S7K Standing Putter Review (2024) – Is it Even Legal?

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There is probably no other blade putter on the US market today that is causing such a stir as the S7K Standing Putter. Golfers are consistently reaching out to golf experts and review websites, wanting to know more information and if this club is worth all the hype that it’s currently receiving online.

You can search any golfing forum or blog and a discussion on the S7K stand-alone putter will be eagerly and passionately debated.

We have decided to take a closer look at this club.

Analyzing all the features, performance stats, design, and legal arguments that any serious golfer should consider before considering using this club on the golfing greens.

Overall, it is our opinion in this S7K standing putter review that the club is one of the most innovative and best-designed golf putters currently available today.

If blade putters suit your style over their mallet or belly cousins and you are looking at various ways of improving your putting and making more birdies or saving par then the S7K is a serious contender for putter of the year in 2024.

This club has been designed for both beginners and low handicappers alike.

Its simple blade alignment marker at the back of the clubhead is divided into three lines and is a good indication of what direction the ball will travel on impact.

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf Putter for Perfect Alignment –Legal for Tournament Play –Eliminate 3-Putts (Right)
But don’t take our word that this is a good putter.

With over 150 independent reviews from S7K users confirm that this club has all the necessary features to make it one of the best.

This includes innovative design, balanced weight distribution and the fact that you can legally stand this club up behind the ball so you can read the green in a more methodical way.

The concept is simple, and the execution is brilliant.

How is the S7K Putter Different?

The main advantage this club has over other putters is that it’s perfectly balanced and features a clever way of ensuring your putt line from the ball to the hole is dead center.

How does it work?

Well, after you have lined up your putt you stand up the putter behind the ball, take a few steps back and reevaluate the line.

But is this allowed in golf?

Yes, the club has been passed by the PGA and is acceptable to use on the golf course.

It creates extra confidence on the green because the S7K gives you a “putting insurance policy” by allowing you to pause a few seconds and look through the line of the putter and the golf hole.

This club stands up perfectly behind the ball even on greens with steep slopes.


Check out the video below, where USGolfTV’s Troy Klongerbo gives the product a thorough review and testing.

In the video, he demonstrates how the putter works and what advantage it can give you on the green over other blade or mallet putters.

What else makes this putter so highly rated apart from the stand-up feature?

Firstly, we noticed how light the club is. Weighing around 330 grams, the S7K is light to pick up and feels very good on the grip.

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We were concerned that in strong winds, the club might fall over, but apparently, this is not an issue.

With so many different types of putters available on the US market, let’s begin by splitting the S7K into 4 sections: The grip, shaft, hosel, and clubhead.


The S7K Stand-Up Putter has a very simple-looking design, and it starts at the top with a grip that weighs just 10 grams.

Made from EVA foam and not rubber (the same material used for gym mats) the grip is very responsive to your hands.

If you use the reverse overlap grip technique, you will notice a lot of flexibility when you move your wrists with the club in hand.

For “touch” golfers this EVA foam grip will prove to be a big hit but for straight, back and forward golf putters there might be too much lateral movement or “tolerance” on the putt.

Grip Performance: This grip will take some getting used to because it’s made from foam which is more “squeezy” than standard textured rubber.

Having said that, it fits perfectly around the shaft, and there is no vibration or slip when you strike the ball.

Some golfers prefer to get the club regripped, but this could affect weight balance and stop the club from standing up under its weight.


The combined weight of the shaft and grip is just 50 grams.

This is probably one of lightest ever grip+shaft combos we have seen and the graphite shaft is so light you can easily balance the club with your fingers on one hand.

With no flex ratings on putters, it’s about how the shaft connects with the hosel and grip.

The shaft on the S7K stand-up putter is well-balanced and fits well into the overall design of the club.

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf Putter for Perfect Alignment –Legal for Tournament Play –Eliminate 3-Putts (Right)
Shaft performance: We found the shaft to be both well-designed and tough, considering how light it is.

If you wanted to replace the shaft then please contact the manufacturer, as we are pretty sure the graphite shaft plays an integral role in keeping the club balanced enough so it can stand up.


The slant neck hosel is simple and connects the club head to the shaft.

On the S7K putter, the hosel is designed like this for the club to stand up on its own.

We found it to be well made, and secure and displayed minimal lateral movement under testing on both the left-handed and right-handed versions.


Where all the magic happens. The main blade design feature on the S7K putter clubhead is the “dot” marker on the top.

To sink more putts from 5ft away or more, try lining up your putt as normal and use the three-line guides at the back of the putter to check the line of sight from clubhead and ball to hole.

After this, stand up the club directly behind the ball and check again.

This is the best way to check alignment when putting, and even on greens that slope, the S7K stands up straight, giving you the best chance to sink the putt.

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Looking behind the ball at a lower stance is a much better way than standing and looking over the top of the ball.

