Quick Ship Golf on eBay: Is QuickShipGolf Legit?

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Looking for golf clubs and equipment online can be time-consuming, and it’s also a challenge to know who to trust. eBay Stores tend to offer excellent value for money and a range of new and used products for customers to choose from. And Quick Ship Golf is one such retailer. But are they legit?

The QuickShipGolf store on eBay has a feedback rating of 99.0% and tens of thousands of verified, positive reviews, it’s safe to say that Quick Ship Golf is a legitimate and trusted business.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to Quick Ship Golf and answer some of the questions that golfers often have about this popular eBay store.

Let’s begin by looking at who QuickShipGolf actually is and what services they offer to their customers.

Who is Quick Ship Golf?

A verified seller since June 2011, Quick Ship Golf is an eBay store based in the United States that offers a huge range of new and used golf clubs for highly competitive prices.

As almost every golfer will attest, golfing equipment and clubs, in particular, are often prohibitively expensive, specifically if you’re looking for the latest releases from the biggest brands in golf.

One of the concerns that people have with buying from eBay stores is that sometimes, the equipment isn’t necessarily in the condition in which it’s listed.

While QuickShipGolf doesn’t provide detailed descriptions of the used clubs that they sell, they do upload photographs of the clubs, so you can decide for yourself whether or not they’re worth the money being requested.

They offer worldwide shipping (excluding certain territories) on the products they list, giving players in different countries the chance to benefit from their excellent deals.

Quick Ship Golf: What Brands Can You Buy?

When you look through the current products listed by Quick Ship Golf, you will realize that they deal with almost every brand name in the world of golf.

Their huge listing of golf clubs includes brands like Ping, TaylorMade, Cobra, Callaway, Odyssey, Titleist, and Wilson, to name a few.

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They categorize their listings by club type instead of brand, but it’s easy to find the brand you’re looking for by using the store search bar on their homepage.

As well as all golf clubs, Quick Ship Golf lists golfing apparel, balls, bags, GPS/Range finders, headcovers, shafts, and grips.

Their extensive collection of golf equipment includes both new and used items, and they’re extremely competitively priced, as you will see in the following section.

New and Used Club Prices

Quick Ship Golf sells the majority of their golf clubs via eBay auction, but there are several clubs that include the ‘buy it now’ feature.

Researching the clubs listed by QuickShipGolf, it’s clear that you can bag yourself an incredible bargain.

Used clubs go for anything from $20 for individual wedges or irons, and used drivers in a reasonable condition can be picked up for little over $100.

If you’re new to golf and want to get a feel for the game before investing in expensive equipment, Quick Ship Golf is an excellent place to begin your search.

To give you an idea of the prices you can expect to pay on Quick Ship Golf, we’ve included a range of their current prices for specific clubs.

This is just a tiny selection of the clubs they currently have for sale, and you can see how varied their offering is.

As with all eBay stores, however, if you’re successful in the auction, you may end up paying considerably less than the prices quoted below:


  • [New] TaylorMade 2021 Custom My Sim2 8* Driver – $599.99
  • [Used] TaylorMade M2 HL Driver – $239.99
  • [Used] Calloway Big Bertha Alpha 815 – $149.99

Fairway Woods:

  • [New] Cobra Fly-Z XL 5 Fairway Wood 22 – $119.99
  • [Used] Callaway Big Bertha ’14 7 Fairway Wood – $69.99


  • [New] Cleveland Classic 23 4 Hybrid Matrix – $49.99
  • [Used] TaylorMade Burner 19 3 Hybrid – $49.00

Iron Sets:

  • [New] Cobra King F7 iron set – $210.00
  • [Used] Wilson Staff RM Midsized Forged – $99.99


  • [New] Cleveland RTX-3 52.10 Wedge – $99.99
  • [Used] Mizuno JPX Chrome 56.12 Sand Wedge – $39.99


  • [New] Tour Edge High Performance 02 Putter 34 – $119.99
  • [Used] TaylorMade Spider Tour Black 35 putter – $239.99

As you can see from the selection of clubs outlined above, Quick Ship Golf carries a diverse collection of stock suited to most budgets.

