Skechers Golf Shoes Reviews for 2022

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Golfing may seem like a slow-paced and calm activity when compared to other sports, but you still need to exert a lot of force to hit the ball. Also, on top of that, you need to walk around a lot between the 18 rounds – legs are the primary limbs affected in this popular sport. We have come up with our own Skechers golf shoes reviews for 2022 guide since it’s one of the top brands.

If you think that golf shoes don’t have a huge impact on your fitness and ability, you can’t be further from the truth. Using improper shoes can hamper your technique and also lead to pain and injuries.

Ligament pains, heel pains, tendonitis, and other foot-related issues will become a common occurrence in your life if you do not use proper shoes.

Skechers has become a staple when talking about shoes. The company has forayed into every niche in the shoe business and golf isn’t an exception.

However, their versatility doesn’t mean they neglect a few niches. When it comes to golfing itself, Skechers is famous for making excellent quality shoes and is also the go-to choice for many professionals.

Are Skechers Golf Shoes a Good Choice?

When the best PGA tour professionals sport Skechers golf shoes while teeing, you know that these shoes aren’t ordinary.

In fact, they are known to make your golfing time a lot smoother. Skechers’ golfing range is known to provide the best support and comfort among all golfing shoes. Hence, it is safe to say that you won’t regret buying a pair of Skechers golf shoes.

On top of satisfying the primary requirements of comfort and support, Skechers is also popular for their modern design. They provide an overall sporty outlook and are sure to impress others in the looks department.

Add to this fact that they are available in variants for both men and women; you might think you have got a winner on your hands. Truly, Skechers golfing shoes fulfill every criterion a golfer requires.

Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3

An immensely popular shoe among golfers is the Skechers men’s go golf range. As a testimony to this, the elite 3 shoe is Amazon’s choice for men’s golfing shoes. Talking about the design and color options, you won’t be disappointed. There are 7 different colors with all of them a shade of white, black, grey, or brown. The design itself is quite modern and looks like a typical sports shoe.

Skechers Men's Go Golf Elite 3 Golf Shoe,Black/White,7.5 M US

There are a number of features that set it apart and make it one of the most comfortable golfing shoes out there. For starters, it is made from leather and has a TPU bottom plate that is highly durable. Furthermore, the insole is made from a material called resamax that provides incredible comfort and improved traction.

The company is providing two years of warranty against water damage, but we feel it can resist water for many years, thanks to the H2GO shield.

Coming to the design, it has spikeless soles that keep your foot as low to the ground as possible. You might be thinking that traction may suffer due to the absence of spikes, but that isn’t the case. The traction is generated through a specially designed outsole that produces the same effect.

Available in wide fit as well as extra-wide fit, these shoes won’t be ideal if you have narrow feet. However, they are perfect for wide feet. Also, along with the normal sizes, you also get sizes 14-16 if you happen to have large legs.


  • The company has used a lot of technologies like H2GO, 5G cushioning combined with resamax to give comfort, support and durability.
  • Spikeless design allows the shoes to be low and in-turn give better comfort.


  • The waterproof warranty is only available for the first two years from the date of purchase.


Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoes

With stellar looks and great user reviews, the torque waterproof golf shoes from Skechers are definitely worth trying. The shoe itself comes in three colors; black and red combination one being the most popular one.

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It looks like a typical sports shoe unless you notice the spikes on the sole.

Coming to the features that it has in store for its users, it has a faux leather exterior. The entire lining on the shoe is made of soft fabric to provide more comfort.

Skechers GO GOLF mens Torque Golf Shoe, Black/Red, 11 US

Also, the 3/4th inch heel is sufficient to provide a good grip and also absorb pressure. This, along with well-cushioned insoles, gives the best results possible regarding comfort.

Talking about the waterproofing, the H2GO technology we saw earlier is in place for these shoes too. However, the waterproof warranty is for a lifetime.

Other technologies used in this shoe are goga max insole and ultra flight. Goga max provides superior comfort in the insole, while the ultra flight is designed as a lightweight and comfortable solution for your midsole.

The soft spikes are equally placed in four different locations on the outsole and can be replaced when worn out. They ensure good traction and allow you to perfect your swing.

People with wide feet can also buy these shoes in respective sizes. However, there aren’t any specific extra wide sizes.


  • The faux leather outer part and the great color combinations make it a very good looking golf shoe.
  • Ultra lightweight – the stress and pain in your legs will be reduced.


  • It is not available in extra wide sizes for people with a specific wide foot size.


Skechers Men’s Drive Four Golf Shoe

The Skechers men’s drive four is a classic looking golf shoe that is made up of premium leather. It comes in four different color options that all look exquisite.

Other than the looks, it also has some superb features and customer reviews going for it. Additionally, it can also be worn for outdoor hiking or walking for example, since it looks like a sneaker with super sole grips and this is a general theme running on all our Skechers golf shoes reviews – waterproof, high quality and can be worn for a variety of outdoor purposes!