Clubhead performance: Some customers have mentioned that the clubhead is prone to rust damage, whilst others have said it doesn’t rust at all, even after years of use.

It’s probably best to keep the putter well-maintained and inside the supplied head cover when not in use.

We liked the 3 lines at the back of the head, and the clubface makes good contact on the ball with a notable “ping” sound on the connection.

The high MOI rating makes the S7K one of the best forging putters on the market in 2022.

The “scope” dot on the top of the head is clear to see which senior golfers or those with poor eyesight will appreciate.

Overall, the design and functionality of the four major parts of the club work incredibly well together.

If you can spend a few hours practicing on your indoor putting matt, then we feel the club’s features have a lot going for it.

It’s worth the time investment needed because of the lightweight shaft and foam grip, which is very different from premium putters from manufacturers like TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, PING, and Mizuno.

Tech Specs: S7K Stand-Up Putter

Want to see how the dimensions of the S7K putter stand up against your current putter? Check out the tech spec below:

  • Official Name: S7K Stand Up Putter for Men & Women.
  • LH/RH: Available for both left-handed and right-handed golfers.
  • MOI Rating: Approx 7,000 g/cm2 moment of inertia.
  • Clubhead: 431 stainless steel.
  • Clubhead Cover: Included with the putter.
  • Club Length: 34.5 inches.
  • Shaft: Manufacturers own graphite shaft.
  • Loft: 3.0˚.
  • Lie: 72˚.
  • Grip: EVA foam grip weighing approx 10 grams.

Would You Benefit from the S7K Stand Alone Putter?

This club is highly rated by both ourselves and the many golfers that use it on the greens but would it suit your golf game, and is it a viable golf putting option for 2024?

There is no doubt that it takes some getting used to.

After all, standing up a putter behind a ball is not natural to check the line.

For the first few times, you think it’s going to fall over, but it doesn’t, and it works very well in helping read greens better.

If you are self-doubting yourself when reading the lie of the ball on the green, then this club is for you.

You can also use this club to eliminate other nagging parts of your putting game that you think might be letting you down.

For instance, you think you read greens poorly OK, sorted…

This club helps. But about ball alignment? The S7K Standing Putter has good alignment technology.

If you know the club is lined up properly with the ball then there’s a high chance that there is a problem with your grip, eye-to-hand coordination, or a technical issue with your putting backswing.

In short, this club is like having a second opinion on the putting green or your putting advisor!

Ladies will like the club because of the lightweight grip and shaft, whilst seniors will appreciate the three-line trajectory markings on the back of the club head.

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The easy-to-see dot marker on the top is a real plus for golfers with not-so-good eyesight.

It’s a simple club to look at, but sometimes this is what you need exactly.

None of that over-the-top mallet counterweights and awkward double-bend hosels with this club.

Finally, what do you have to lose if your putting is costing you birdies?

There seems to be little point in driving off the tee and having a solid iron game if you can’t even make par on the green.

Get the S7K stand-up putter out of your bag, line the ball up, double-check by standing the putter up and look back through the line of the ball and swing!

The user feedback is well worth a read.

The sweet spot of the club head is exactly in the middle, so by using the dot marker against the middle of the golf ball, you 100% know that the strike is true and in the center.


Question: Is the S7K standing putter legal to use?
Answer: Yes – this golf club has been checked and verified with relevant golf authorities such as the USGA and is 100% legal to use in tournament play.

Question: Can I replace the foam grip?
Answer: We do not recommend replacing the grip because the design and material are integral to the putter’s balance.

If the grip tears, then ask the manufacturer about replacements.

Question: Is this type of putter also called a bloodline?
Answer: Yes, previously famously used by pro golfer and PGA tour winner Ernie Els, the stand-up putter is gaining in popularity among professionals and amateurs alike.

Question: I have read the reviews and am concerned about clubhead rusting – is this true?
Answer: The clubhead is made from 431 high-grade steel – but if you leave it out, then over time, yes, it will probably rust just like any other club.

To avoid this, clean the clubhead after every putt with your golf towel and ensure your clubs are stored at room temperature when not in use.

S7K Putter Review Round-Up

So you have read our S7K standing putter review and, at this point, will have a general idea of whether you think this club would help your putting game.

There are hundreds of different putters to buy – all in different styles, shapes, and sizes.

It can be overwhelming to pick, even harder when you know you have a problem with putting.

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf Putter for Perfect Alignment –Legal for Tournament Play –Eliminate 3-Putts (Right)

We like the simplicity of the logic behind the S7K.

A lightweight club supported by a clever alignment system gives you a better chance of sinking more putts on the green.

It will permanently cure you of the “yips” or make you hole every single putt from 10 yards or more – of course not; no club can.

But if you have tried a few alternative clubs and your putting is still inconsistent and causing frustration on the golf course, then we think the S7K could help in a positive way.

We think it’s one of the best and most innovative blade putters in 2024.