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If you’re happy to spend the time searching through their online store, particularly their auctions, you will find lots of too-good-to-be-true bargains.

But given the nature of eBay stores, it’s difficult to say precisely how much used and new clubs on Quick Ship Golf are, as they continually change over time.

Does Quick Ship Golf Sell Fake Clubs?

You might have heard horror stories about some online golf retailers selling fake clothing, equipment, and even clubs to unsuspecting victims.

But, of course, given the nature of online shopping, there’s always an element of risk associated with buying a product you haven’t actually seen yourself. But does Quick Ship Golf sell counterfeit clubs?

There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that QuickShipGolf sells fake clubs. As mentioned in the introduction, the eBay store has been active since June 2011, and in the last twelve months alone has had more than 31,000 positive reviews.

Their satisfaction rating of 99.0% is incredibly impressive, too, receiving just over 320 negative reviews in the past year.

It stands to reason that if an eBay retailer was selling fake clubs, they wouldn’t have such a positive review score and almost certainly wouldn’t have stayed on the platform for ten years.

Reviews of Quick Ship Golf

Before spending a sizeable chunk of your hard-earned money on a new or used set of golf clubs, you will want to ensure that you’re purchasing from a reliable source.

When dealing with an eBay seller or store, your first port of call should be the feedback section of their profile. Quick Ship Golf boasts a 99.0% approval rating from verified customers, which is impressive, to say the least.

They’ve also achieved ‘top-rated seller’ status on eBay.

What’s more, they rate highly for accurate descriptions, shipping speed and cost, and communication.

Reflecting on clients’ feedback left on their site, it’s clear that Quick Ship Golf consistently delivers high-quality service for unbeatable prices.

Customers are very happy that the clubs and equipment they have ordered are as described, with lots of verified buyers agreeing that the service they received from Quick Ship Golf went above and beyond what was expected.

Of course, some buyers have recorded bad experiences with the eBay store, but given how many transactions they complete on a daily basis, it’s unfair to expect them to be perfect.

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To read some of their reviews for yourself, you can do so by clicking here.

Given the vast collection of positive feedback (not to mention their 99.0% score), there’s little reason not to trust Quick Ship Golf, and you can be confident that your online ordering experience with them will be a positive one.

Do they Offer a Good Service?

The standout feature of Quick Ship Golf’s service is undoubtedly the clubs they list for exceptional value for money.

They bring clubs to the market for unbeatable prices and provide players of every level the ideal opportunity to improve their game by upgrading their equipment without breaking the bank.

If you’re considering purchasing clubs from Quick Ship Golf, you can expect the following 6 features from their service:

  1. Exceptional value for money for used clubs, with reasonably priced new options, too.
  2. A vast online catalog of new and used clubs that is regularly updated and expanded.
  3. Options to purchase clubs via the ‘buy it now’ feature or through the more traditional and much-loved auction format on eBay.
  4. Reasonable shipping costs to many different countries, but exceptions do apply.
  5. Prompt delivery of clubs that are more often than not as they were described.
  6. Excellent communication and quick response times to any customer queries.

Overall, it’s fair to say that Quick Ship Golf offers an excellent discount golf club service to customers in different parts of the world.

They have a vast stock range, deliver on time, and provide excellent value for money, so they’re worthy of your consideration if you’re looking to add to your bag.

Has Quick Ship Golf Changed Your Mind about Buying Golf Gear on eBay?

Quick Ship Golf is a trusted eBay store that has fulfilled a huge amount of orders since 2011.

With thousands of positive reviews every month, they provide an excellent service to their customers and offer both new and used golf clubs at impressive discount rates.

So, if you fancy changing the clubs in your bag but are put off by the high fees associated with purchasing the latest, brand-new golf equipment from the top brands, you may just find what you’re looking for on Quick Ship Golf.