PXG Golf Clubs: 7 Crucial Facts (Before you Buy!)

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When it comes to golf brands, few have made as significant an impact at the elite level of the game as PXG Golf.

Founded in 2014 and operating exclusively out of Scottsdale, Arizona, PXG is a billionaire-backed brand on a mission: to produce the very best golf clubs available on the market.

Given PXG’s bold claims and pioneering approach to club engineering and development, many PGA and LPGA Tour pros have switched to the brand to improve their game, including major winners Zach Johnson and Charl Schwartzel.

But what’s the deal with PXG? (short for Parsons Extreme Golf) Are the clubs any good? And why are they so expensive?

We answer all these questions and more in this article, but first, let’s take a look at where PXG golf clubs are made.

1. Where are PXG Golf Clubs Made?

PXG golf clubs are made at the company’s HQ in Scottsdale, Arizona. Billionaire GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons created the company, and he has pumped a small fortune into the business, ensuring that US golfers can buy equipment that is the very best on the market and engineered to perfection.

Given the high costs associated with producing PXG clubs, they retail at an exceptionally high price, too, as we explain throughout this article.

2. Does PXG Make Good Golf Clubs?

Yes! PXG clubs are widely regarded as up there with the very best golf clubs available on the market, thanks to the company’s unique approach to research, development, and engineering. 

Founder Bob Parsons is incredibly proud of the equipment that PXG produces.

After starting with irons, the company has added drivers, fairway woods, utilities, wedges, and putters to its repertoire.

PXG clubs are played by some of the biggest names on the PGA and LPGA Tours (as we explore a little later on), and many of the clubs have been designed with elite performers in mind, particularly the bladed Super Tour irons.

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That’s not to say that golfers of all abilities can’t make use of PXG clubs, as the company has recently launched a range of new irons that cater to different swings and performance levels.

But perhaps the most significant barrier for recreational players when it comes to buying PXG equipment is the price, as we dive into below.

3. Are PXG Clubs Expensive?

Yes, PXG golf clubs are expensive. It’s something that billionaire owner Bob Parsons is actually proud of and even publishes on the company’s website. The fact that a set of irons costs anywhere between $2,400 – $5,000 is stomach-churning for most recreational golfers. 

But this is just the start of PXG’s revolution of golf club pricing. In an interview with Golf Digest, Parsons said that “we’re working on a process that has never been done before and is incredibly expensive.”

Given the man himself has spent in excess of $350,000 on his own golf bag in one season, it’s perhaps ominous for the rest of us and a clear indication that PXG will continue to deliver golf clubs at the very top end of the market.

So, if you’re looking for a set of PXG irons, you’d best get saving!

Or you could always scour the second-hand market and see if you can pick up a set at a fraction of Parson’s eye-watering retail price.

4. How Much is a Set of PXG Golf Clubs?

A set of brand-new PXG golf clubs costs anywhere between $2,400 and $5,000. Forbes published a recent article looking into the $650 per club price that PXG set for the release of their Super Tour irons and practically questioned how any recreational golfer could justify that price. 

If you browse through PXG’s website, you will find that their clubs are priced differently, and you can get an idea of the cost of each of their clubs below as of fall:

  • PXG Drivers – RRP $299 – $529 each.
  • PXG Fairway Woods – RRP $249 – $429 each.
  • PXG Hybrids – RRP – RRP $229 – $375 each.
  • PXG Irons – RRP $119 – $650 (per club)
  • PXG Wedges – RRP $295 – $650 each.
  • PXG Putters – RRP $189 – $399 each.

For example, if you wanted to put together a bag consisting of a driver, two fairway woods, a hybrid, four irons, a wedge, and a putter from PXG, you could end up paying $5,411, going by the max RRP of each club as listed above.

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However, if you’re in the market for PXG clubs, its website regularly offers seasonal reductions and discounts, so it’s worth checking periodically, so you’re not paying full whack for PXG gear.

5. Why Are PXG Clubs So Expensive?

PXG golf clubs are so expensive because of the way they’re manufactured and the high-grade materials used. Also, the team behind PXG claims to be committed to a research and development process that is unlike any other brand in the market. 

What’s more, the clubs are put together after a complex engineering process that has totally revolutionized the way that golf clubs are typically made.

The final aspect is the fact that they use only ‘high-performance’ materials to put their clubs together.

Parsons and his team point to the pioneering and complex welding and polishing process that eliminates the hot spots in the cavity of PXG’s irons as a good example of the innovative manufacturing process.

Another key point to consider is that PXG clubs are only produced in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Other major golf brands have outsourced at least part of the production of their clubs to cheaper labor markets in Asia, to bring the cost of equipment down for the consumer.

But PXG has absolutely no intention to do that and is proud of the fact that its clubs are all-American in every sense of the word.

The logic here is that if you want to own a wholly American-made product in the present day, you need to be willing to pay a premium for it.

To be fair, PXG makes no qualms about the costs associated with its equipment.

The team knows how much their clubs cost to produce, work out their margins, and retail them accordingly.

6. Do Any Pros Use PXG Clubs on Tour?

Several professional players use PXG clubs when competing on the PGA Tour. Perhaps the highest-profile PXG player is two-time major champion winner Zach Johnson, closely followed by South African player Charl Schwartzel, who won the 2011 Masters.

Other PGA pros that use PXG include Pat Perez, James Hahn, Jason Kokrak, Wyndham Clark, Kyle Stanley, Joel Dahmen, Henrik Norlander, Danny Lee, Hudson Swafford, and Luke List.

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On the LPGA Tour, PXG is also represented by some of the biggest names in the sport. PXG players include Lydia Ko, Katherine Kirk, Austin Ernst, Christina Kim, Brittany Lang, Celine Boutier, Ryann O’Toole, and Gerina Piller.

Given the fact that PXG is seen as the very best golf equipment in the business, it’s little surprise that so many high-profile players on both the PGA and LPGA Tours play PXG in their pursuit of tournament wins.

7. Does PXG Have Any Tour Wins?

Yes, PXG earned its first tour win back in 2016 when James Hahn won at the Wells Fargo Championship. In 2021, PXG wins from Austin Ernst and Joel Dahmen, amongst others, have given the PXG team several reasons to smile. 

As is the case with all golf equipment brands, the pros who use PXG clubs will have good and bad seasons, that’s for sure!

The fact that so many high-profile players have already turned to the brand bodes well for the future growth of PXG, particularly at the elite level of the game.

It’s perhaps only a matter of time until a PXG player picks up a major championship, and we will almost certainly see more players on the PGA and LPGA Tours join the PXG revolution in the coming years.

PXG Golf Clubs: US-Made, Expensive and Amongst the Best!

Since PXG’s arrival in golf back in 2014, founder Bob Parsons has undoubtedly delivered on his promise to produce the best golf clubs available on the market.

This is evidenced by the fact that PXG clubs are the choice of high-profile pros and have several PGA and LPGA Tour wins under their belt.

In spite of PXG’s incredible success at the elite level of the game, the sticking point for many recreational golfers when it comes to the equipment is the cost.

Many club golfers will find it difficult to justify paying between $2,400 – $5,000 for a set of golf clubs, particularly when there are other excellent brands available for less than half the price.

Either way, PXG clubs are amongst the very best and are a great option if you can afford to buy them.