Public Golf Courses in Venice, Florida (3 Best!)

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Venice, Florida is anything but dull. It’s a city full of surprises from the world-class pearly beaches with shark tooth to historic and cultural heritage.

There are more than enough attractions to keep you busy when you’re around Sarasota County.

Speaking of getting busy, this city is home to the finest golf courses in Florida.

If you move around, you can hardly miss spotting a golf course facility or sign nearby. You don’t believe it, try searching golf courses near me while in the city. You will be surprised by the multiple options of courses that will pop up in your search.

What’s more, Venice is also famous for its great climate. With a subtropical climate and plenty of sunny days year-round, this is a great deal for a golf lover. And as such, the region boasts of hosting golfers from all over the world.

Having both private and public courses, there is something for everyone. But today, let’s review public golf courses in Venice, Florida. They are the best options for both locals and visitors.

With no membership subscription required, you can spend less and enjoy more on these great courses. Let’s start!

1. Venice East Golf Club

Close to Venice’s capital, Venice East Golf Course dates back to 1961.

It is a masterpiece by Roy Albert Anderson who designed this 52 acres course.

And it was until 1983 that Venice East Golf Course came to be. It was then that a group of golfers secured 37 acres of the course.

Later on, in 1994, they bought the rest of the course forming once more the 52 acres initial course.

That said, this course is a masterpiece indeed. It caters to both beginners who want standard play and advanced golfers looking for a challenging course.

So, if you happen to be in Venice, Sarasota County. this course should be nearby and easy to reach.

How Much Does it Cost at the Venice East Golf Course?

Booking can be done online via the official site.

  • 9-holes play: $27 riding and $17 walking before 1 pm
  • 9-holes play: $24 riding and $14 walking after 1 pm
  • 18-holes play: $35 riding and $24 walking before 1 pm
  • 18-holes play: $32 riding and $20 walking after 1 pm
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You can download a scorecard for Venice East Golf Club, FL here.


The Driving Range is situated close to the S Tamiami trail.

It’s ready for use from opening hours at dawn to closing time at dusk. At the moment, you can either use the 15 grass or 14 mat stations.

Both are suitable for starters and advanced golfers. Besides the driving range, there is Putting Green, and Chipping or Pitching area.

To purchase the balls, you have two options, first, the large balls at $10 per bucket with 75-80 balls.

And second, you can purchase the small balls for $6 per bucket with 35-40 balls. To get the balls, use the ball vending machine that accepts credit cards and cash. But for discounts, visit Pro-shop for more details.

If you need private coaching, then get in touch with Coleman Plecker, a pro golfer with great credentials. His rates are (subject to change):

  • $50 for 40 minutes of training
  • $80 for 60 minutes of semi-private training
  • $225 for 5 lessons
  • $360 for 5 lessons (semi-private)

Venice East Golf Course FL: Contact Information & Directions

Venice East Golf Course, 107 Venice E Blvd, Venice, FL 34293.
Tel: (941) 493-005
Hours: 6:30AM to 4:30PM
Click here For directions to Venice East Golf Club, FL.

2. Waterford Golf Club

Designed by Ted McAnlis, this course dates back to 1989.

It is an 18 and 9 holes course. Close to Venice, this course combines a breathtaking view with a terrific course for both advanced and amateur golfers.

It has well-manicured Greens with Tifdwarf Grass and Fairways with Bermuda grass.

Thanks to Florida’s great climate, the seasons of this course are all year round.

And just like other great courses in Florida, Waterford Golf Club is a challenging course for all skill levels.

Since it’s nearby Venice, the location is convenient for those visiting for the weekend.

How Much Does it Cost at Waterford Golf Club?

Prices vary throughout the year but for example, we have listed some prices below:

To April 30th:
9-holes: $32 before noon/ $28 afternoon
18-holes: $62 before noon/$58 afternoon
2:30 pm special for 18-holes at $38 and 9-holes at $25

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From May 1st to October 31st:
9-holes at $28 before noon/$22 afternoon
18-holes at $40 before noon/$35 afternoon
2:20pm special for 18-holes at $30 and 9-holes at $20

Big summer for either hole at $30 before noon and $25 afternoon.

