.


While SMT isn’t as popular as it once was, its online store still stocks an impressive range of well-designed and expertly built golf clubs suitable for players at all game levels.

Their drivers are top-rated and can help you maximize your distance off the tee.

So, if you’re looking to add new golf clubs to your bag this season, browse through the selection of clubs and parts available on the SMT online store, and find the clubs that will help you improve your game.