Shot Scope Golf GPS Tracking (Does it Actually Work?)

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In recent years, golfers have been able to draw on a wide variety of technology to work on the different aspects of their games. At the pinnacle of recent technological advances is Shot Scope, a UK-based company offering an impressive range of devices for golfers.

But who exactly is Shot Scope, and what can you expect from their technology?

Here, we put Shot Scope under the microscope and help you decide whether their advanced GPS watches are a good option for you as you look to work on the finer margins of your game.

What is Shot Scope?

Shot Scope is a leading golf brand with a focus on manufacturing a range of tools that enable performance tracking on the course. Shot Scope technology enables players to track data relevant to their game, including statistics like distance mapping and GIR metrics, among others.

There are several products within the Shot Scope range, including GPS watches, laser rangefinders, GPS handhelds, shot tracking devices, and various accessories that players can use to improve their performance out on the golf course.

Shot Scope PRO LX+ Laser Rangefinder with Shot Tracking (Blue) - F/M/B Green and Hazard Distances - 100+ Statistics Including Strokes Gained - Adaptive Slope Technology - Red and Black Dual Optics

Given that golf is a game of fine margins, investing in the latest technology to improve your game is a smart move and will help you hit better shots and shoot lower scores.

In the following sections, we take a closer look at Shot Scope’s technology and explain what you can expect from this leading provider of golf performance tracking technology.

But first…let’s take a look at which product in the Shot Scope range might be beneficial to you:

Is Shot Scope Any Good?

While there are several brands to choose from Shot Scope is one of the best. They use the latest technology available to design their products, including the likes of Rapid-Fire detection and Target-Lock vibration, which are key components of all golf tracking technology.

When you invest in Shot Scope technology and use it out on the course, you can expect to see significant returns, particularly in regard to your game management. The metrics provided will help you with things like club selection and provide you with the best chance of shooting low scores more consistently.

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What’s more, the course mapping feature within Shot Scope is accurate and quality-checked, guaranteeing that all yardages are accurate and helpful to all golfers.

The bottom line is that Shot Scope is an industry leader when it comes to the latest golf performance tracking software, and you can expect significant improvements in your game by investing in a Shot Scope appliance.

What Features of Shot Scope Appeal to The Average Golfer?

Frankly, all of the Shot Scope features appeal to the average golfer, including:

Data insights

When you download the Shot Scope app and use it out on the golf course, you can access a range of statistics relating to your performance. For instance, you can track stats relating to green in regulation and fairways hit, helping you analyze your on-the-course performance.

Social sharing

After your round, you can easily share your performance with your family and friends on social media. This is a great way to show off those good days on the course and is good for healthy competition between you and your playing partners.


You can also use Shot Scope as a scorecard, which makes your life that little bit easier when marking your card. You can integrate it with your handicap data and look at metrics like strokes gained to help you track your progress.

Ultimately, Shot Scope is appealing to all recreational golfers and is a great asset to your game. Regardless of the device that you use, Shot Scope is a great addition and will help you shoot lower scores this season.

What’s the Difference Between Shot Scope V3 and G3?

The V3 and G3 are both high-tech GPS watches that you can wear out on the golf course. They are both compatible with iOS and Android and are popular with recreational golfers. But how do they differ?

Shot Scope V3 GPS Golf Watch - Automatic Shot Tracking - F/M/B + Hazard Distances - Strokes Gained - iOS and Android Apps - 100+ Statistics, 36,000+ Pre-Loaded Worldwide Courses - No Subscriptions

The Shot Scope G3 is the original Shot Scope GPS watch and is ideal for players who want to dial in their yardages but aren’t particularly bothered about advanced statistics. It can also be used as an everyday watch.

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The V3, on the other hand, is the new and improved GPS watch from Shot Scope. It is complete with 16 tracking tags and allows players to track more than 100 statistics. It’s available in five colors and is the most popular Shot Scope product.

So, while the V3 and G3 are both GPS watches, the V3 offers advanced tracking options and is better suited to players hoping to gain insight into various aspects of their games.

Does Shot Scope Require a Subscription?

No, all of the Shot Scope products are subscription free, meaning that you don’t need to pay a monthly fee on top of the purchase price of the device. This is a considerable advantage, as many golf-tracking products come with premium subscriptions that eat away at your monthly budget.

To get the most out of your Shot Scope device, you will need to download it with the Android or iOS app, which is available to download from the respective stores. The app is free to download and updates regularly.

Also, you will need to be connected to data or WIFI to keep your Shot Scope device updated, so bear this in mind when you’re submitting your scores after your round.

One of the reasons why Shot Scope has such a great reputation is that their tech is affordable, and there’s no ongoing subscription, which certainly can’t be said about all brands in the golf tech market.

Can Shot Scope Be Used on a Driving Range?

Unfortunately, you cannot use your Shot Scope device and app on a driving range or practice facility, as they have been designed specifically for use out on the golf course.

As you will discover when you purchase your device and create an account, you can download a wide range of courses that have been specifically mapped for your use. This is what enables you to get accurate readings on distances when you’re out on the course.

As driving ranges have not been mapped by Shot Scope, you cannot use the GPS when you’re practicing. If you want to access data on the driving range, you will need to invest in an app like Trackman.

Therefore, it’s fair to regard Shot Scope as an on-the-course performance tracker, and it’s not designed for use on the practice range.

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Who Makes Shot Scope?

Shot Scope was founded by David Hunter in 2014. Hunter started the company after realizing that technology could have a hugely positive impact on golfers like him who are hoping to lower their handicap and improve their performance out on the course.

The fact that Shot Scope is made by players, for players, gives it an advantage over other apps and is a reason why we rate Shot Scope so highly. Hunter has poured a lot of effort into perfecting his tech, and the app is the perfect way to track your progress as you improve your game.

While Shot Scope might not be as well known as some of the other brands in the market, such as Garmin and Trackman, we highly recommend Shot Scope and its impressive range of products.

Although a European company, Shot Scape products are widely available in the United States, Canada, and other international markets.

Where is Shot Scope Based?

Shot Scape is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. David Hunter graduated from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, where he achieved an honors degree in Electronics and Engineering. His studies provided him with the knowledge base to launch Shot Scape in 2014.

Although Shot Scope is based in the UK, its tech has taken the American market by storm in recent times, and Shot Scope products are now available internationally.

So, if you’re in the market for an affordable, high-performance shot tracking device that can help you improve your golf game, we highly recommend Shot Scape devices and their associated app on iOS and Android.


There are so many ways to improve your golf game, and investing in technology is one of the smartest ways to go about it. Shot Scape’s GPS watches tick all the boxes for recreational golfers and provides you with valuable insight into various aspects of your game.

The G3 and V3 watches are the most popular devices within the Shot Scope range and are well worth considering if you’re looking to improve your golf game.

 Shot Scope is a viable alternative to more expensive brands such as Garmin, and you can buy a Shot Scope device in the confidence that you will see significant improvements in your golf game as a result.