Public Golf Courses Near Orlando Airport (Best 3!)

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Florida is well known for its luxurious resorts and wide range of golf courses.

So, if you happen to be in the Orlando area, and want to golf, central Florida is an ideal location. You can golf at any time of the year and you have access to all the best amenities and vacation spots.

Really, whether you are on a short business trip or are on vacation, you should definitely check out an Orlando public golf course. In particular, I will be discussing some top public golf courses near Orlando Airport (MCO).

Golf courses near this location are perfect for people on business trips and other vacationers that need to stay close to the airport.

You can get some last-minute golfing in before you leave the Orlando area. I’ll mention some of the most popular public golf courses here, so keep reading to find the perfect golfing location!

1. North Shore Golf Club

This golf club is accessible to both beginners and expert golfers.

It also offers a range of courses and has some of the best scenic views in Orlando as well.

How Much Does it Cost at North Shore Golf Club?

The cost of North Shore golfing facilities depends on your state of residence.

For residents of Florida, it will cost you $69.99 per person to golf.

You book a time and are provided with a golfing cart. You also get to golf up to 18 holes.

For non-residents, golfing at North Shore will be a little more pricey. The cost will be $99.99 per person, and you get all the same perks as resident golfers.

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An annual pass can be purchased, as well. But you will have to contact North Shore to get the prices for a year-round pass

You can download a scorecard for North Shore Golf Club, FL here.


North Shore Golf Club prides itself on convenience and accessibility.

The location of this public golf course makes it ideal for golfers who want to be near the airport.

North Shore also offers an 18 hole course and is smack dab in the middle of a beautiful marshland. So, you can enjoy nature while you golf.

This is a 72 Par golf course with up to 6900 yards of golfing space.

A clubhouse is also available and has locker rooms, a shower, a restaurant, and a golf shop. You can rent clubs here too if you haven’t brought your own.

North Shore Golf Club FL: Contact Information & Directions

North Shore Golf Club, 11507 N Shore Golf Club Blvd, Orlando, FL 32832.
Tel: (407) 277-9277
Hours: 6:00AM to 9:00PM
Click here For directions to North Shore Golf Club, FL.

2. Ventura Golf Course


The next golfing location you should consider visiting is the Ventura Country Club.

Ventura Country Club is an exclusive golf course community that is home to over 1,700 luxury houses and condominiums.

This is a semi-private golf course (the public can book a tee-time online) that is a mere six minutes away from Orlando Airport and you are close to downtown Orlando.

How Much Does it Cost at the Ventura Golf Course?

Golfing at Ventura Country Club is quite affordable. For guests, there is an assortment of price options.

You can golf for $32 Monday through Friday before 11 am. The price then goes down from here.

Golfing after 11 am costs $24, and golfing after 2 pm costs $21.

For weekend golfing, prices are slightly more expensive.

Saturday through Sunday, it costs $35 to golf before 11 am. Golfing after 11 am will cost you $26, and golfing after 2 pm will cost you $23.

For non-residents, you want to make sure to book your golfing session at least three days in advance.

This is just policy for Ventura Club.

In addition, though, the golf course here is quite popular. So, you don’t want to miss your chance to golf in this location!

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You can download a scorecard for Ventura Colf Course, FL here.


Ventura Country Club’s golf course offers some of the best golf in Orlando.

There are 18 holes in total for this course, and you are given access to the golf shop where you can rent clubs and buy other golf-related merchandise.

The golf course here is top quality and hosts many tournaments and events.

This location isn’t quite as scenic as North Shore, but you are surrounded by beautiful wetlands at Ventura.

In addition, Florida native animals like to visit the golf course. So, you will have a nice time golfing and even animal watching.

Golf carts are included with your admission fee, and after you finish golfing, you can head down to the 19th hole.

This is a restaurant that includes a bar and some great food.

Ventura Golf Course: Contact Information & Directions

Ventura Golf Course, 3201 Woodgate Blvd, Orlando, FL 32822.
Tel: (407) 277-2640.
Hours: 6:30AM to 6:30PM.
Click here For directions to Ventura Country Club Golf Course, FL.

3. Eagle Creek Golf Club


Eagle Creek is also situated close to the Orlando Airport and it offers some of the best amenities to guests and club members.

Be sure to check out the golf clubhouse where the 2 levels feature a top-class restaurant and club pro shop.

How Much Does it Cost at Eagle Creek Golf Club?

Eagle Creek Golf Club offers several different price ranges.

If you want to golf in the morning, this will cost you $70.

However, if you golf after 12:30 pm the cost goes down to $55. After 3:30 pm the cost reduces further to $35, and after 5:50 you can golf for $25.

A golf cart is included with your purchase, but you need to rent or bring your own golf gear.

You can download a scorecard for Eagle Creek Golf Club, FL here.


Eagle Creek’s golf course is over 7200 yards. It offers up to 18 holes and is a Par 73 course that is suitable for all skill levels.

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In addition, many tournaments, and corporate events are hosted here. So, you know that the quality of this course is unmatched.

Unlike other types of golf courses in Florida, though, Eagle Creek sets itself apart with unique style and class.

This particular golf course is fashioned after the rolling hills of England and Scotland.

Adding to this, Eagle Creek has a stylish two-story clubhouse.

Here, you can change in their locker rooms, shower, eat dinner or lunch, and even visit their golf shop to rent clubs.

Eagle Creek also hosts large gatherings, weddings, and other events.

Eagle Creek Golf Club FL: Contact Information & Directions

Eagle Creek Golf Club, 10350 Emerson Lake Blvd, Orlando, FL 32832.
Tel: (407) 273-4653.
Hours: 6:30AM to 6:30PM.
Click here For directions to Eagle Creek Golf Club, FL.

Best Public Golf Courses in the Orlando Airport (MCO) Area

There are many great golfing locations in Orlando. But, if you want to golf near the Orlando Airport, you should visit the best public golf courses available to you! In this post, I talked about the top golfing locations you can golf at.

Check out these other public golf courses in Florida: Boca Raton, Naples, FL, Panama City Beach, Boynton Beach, Fort Myers Beach, Jupiter, Sarasota, Tampa Airport, Estero, Destin, Bradenton.

This includes North Shore Golf Club, Ventura Country Club, and Eagle Creek Golf Club. Each of these locations offers great golfing and customer service.

North Shore is by far one of the most expensive options. It has great scenic views and is more secluded. Ventura Country Club has some of the most affordable prices, but can be harder to book due to its popularity.

Finally, Eagle Creek Golf Club offers guests the beauty of a European-style golf course. The wide-open expanses of this course are great for beginners and experts. But, the price for golfing at this location can be expensive depending on what time you choose to golf.

Overall, consider your price range and preferences when choosing between these three options.