Rock Bottom Golf Reviews: Are These Guys Legit?

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Finding a reliable and trustworthy online golf retailer can save you lots of money when it comes to equipping your golf bag.

After all, golf equipment is expensive, so finding the best equipment at affordable prices is important.

And in your search for good value golf equipment, you may have come across online retailer Rock Bottom Golf – so what’s the story behind this company? Are they reliable? Do they retail authentic golf equipment?

To help you get a good idea of what to expect from this brand, we answer various questions about their service in our Rock Bottom Golf reviews guide and explain why they might just be the ideal retailer to save you money when it comes to buying the latest new and used golf equipment.

Is Rock Bottom Golf Trustworthy?

Yes, this brand is one of the most trustworthy online golf retailers in the United States. RBG has been operating for 20+ years, and you’re guaranteed excellent value for money and great customer service when you buy from them.

What’s more, you’re covered by a comprehensive return and refund policy should you be unhappy with your order. We introduce you to this store in more detail throughout this review.

Watch the RBG behind the scenes video where you can follow a live photoshoot of some of their latest golf gear:

What Golf Gear Can I Buy?

This golf store sells a comprehensive range of golf gear and equipment including full sets of clubs, bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories from leading brands like Titleist, Callaway, Nike, and Wilson Golf.

You will find the following on the website:

  • Golf clubs from the biggest brands in the game.
  • Various bags pull carts, and electric carts.
  • New, used, and custom-logo golf balls.
  • Golf shoes, casual shoes, and running shoes.
  • Apparel including polo shirts, waterproofs, and golf trousers.
  • Various accessories such as golf gloves, ball retrievers, training aids, and many more.
  • Electronics including golf watches, GPS, and rangefinders.

If you’re looking for an online golf store that carries a huge range of stock at affordable prices, then this well-known US golf store is a great option for you.

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Who Owns Rock Bottom Golf?

The company is owned and operated by Tom Rath, the founder and CEO of the company. The story behind the company is an impressive one, as Rath started diving for golf balls at local golf courses and sold them around town to fund his way through college.

He then started adding used clubs and various other pieces of equipment to his repertoire and launched an eBay store in 2002, which became a huge success.

Along with his brother Todd, Rath has built one of the most trusted and affordable online golf retailers out there, and this golf shop has gone from strength to strength.

When you buy from RBG, you can be sure that you’re spending your money with an all-American, family-run business, which is another reason to trust the website to provide you with all the golf gear you need to improve your game.

Is Rock Bottom Golf an Authorized Dealer?

No, this website isn’t an authorized dealer as such, but you can buy in confidence thanks to the various assurances they provide to their customers. Importantly, much of the golf equipment sold by Rock Bottom Golf comes with a 90-day Performance Guarantee.

This means you can return and replace your order within this period.

And while isn’t an authorized partner of the biggest brands in golf, the company still retails clubs and equipment from the likes of Cobra, Callaway, Titleist, and many other popular brand names.

When you’re buying golf equipment online, you don’t need to be too concerned with whether or not a company is authorized or not.

Typically, authorized equipment dealers are located at golf courses and charge more for the products that they sell.

Online retailers like RBG carry equipment from various brands and are able to offer it at great prices, thanks to their operating model.

You can buy from this website in the confidence that you will be receiving authentic, top-quality equipment from the biggest brands in the game.

Does Rock Bottom Golf Have a Store?

Yes, in 2021, RBG launched its first retail store, located at Chilli Country Club in Scottsville, NY. Following twenty years of online-only retail, Rock Bottom decided to partner with Chilli Country Club to offer something different to their customers.

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Within the store, you can still access a broad range of clubs and equipment while receiving advice and guidance from a friendly team.

If you’re not local to Scottsville, your best bet is to utilize their online store, but they may well open at various other locations in the near future.

It’s important to note that any purchases and returns made through the online store need to be addressed online, as opposed to in person at the company’s shop at Chilli Country Club.

If you have any issues with your Rock Bottom Golf order, you can visit the contact section of their website and get in touch with the relevant department.

Where is Rock Bottom Golf Located?

The HQ is based in Rochester, NY, while the company’s distribution center is in Suffolk, VA. This is in addition to the retail store that is located in Scottsville, NY, as introduced in the previous section.

When you’re buying from an online golf retailer like RBG, it’s reassuring to know that they’re based in the United States, as you won’t necessarily have the same level of hassle as you would when returning items to international sellers.

It also ensures you will receive your order more quickly, which is also a bonus.

You’ll be pleased to hear that RBG ships throughout the United States and even internationally, although this will increase the costs associated with your order.

There are various shipping options when you buy from online, and we introduce them below.

How Fast is Delivery?

As well as being renowned for their bargain prices, Rock Bottom Golf has also developed an excellent reputation for shipping fast. All orders placed before Noon Eastern Time are shipped the same day, while those placed in the afternoon are shipped the next day.

Customers can then track the progress of their orders through the website.

As for costs, RBG provides free shipping in the continental US on all orders of more than $150.

They also provide a ‘Free Home in 2’ shipping policy, which you can qualify for by spending more than $300.

Essentially, if you order new clubs via Rock Bottom Golf, you can expect them to be at your door within two days, which is impressively fast!

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For orders of less than $150, economy shipping is charged at $9.99, while the Home in 2 feature costs $24.99 for orders under $300.

You can opt for next-day shipping on all orders by paying $39.99.

One of the reasons that some golfers are hesitant to buy golf equipment online is due to lengthy shipping times, but you have no such worry with this well-reviewed golf discount store.

You can be assured that your items will be delivered quickly, so you don’t have to wait around for your gear to arrive.

What is the Return Policy?

In addition to an impressive shipping policy, RBG has a favorable Return Policy for all customers. There are five important aspects of Rock Bottom’s return policy that you should know before placing an order.

  1. You have thirty days to return your item (unless you qualify for the 90-day guarantee).
  2. The 90-day guarantee is only available on specific clubs, so you will need to check before making a purchase.
  3. Customized or personalized items are non-refundable.
  4. It costs $9.99 to return your items to Rock Bottom Golf, and you can order a UPS Prepaid Return Label, which will be deducted from your refund.
  5. All refunds will be processed within 7-10 days.

In addition to the above return policy, all items are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, so you can return any faulty or damaged products and be sure of a full refund.

You can view the full terms and conditions of Rock Bottom Golf’s return policy by clicking here.

Legit Website and Store: RBG is a Solid Choice!

Rock Bottom Golf is one of the largest and most trusted online golf retailers in the United States. And as you can see in our Rock Bottom Golf reviews overview they are a brand you can trust.

Based in NY, the company sells a huge range of new and used golf equipment and offers a price guarantee, which promises they won’t be beaten on price for the equipment that they retail.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for an online golf retailer that sells a huge range of clubs, balls, and apparel, then you can buy in confidence from Rock Bottom Golf, safe in the knowledge that you’re purchasing from a trusted retailer and receiving excellent value for money.