Ray Cook Putter Reviews: is the Hype Justified?

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Where does the average golfer lose strokes? What is the key difference between a high handicapper and an elite player? The answer is the short game, more specifically, putting so when we talk about Ray Putter reviews we really need to delve deep into why thousands of golfers are using this brand.

When you play how often do you three-putt and do you average more than 36 putts per round? How often do you spend an hour on the practice green working on your stroke?

Putting can be the simplest part of the game for a beginner, but it can also be the most frustrating.

Not enough practice is definitely part of the problem, but your equipment could also be an issue. Where did you get your current putter? Was it a hammy down from a friend and have you tried other putters?

Different styles – are you jealous when you see what your friends are using on the greens? (Don’t be!)

If would you like a new putter, but can’t afford a significant investment and would you love to take advantage of some technology to help your stroke, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars then check out our Ray Putter review below.

It is true that many putters on the market can cost you anywhere from $150 – $500, but you don’t have to spend that much. In fact, you can spend a fraction of that amount.

There are some great options for you to try, without putting a hole in your wallet. Take a look at the economic options offered by Ray Cook. You may just find the putting aid you have been searching for.

Who is Ray Cook?

Below we have provided five Ray Cook putter reviews, but before we jump to talking about the clubs, who is Ray Cook?

How did he get involved with building putters?

He started designing putters in the 1960s and was the first to build an aluminum putter with grooves to give the golfer a more feel.

How did he grow the Ray Cook brand? He introduced himself to Bob Hope and Bing Crosby and convinced them to play with one of his putters to create a buzz in the golf world.

They both played with one for a couple of years and it worked!

Throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Ray Cook putters were used throughout the LPGA and PGA tours.

In fact, Ray Cook putters are credited with 200+ tour wins, including wins in all four majors (The Masters, The US Open, The British Open, the PGA Championship).

Best Rated Ray Cook Putters for 2024

The Ray Cook golf company decided to relaunch the putter line in 2012, with a focus on providing high-quality clubs for a reasonable price. They have found a market niche, with putters designed to perform well without the giant price tag.

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Let’s tee off with the SR500…

1. Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Putter

The Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 is a great looking mallet putter. Similar style to the Taylor Made Spider, but a fraction of the price.

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Putter, 35, Right
A large, stable club head helps you put a consistent roll on the ball and the Silver Ray SR500 contains great alignment features to help you hit your line.

The putter is offered at both 34” and 35” in length and you can choose from a center shafted model or the standard, heal shafted setup. You can select right-handed or left-handed.

The typical version of the club is black, with red and white markings. Ray Cook also offers green, red, or white in a limited release.

This putter comes with a mid-size grip and a Ray Cook Silver Ray headcover is included.


  • Well-balanced, mallet putter that will help smooth out your stroke and provide a consistent strike.
  • Great looking putter – color scheme very appealing to the eye – limited series color options of green, red, and white are cool as well.
  • Midsize grip has become very popular – a large grip removes the hands from your stroke and improves your consistency.
  • Amazing price for a putter that feels this good – a great deal for a beginner or high handicapper.


  • This is a large mallet putter – head might be too large for some players, but most will get used to it after a couple of rounds.


2. Ray Cook Golf Blue Goose BG40 2.0 Putter

The Ray Cook Blue Goose BG40 2.0 is the result of taking a classic design and adding modern technology.
The face of the club has been milled with deep lines to create a perfectly flat surface.

Ray Cook Golf Blue Goose 2.0 BG40 Putter 35'
The toe and heel of the head have been perfectly weighted to provide you with consistency and forgiveness. The putter has been finished off with a stainless blue finish that gives his club a truly unique appearance.

It has the classic Plumbers Neck shaft, is made of stainless steel, and has a double milled face. It is offered at both 34” and 35” in length.

The putter has a midsize tour group and includes a headcover.


  • Great feel – ball smoothly rolls off the face and the weight helps you create the pendulum stroke you need to be successful on the greens.
  • A truly classic design – promotes confidence when you address your putt.
  • Blade style putter – if you don’t like the look of a mallet, this is the Ray Cook putter for you.
  • Economically priced – you don’t have to feel guilty when you purchase.


  • Did we mention it is blue? A cool color, but may not be everyone’s favorite (to be honest, if we can make putts, do we care about the color?).


3. Ray Cook Golf Tunnel Vision ArcFace Putter

The Ray Cook Tunnel Vision ArcFace putter has a very unique alignment aid built into the design. When you address your putts, if your eyes are correctly over the putter, you will be able to see a sightline on the top of the putter.

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Ray Cook Tunnel Vision 34' Putter - Red
If your setup is incorrect, you can’t see the sight line. This feature allows you to check your setup before every putt. This club is a mallet-style putter with weighting to help you put a consistent roll on your ball.

