Precept Golf Balls: (from Bridgestone Explained!)

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When you’re in the market for some new golf balls to add to your bag, there are lots of things you need to think about.

Precept is a brand that has been around for a long time now, and there are several balls within the Precept range that are worth thinking about.

So in this article, we take a closer look at Precept golf balls and introduce you to some important facts that you need to think about before buying them.

1. What are Precept Golf Balls?

Precept golf balls are made by Bridgestone Golf, one of the leading golf ball manufacturers in the business and one of the only brands to really challenge Titleist at the pinnacle of the game.

Precept 2017 Powerdrive Golf Ball White (15 Ball Pack)

While Bridgestone golf balls are widely played in the professional game, Precept golf balls are much better suited to amateurs, primarily due to the fact that they’re affordable and well-suited to game-improvement players.

Precept is a brand that has been around for a long time and has been trusted by recreational golfers in different parts of the world. As such, Precept golf balls come with a good reputation as a solid and affordable option for golfers to consider.

But what can you expect from the various Precept golf balls in Bridgestone’s current range? Let’s take a closer look at Precept and whether they’re a good option for you this season.

2. Is the Precept a Good Golf Ball?

There’s no doubt that Precept is a good golf ball. After all, Bridgestone is a leading brand in golf ball production, and Tiger Woods, among other golfers, plays Bridgestone at the highest level of the game.

While Precept is a brand that is more popular with recreational players, you can still expect good things from the different balls available within the range. The Laddie Extreme and Precept Powerdrive, for instance, are excellent options for recreational players to think about.

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Precept balls feature aerodynamic design and other impressive design features, like a muscle-fiber core, to ensure that the distance and performance of Precept golf balls are guaranteed out on the golf course.

Now that we’ve looked at Precept as a whole let’s take a closer look at three of the leading balls within the Precept range – the Laddie Extreme, Precept Powerdrive, and Precept Lady, to help you decide which is the best option for your game.

3. Laddie Extreme

Precept Golf Balls Laddie Extreme 24 Ball Pack


The main feature of the Laddie Extreme is the enhanced muscle-fiber core that generates excellent distance off the tee.* The ball features high launch and low spin, while it has a notably soft feel that ensures excellent performance from tee to green.

It’s also available at a great price point, making it a great option for recreational players.


The Laddie Extreme is a low-compression golf ball, making it an excellent option for players with slightly slower swing speeds.

This is one of the reasons why the Laddie Extreme is often regarded as Precept’s best beginner ball and is a good option if you’re just starting out.


Available at a great price point and with a high-performance core, the low-compression Laddie Extreme golf ball is the ideal Precept golf ball for beginner players.

4. Precept Powerdrive

Precept 2017 Powerdrive Golf Ball White (15 Ball Pack)


Another great option for recreational players is the Precept Powerdrive golf ball, a two-layer golf ball with an ionomer cover and a muscle-fiber core.

The Powerdrive golf ball features an optimized 372 aerodynamic dimple design that delivers a soft feel and mid compression, offering players a great golf ball at a decent price point.


The Precept Powerdrive golf ball is a mid-compression golf ball, making it well suited to players with moderate swing speeds.** This suits mid-high handicappers and will help you hit the ball further and more consistently.


If you’re looking for a golf ball with slightly more compression that is capable of more distance off the tee, the Precept Powerdrive is perhaps the better choice than the Laddie Extreme and is also available for a great price.

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5. Lady Precept

Bridgestone Golf 2015 Lady Precept Golf Balls (Pack of 12), Yellow


Bridgestone’s Lady Precept balls are designed with female golfers in mind.

It features a soft core for players who want a soft feel, more control, and fewer vibrations, and it offers a higher flight than most other lady balls, as the 330-dimple design makes it easy for players to generate sufficient trajectory.***


As is the case with the Laddie Extreme, the Precept Lady golf ball is a low-compression option with a compression rating of 50. This makes it perfect for women golfers with low-moderate swing speeds, ensuring that it ticks the box for most recreational female players.


As far as golf balls for female recreational golfers go, the Precept Lady from Bridgestone is hard to beat.

It has a soft feel and low compression, ensuring that you can control your golf shots and hit the ball longer and further, even with a relatively slow swing speed.

6. Are Precept Golf Balls Good for Beginners?

Precept golf balls are excellent for beginner players. Primarily, this is due to the price point, with a dozen Precept balls ranging from $17.00 to $25.00, depending on the model.

This is an excellent price for such high-quality balls and helps you get started without breaking the bank.

Another reason why Precept golf balls are good for beginners is that they have low compression, meaning that players with slow-moderate swing speeds can hit the ball further and more consistently.

When you’re just getting started as a golfer, it’s best to identify a golf ball that doesn’t cost a great deal of money, as you’re likely to lose a fair amount of balls out on the course!

So, Precept golf balls are excellent for beginner players, whether you opt for the Laddie Extreme, Powerdrive, or Lady golf balls.

7. Precept Golf Balls for Sale

The best place to buy Precept golf balls is directly from the Bridgestone store. They’re also available at several online retailers, notably Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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They’re also available in-store if online shopping isn’t your thing.

New and used Precept golf balls are also available via eBay, which is a decent place to pick up Precept balls for a slightly lower price than MSRP.

You just need to be mindful of fake balls that sometimes circulate on eBay, so make sure you check a seller’s credentials before buying.

Some golf course clubhouses and independent retailers also sell Precept golf balls, so it’s worth checking the stock levels of nearby stores and clubhouses in your state.

Ultimately, given their popularity, there are lots of places where you can buy Precept golf balls for sale, and they’re an excellent option for all recreational players.

8. What Happened to the Old Precept Golf Brand?

Bridgestone has been in business in Japan since the 1930s, when they produced their first-ever golf ball. But it wasn’t until the early 1990s when Bridgestone and Precept merged, bringing both brands under the same parent company, the Bridgestone Corporation.

In the early nineties, Nick Faldo propelled Bridgestone onto the world stage, winning majors while playing some of their newest and most advanced golf balls.

At the same time, Bridgestone positioned Precept as a good option for recreational golfers, which is why the brand has remained popular to the present day, particularly with beginners and mid-high handicappers.

So, following its merger with Bridgestone, Precept has been a brand focused on producing golf balls for recreational players, which has helped maintain its popularity in the US and further afield.


The fact that there are so many brands to choose from when it comes to golf balls, Precept is undoubtedly a brand worth thinking about.

Manufactured by Bridgestone, Precept balls are perfect for recreational players, whether you opt for the Powedrive, Laddie Extreme, or Lady golf ball.

The bottom line is that Precept is a brand worth thinking about, and playing a Precept golf ball can help your performance on the golf course.


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