Rangefinder Battery Guide (What Should I Use?)

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If you’ve invested in a rangefinder, you need to make sure it has the right battery. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting out onto the first tee only to realize that your rangefinder is dead.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to replace a rangefinder battery, and there are different brands that you can opt for to ensure that your device remains fully powered throughout your round of golf.

In the sections that follow, we explain everything you need to know about rangefinder batteries and introduce you to our recommendations on how to get the most out of your device.

What Battery Does a Rangefinder Use?

The majority of rangefinders use lithium batteries. The two most prevalent types are the CR2 and CR123A batteries, which are slightly different sizes. You can buy them in bulk and keep some in your golf bag, or pick them up from the supermarket as and when you need them.

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You can buy Rangefinder batteries from the likes of Duracell and Panasonic, but you will need to search for a battery that is suitable for your specific rangefinder, as certain models require specific batteries.

To ensure you never have to worry about your Rangefinder going dead out on the course, we explain everything you need to know about choosing the right batteries for your device in this article.

What Does a CR2 Battery Look Like?

A CR2 battery is in the form of a small, cylindrical cell. It looks a little bit like a smaller D cell battery and is thicker than standard AA batteries. They are comprised of lithium, and many of them are rechargeable.

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A great thing about CR2 batteries is that they’re widely available from the biggest brands in the industry, and they’re relatively inexpensive. You can either buy them as single batteries or in bulk, depending on your use for them.

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As well as being used in rangefinders, they’re also widely used in cameras, flashlights, and various other appliances.

So, if you have more appliances at home that take CR2 batteries, you’re best to buy them in bulk to save yourself some money.

How Long Does a Rangefinder Battery Last?

On average, a good CR2 battery inside a rangefinder should last one full season. But a cheap battery may only last half a season with normal use. Some rangefinders come with relatively cheap batteries as standard, so it’s worthwhile replacing them with rechargeable batteries.

Buying rechargeable CR2 batteries from a brand like Panasonic or Duracell, for instance, means you can easily slip the batteries out after a round to recharge them. Batteries from quality brands should last a long time, and you don’t need to worry about them dying.

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If you don’t replace the cheap batteries that your rangefinder comes with as standard, you will find that they only last a few rounds before needing to be replaced.

So, while it might seem like a bit of a hassle, consider upgrading your batteries right away to get the most out of your new device.

What Kind of Battery Goes in a Bushnell Rangefinder?

Bushnell rangefinders take either a CR2 or CR123A battery. You will need to check the requirements of your device before ordering the correct batteries, but it will be one of these two popular battery types.

As mentioned above, it’s worthwhile ordering rechargeable rangefinder batteries from a trusted brand like Duracell or Panasonic, as cheaper batteries will only disappoint you!

The last thing you want is for your rangefinder to die in your bag without you realizing it.

So, whether you go for the Tour V or Pro XE rangefinder from Bushnell, make sure you invest in good batteries that you can recharge. This will ensure your rangefinder performs to the best of its capabilities, providing you with accurate distances while you’re out on the course.

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How Do I Change the Battery in My Bushnell Rangefinder?

All Bushnell rangefinders include one standard CR2 battery. When you read through Bushnell’s reviews, you will see that many customers have been critical of the lifespan of the batteries, illustrating why it’s important to upgrade.

To remove the battery from your Bushnell rangefinder, remove the outer case and pop the existing battery out, just like you would in any other battery-powered device. You can then add your new CR2 battery, ensuring it’s the correct way around.

Details of how to remove and replace the battery in a Bushnell Rangefinder can be found in your instruction manual, so it’s worth reading through it if you can’t work out what to do.

That being said, changing the batteries is nice and straightforward, so you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

What Battery Does a Leupold Rangefinder Take?

The Leupold GX-3 takes a CR2 or C123A battery. It requires a 3V battery, so make sure you check the voltage before ordering your chosen cells online. It is recommended to buy a rechargeable CR2 battery to lower long-term battery costs.

Leupold Rangefinders are trusted by those at the top of the game, but lots of golfers have complained about the fact that the batteries don’t last particularly long.

But as we’ve explained throughout, you can easily resolve this by purchasing a replacement battery as soon as you get your hands on your device.

Whether you buy a CR2 battery from your local store or order one online, opt for a rechargeable cell from a trusted brand, and you shouldn’t encounter any problems when you take to the golf course with your rangefinder this season.

What Battery Does a Nikon Rangefinder Take?

To power your Nikon Rangefinder, you will need to buy a CR2 battery. You’ve probably realized by now that practically all rangefinders use the same batteries, and the Nikon is no exception.

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When you search online for the right batteries for your rangefinder, you will see that certain brands are designed to be used on specific devices.

For instance, when you search on Panasonic’s online store, you will find CR2 batteries that are perfect for Nikon, Bushnell, and Leupold.

Therefore, make sure you select the correct battery for your chosen brand of rangefinder.

While you might find that the size and voltage are the same, it’s best to stick to the advice of the manufacturer and choose a battery that you know is going to work without any issues.

What about a Rangefinder Rechargeable Battery?

Rechargeable CR2 batteries are recommended for all rangefinders. Whether you’ve got a Nikon, Bushnell, or Leupold device, look for a rechargeable battery from a brand like Panasonic, Duracell, or Energizer to ensure you get the best quality battery for your device.

As you will know, you will also need to buy an appropriate adapter for your CR2 battery, as it won’t fit in that of a standard AA or AAA charger.

So, when you order a new rechargeable battery for your rangefinder, make sure you order an adaptor at the same time.

This way, you can slip the battery out of your rangefinder after a couple of rounds, and rest assured that it will be fully charged the next time you take it out onto the course.


Rangefinders are an excellent addition to the golf bag, as so many recreational players struggle with club selection and distance out on the golf course.

But given that most rangefinders come with a poor quality battery, it’s best to upgrade to a rechargeable battery as soon as you buy your device.

Most rangefinders are powered by a CR2 battery, so head online to find the ideal rechargeable battery for your device today so you don’t need to worry about it dying when you’re trying to work out your distances during your monthly medal.