Weighted bars on the head and toe create the best possible MOI (moment of inertia) at contact.
The face of the putter has milled lines in the shape of an Arc, thus the name. This ensures that your stroke will produce topspin on the ball, creating a more consistent roll.

The Tunnel Vision ArcFace is offered in both 34” and 35”, right-handed only. The putter comes with soft feeling, oversized grip and includes a matching headcover.


  • Game Improvement Putter – this club has several features that can help you be a better putter – the alignment aid will get you setup correctly, the weighting will help you stay aggressive, and the face produces great top spin on your putts.
  • Oversized grip is a great option for most high handicappers – it helps “remove the hands” from the stroke.
  • Amazing Price, for a mallet putter with so many helpful features – a true shot saver.
  • Visually stunning putter – red color pops and the top of the club has great alignment design.


  • Phil Mickelson might be grumpy – not offered in left-handed model.


4. Ray Cook Golf Ladies Billy Baroo 300 Putter

If you are a fan of Caddyshack, you will recognize the name, Billy Baroo. It was the putter Judge Smails pulled out to make critical putts when battling Ty Webb and Danny Noonan! Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy…

Ray Cook Golf Ladies 2018 Billy Baroo 300 33' Putter
In this case, Ray Cook Golf has created a high-tech putter just for the ladies.

It is constructed with an Aluminum AL 6000 face insert that not only looks great but reduces vibrations at impact, providing better feel to the golfer.

The lines on the face produce immediate top spin, leading to putts that roll online more consistently.
The putter will look great in your bag. It has a silver finish, with purple and black markings and comes with a matching headcover.

It is sold at 33” in length and has an oversized paddle grip. Only offered for right-handed players.


  • Designed for lady golfers – both length and weight – not that many ladies putters on the market.
  • AL 6000 face is great – putter feels great when you strike the ball and added top spin will help you hit your line more often.
  • Visually striking- silver finish, with purple and black accents – very fashionable.
  • Can’t beat the price – another economical option from Ray Cook Golf.


  • Right-handed only, so left-handed ladies will have to try a different model.


5. Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter

The Ray Cook Silver Ray SR800 putter is a premium cast club that has been precisely weighted and balanced to offer the player tremendous feel and consistency.

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter, 35'
It is a mallet style putter, with a plumber neck bend in the shaft. A somewhat unique design that many golfers love. When you address the club, it offers superior alignment markings to help you hit the ball on the correct line.

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The face of the putter has been built with lines to help you put top spin on the ball which allows for a better roll and helps the ball stay on the ground. You don’t want your putts bouncing offline.

The putter is offered at 34” or 35” in length and comes with a matching headcover. It is fitted with a mid-size grip and is only offered in a right-handed model.


  • Great Mallet Design – very easy to line up and gives you confidence on the greens.
  • Top Spin is a golfer’s best friend – keep the ball on the ground and let it roll true.
  • Visually appealing – you can find this putter in different colors, but regardless of the option you choose, it will make you look good.
  • Trend continues – Ray Cook produces high-quality putters at a great price.


  • Unfortunately, only for the right-handed player – other models in this line are offered for left-handed players.


Conclusion: Are Ray Cook Putters Any Good?

Did you find these Ray Cook putter reviews helpful? When you are considering buying a new putter, Ray Cook may not be the first brand that comes to mind, but maybe it should be.

Putters created and built by Ray Cook have found success on professional tours since the 60s and the Ray Cook Golf company now offers many of the same models at a fraction of the price of other premium putters.

So, which one is right for you? Consider the following factors.

Do you prefer a mallet or blade style putter? Most amateur golfers will benefit from moving to a mallet putter. The added stability and weight in the head helps to stabilize impact and covers up typical flaws in a player’s stroke. A mallet will also reduce the number of mishits and put top spin or over spin on the ball. This helps the ball stay on the ground and roll smoother.

Ray Cook offers several different versions of a mallet putter, so it comes down to your preference on alignment markings and shape.

If you struggle with your putting setup position, a putter with an alignment aid will help. The important thing is that you like how the putter looks and you feel confident with it on the green.
The other consistent feature across the Ray Cook putter line, is the oversize and mid-size grips.

The number one flaw in putter strokes is too much hands. In a perfect stroke, your hands simply hold the club and your shoulders rock back and forth. You don’t want any wrist action at all.

A larger putter grip helps with this mistake. It encourages the bigger arm muscles to dominate, reducing the impact of twitchy wrists.

Regardless if you are a beginner, a high-handicapper, or have been playing for years, you can improve on the greens by investing in new putter technology.

The key is, that investment doesn’t have to be significant. You can take advantage of a milled face, an alignment aid, precise weighting, and/or high-tech design without spending your entire paycheck.

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a new putter, give Ray Cook a look!