Is a Seed Golf Balls Subscription Worth it?

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When ordering golf balls, most of us turn our attention to the likes of Bridgestone, Titleist, or Srixon to see their latest offers. But there’s a new player in town with several excellent golf balls to consider.

With this in mind, let us introduce you to Seed Golf, an Irish company that offers excellent value golf ball subscriptions that enable you to receive golf balls through the post at intervals that make sense to your game.

So, in this article, we introduce everything there is to know about Seed golf balls and help you decide if they’re a good choice for you.

What are Seed Golf Balls?

Seed golf balls are Tour-quality balls at an affordable price. Something unique about Seed’s offer is that you can sign up for a golf ball subscription to match your playing preferences and usage, which is a great way to manage your golf ball levels throughout the season.

Several balls within the Seed lineup are suited to players at different levels of the game.

For instance, the SD-X1 is ideal for lower handicappers, while the SD-15 is better suited to higher handicappers.

Buying golf balls from Seed is super straightforward, too, as there are comparison charts on the site and some tips on the suitable Seed balls for your game based on the ball you currently play.

So, read on to find out everything you need about Seed golf balls and whether their golf ball subscription is a good option for you this season.

How Much is the Subscription to Seed Golf?

Seed’s subscription costs depend on the ball you wish to buy.

The table below illustrates how much you are required to pay to have Seed golf balls delivered regularly to your home:

Golf Ball Subscription Price
Seed SD-02 (Trial Pack)$26.00
Seed SD-X1$30.00
Seed SD-02$30.00
Seed SD-05$30.00
Seed SD-15 (Country Mile)$13.00
Seed SD-15 (The Jack)$16.00
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With the trial pack subscription, you also receive a pack of tees and Seed’s Bunker publication, which are added incentives for players to try them out.

As you can see, the cheapest golf balls available on a Seed Subscription are the Country Mile balls, which are ideal for high handicappers.

For $13, the subscription is undoubtedly worth trying!

What are the Different Balls in the Seed Golf Range?

There are several different balls within the Seed Golf range to ensure that players at all levels can find a ball to suit their preferences. Your options include the following:

  • Seed SD-X1 (The Pro X1) – optimized for a lower, tour-preferred flight and maximum distance off the tee.
  • Seed SD-02 (The Pro Tour) – offers lower spin off the tee, providing a flatter ball flight.
  • Seed SD-05 (The Pro Soft) – lower compression ball that provides more feel, spin, and control.
  • Seed SD-15 (Country Mile) – lower compression and extra distance for mid-high handicappers.
  • Seed SD-15 (RedAF) – a red ball that offers distance, durability, and feel for mid-high handicappers.
  • Seed SD-15 (GreenAF) – same as above but green in color.
  • Seed SD-15 (The Jack) – perfect for teaching professionals, as The Jack features an on-the-ball alignment aid.

If you want to compare how each of the balls available from Seed shapes up against each other, you can use their super helpful comparison chart as your guide.*

Are Seed Golf Balls Worth the Subscription?

Seed golf balls are a great option for golfers due to their high quality and excellent performance. They have been independently reviewed by countless golfers and score highly in terms of accuracy, performance, and affordability.**

The company promises to match the performance of any golf ball on the market, and there’s no doubt that their Tour golf balls certainly compete with some of the leading balls from the likes of Bridgestone, Titleist, and Srixon.

Seed’s subscription is unique for the golf industry, providing players with the option of having high-quality golf balls delivered to their door at one-month, two-month, or three-month intervals.

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You can also cancel the subscription at any time if you wish.

Overall, Seed golf balls are a great alternative to some of the best-known balls in golf and provide you with the unique option of subscribing to regular deliveries, making Seed an excellent for all recreational golfers.

Where are Seed Golf Balls Manufactured?

Seed – the company – is based in Ireland, and the brand was established on the country’s campus of the Carlow Institute of Technology.*** While Seed doesn’t disclose where their golf balls are manufactured, they are likely produced in Asia.

Most golf balls are manufactured in Asian countries like China and Taiwan, owing to cheaper labor and the broader accessibility of the required materials.

This is entirely normal in the golf industry, and so many of the products we all use yearly out on the course have been manufactured in Asia.

Until Seed states otherwise, it’s fair to assume that their golf balls are – at least in part – produced in Asia, even though much of the R&D is done in Ireland.

Where to Buy Seed Golf Balls?

The best place to buy Seed golf balls is directly from the company’s online store.

Seed is a direct-to-consumer golf ball producer, meaning their golf balls are not widely available at other online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

When you buy golf balls directly from Seed, you can sign up for one of their many subscriptions, offering you the opportunity to save money and sign up for a scheduled delivery of golf balls to suit your playing preferences.

You may also see Seed golf balls available on used marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, and the Facebook Marketplace, offering you the chance to pick up some used Seed golf balls for a great price.  

But if you want to play new Seed golf balls this season, you will need to buy them directly from the Seed online store, where you can also sign up for a subscription to match your preferences.

Is the Compression Rating Suitable for Beginners?

The compression rating of a golf ball is important, and it is directly related to swing speed. For instance, beginner players have slower-moderate swing speeds and will benefit from playing with golf balls with low compression.

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Several balls within the Seed range have lower compression ratings, making them suitable for beginner players and those with high handicaps and slower swing speeds.

For instance, you can opt for the SD-05 or SD-15 if you’re looking for a Seed golf ball with lower compression, while the Tour options have higher compression and are much more suitable for experienced players with lower handicaps.

This is one of the things we like the most about Seed’s golf balls, as they have a wide range of options available for players at all levels of the game, beginners included.

What About Seed Golf Balls Discount Coupons?

The best way to buy Seed golf balls for a discounted rate is to sign up for a subscription, as discounts are built into the company’s pricing structure.

This saves you from having to search for a relevant discount code.

Alternatively, you can look on sites like Coupon Birds for discount codes that you can enter at checkout, saving you money on the balls themselves or delivery.

In the past, Seed has offered discount codes for up to $25 off and free shipping on selected orders.

Therefore, it’s always worth checking out coupon sites to see if their codes work before placing an order.

But one thing to note is that Seed golf balls are very reasonably priced and typically cheaper than comparable balls offered by well-known golfing brands.

So, you can buy Seed golf balls at any time of the year with the confidence that you’re getting a good deal!


Regarding subscription golf balls, Seed is the leading choice for recreational players. They have several golf balls to choose from, all of which are high-quality and affordable.

Whether you’re a high or low handicapper, you can select the ideal Seed ball for your game, ensuring that you give yourself the best chance of playing well on the golf course.

Seed is a brand you need to consider if you’re looking for new golf balls this season, and you can try out one of their subscriptions to suit your preferences.


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