Skechers Men's Drive 4 Golf Shoe, White/Navy, 7.5 M US

The sole on the drive four golf shoe is made entirely of rubber, and they are spikeless. You might be intrigued as to how a user will get sufficient grip and traction without spikes.

Fret not, as multiple rubber buttons are extending from the sole. They completely cover the underside to give what Golfers need the most, support for that perfect swing.

Talking about the insides, you get a soft fabric lining throughout along with a padded collar and tongue. They give you a snug and comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the goga max and ultra-light technology are present on the drive four golf shoes too. As you might guess, they ensure the best comfort in the insole and midsole.

Agion is another technology that is unique to Skechers shoes. They help a great deal in wicking away the moisture on the inside to prevent odor and mold.

The shoes are waterproof and also employ the H2GO technology. Additionally, the company also offers an extended water damage warranty if you want extra coverage.


  • It can be used for multiple purposes as it looks like a sneaker.
  • Agion technology that is seldom found in other golf shoes, is very useful to prevent bad smelling odor and molds that you often see on golf shoes that are worn in the early mornings.


  • The overall height of the heel is 1 inch, which will not suit everyone.


Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoes

Women will be delighted to know that Skechers has dedicated golfing shoes for them as well. The company has provided the same amount of attention to women’s shoes as they do to men’s.

The proof lies in the fact that women golfers have received them very well. The shoes distinguish themselves by coming with women-centric designs that look attractive but more importantly, perform extremely well on the golf course.

Skechers Women's Max Golf Shoe, Light Blue, 5.5 M US

The color options are just extraordinary. There are 19 different color designs. Additionally, each of them gives out a feminine vibe. There is a large range of sizes too, with the smallest one being a 5 and going up to 11.5. Also, there are wide sized shoes for girls who need them.

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The sole on the women’s max golfing shoes is entirely made up of rubber. To be more specific, TPU has been used, which is highly durable but also gives a good amount of grip.

There are no spikes on them, but the whole sole is covered with rubber buttons for grip and traction. All in all, the sole would feel right at home on a golf course.

The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic material that is also waterproof. Moreover, the material helps in keeping the weight low and also adds a bit of durability.

It uses the popular ultra flight and goga max technology for enhanced performance. Also, you do get the famed Agion protection for inner fabric material.


  • Wide variety of color options – create your own look!
  • Has all the technology that gives Skechers the #1 best-golfing shoes for women like goga max, ultra fit, agion.
  • TPU soles tend to be more durable and provide improved grip.


  • Doesn’t have Skechers’s acclaimed H2GO tech.


Skechers Women’s Eagle Spikeless Golf Shoes

Another ladies centric golf shoe from Skechers is the eagle spikeless shoe. This also comes in a very stylish design that is set to wow women golfers.

Talking about the design, you get to choose from a set of 6 different color options. Also, the variety of sizes is great and you get a narrow and wide fit option in all sizes.

Skechers Women's Eagle Spikeless Golf Shoe, Navy/Multi Floral, 5.5 M US

Again, a rubber sole has been used in the making of these popular golf shoes and we are not complaining. Furthermore, the outsole is made from resalite foam that is usually found in higher priced holy shoes.

It uses the goga max technology in the footbed to resist rebounds. foam. As you might have guessed from the name itself, it is spikeless and has buttons for grip and traction.

The synthetic material used for the upper part of the shoe is quite breathable but still resistant against water. The 5 gen special foam used is lightweight but also provides class-leading cushioning. Also, the usual ultra flight midsole for better comfort and weight management is there.

Agion technology, which is a mainstay among most Skechers shoes is also present. It goes a long way in ensuring your shoes don’t smell.

This is important as the inner shoe is made from soft fabric that is susceptible to foul smell. All this is done through the dri-lex moisture management system. Lastly, the color and tongue are made from ultra soft fabric too, which provides sock-like comfort.


  • The resalite material and 5 gen foam are crucial aspects and have a huge impact on comfort and performance.
  • The style / design is definitely not lacking and the varied color options are excellent.
  • The interiors are fully made of soft fabric and give a sock like fit.


  • The grips on the bottom don’t cover the entire sole but a large area on the left and right of the midsole.


Conclusion: Great Choice & High Quality

We hope you enjoy reading through our comprehensive Skechers golf shoes reviews for the 2022 product line. The amount of variation between each shoe is noticeable and there is something here for everyone.

There are completely professional-looking golf shoes to ones that you can pass off as casual sneakers. Also, there are golf shoes for women on this list too.

To make matters even more simple, let us condense our recommendations even more. For men, The Go Golf Elite 3 is the flagship model and is the best overall Skechers golf shoe.

If you are looking for something more on the casual side, the Drive Four golf shoe makes the cut. If you are a beginner, you can also go for the torque range of shoes.

For women, both the products that we recommended are great. Both have the ideal set of features, new technology and are easy on the wallet. There is nothing more you could ask for in a golf shoe and hence, both will prove to be excellent purchases that will last you for years to come on the golf course.