NOTE: Keep in mind, the rates are not static, they can be changed anytime. Therefore, get in touch with the club just to be sure at the time of booking.

Booking: Online booking or get in touch with the office through 941-484-6621.

You can download a scorecard for Waterford Golf Club, FL here.


Driving Range: The course has a full driving range that’s suitable for golfers of any level. Also, it features a handy practice putting green.

The golf club has a restaurant which operates from 7 am when the course opens and closes at 6 pm.

Therefore, you can have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Monday to Sunday within the operating hours.

For those who love grills, you have until 3 pm before it closes. And In addition to the restaurant, there is a bar for refreshment that also closes at 6 pm.

For outings and banquets services, you can organize your special event with the restaurant directly.

And like other great golf courses, Waterford Gold Club also offers lessons to those wishing to advance their skills.

In this case, Jack McFaul will be your trainer, he is qualified golf professional with the PGA.

Waterford Golf Club: Contact Information & Directions

Waterford Golf Club, 1454 Gleneagles Dr, Venice, FL 34292.
Tel: (941) 484-6621.
Hours: 7:00AM to 6:00PM.
Click here For directions to Waterford Golf Club, FL.

3. Pelican Pointe Golf and Country Club


Do you want to experience a world-class golf experience? Then, Pelican Pointe Golf and Country Club is one of the best picks in the local area.

It is an award-winning 27 holes course with three unique 18-holes courses.

The course was crafted by Ted McAnlis and dates back to 1995.

It combines a Tiger-style course and a gentle course creating a variety of challenges for golfers of various levels.

It has multiple fun activities to offer besides golf, which includes pickleball, fitness, swimming, and tennis, among others.

Also, you can appreciate the social quaintness at the clubhouse which is the center point of the whole complex.

So, if you want a resort-style golf club with multiple services, then Pelican Pointe Golf and Country Club is for you.

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How Much Does it Cost at the Pelican Pointe Golf Club?

Pelican Pointe Golf and Country Club is a 27 holes course.

On this course, golfers have three varieties of 18-holes courses. What they are offering is:

Hatchet-9 and Meadows-9
Preserve-9 and Hatchet-9
Meadows-9 and Preserve-9

The rate from 1st May to 31st October:
Before noon: $49
Afternoon: $39

Booking: call 941-496-4653 to reserve tee time.

You can download a scorecard for Pelican Pointe Golf Club, FL here.


Driving Range is available to private golf members and also golfers with tee times.

And if you want to practice, there is a turfgrass station for hitting, putting green, and pitching/chipping green.

Also, there is a practice bunker to help you raise your level of bunker shots.

Restaurant services are available though limited. They offer food and beverages as well as extra services if you are a resident.

What’s more, the course offers other services like wedding preparation, social functions and anniversaries. It’s a place that has almost everything you need for comfort and a laid-back lifestyle.

If you need golf lessons, look no further, the club is home to LPGA and PGA training professionals. They will ensure you get the best training and exceed your expectations.

Pelican Pointe Golf Club FL: Contact Information & Directions

Pelican Pointe Golf and Country Club, 499 Derbyshire Dr, Venice, FL 34285.
Tel: (941) 496-4653
Hours: 7:00AM to 6:00PM
Click here For directions to Pelican Pointe Golf and Country Club, FL.

Best Public Golf Courses in the Venice City, FL Area

It’s clear, that you can get more from golf courses besides taking a perfect shot and putting green.

With a clubhouse like Pelican Pointe Golf and Country Club, you are offered a resort-style lifestyle.

Alternative public golf courses in Florida: Jupiter, Jacksonville, Tampa Airport, Panama City Beach, Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Estero, Fort Myers Beach, Disney World, St. Petersburg, Bradenton.

But that’s not all, with other courses like Waterford Golf Club and Venice East Golf Course; there is more than you can bargain for.

Also, the three courses have great facilities to ensure your golfing experience is better.

They have one of the best pro-shops with items from the quality and well-known brands.

With restaurants, PGA training professionals, and driving range, it doesn’t get better than this so book your next golf round in Venice, FL today!