Port Aransas Golf Cart Rentals: Best 3 Places!

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Port Aransas, TX is perhaps best known for its magnificent beaches and fishing. It is also a very popular destination for golfers.

Golf carts are allowed on the public roads in and around Port Aransas (with some restrictions), and they can come in quite handy especially if you’re hauling around lots of coolers, golf cart bags, and even beach chairs!

In this visitor guide, we will give you a low down on golf car rentals in Port Aransas, the best places to check out, and what you should know including the laws and rules you should adhere to when you are visiting this popular resort city on Mustang Island, TX.

Can You Rent a Golf Cart in Port Aransas?

Yes, there are several good service providers in the area of Port Aransas that offer good, cheap golf cart rental at hourly, daily, and weekly rates. They are used to visitors wanting to explore the local area in a golf cart buggy and can help you find the right cart for your own needs for the duration of your trip.

In the Summer season, the city can get very busy with many visitors flocking to explore the local beaches, busy nightlife, and to play golf on the fabulous Palmilla Beach Golf Club which is open for non-residents.

Springtime is slightly less busy (apart from Spring break) so take this chance to experience the city in peace and quiet without too many tourists clogging up your path around town. You can also get good deals on golf cart rentals at this time of the year due to less demand and more availability.

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Are Golf Carts Legal in Port Aransas?

Golf carts are allowed in and around the city of Port Aransas and the local police authorities operate quite a relaxed set of rules when it comes to golf cart law enforcement. The main law is that golf carts are considered to be motor vehicles and the same driving laws apply to golf cart driving.

The main 3 laws to remember are:

  • Seat belts (drivers and passengers are required to wear seat belts on public roads).
  • Drinking when under the influence.
  • Open containers of alcohol are strictly prohibited.

Where To Rent a Golf Cart in Port Aransas?

We have found the best three places to rent a golf cart in Port A. These are Jackfish, Silver Sands and Top Deck. All three have good online reviews and offer a full rental service at some of the lowest rates in the city.

Make sure to read all the terms and conditions of the company that you are renting from before you make your reservation. No two deals are the same, and you should be aware of what to expect in the rental terms before you sign up for and golf car agreement.

Most local businesses will require you to have a valid and current driver’s license, credit or debit card, and a copy of liability insurance.

Jackfish Cart Rentals

Jackfish Cart Rentals are located at 3411 Eleventh St, Port Aransas, TX 78373.

You can rent out a 6 passenger golf cart at Jackfish and they offer low daily rates that change throughout the year.

The minimum term is one day and the maximum online booking time is 7 days but you can call them on (361) 459-2900 and ask about an extended rental period if your vacation is longer than a week.

With a delicious menu serving great local food and other beach-related rental services including surfboards, boogie boards, and fishing rods, Jackfish has all the equipment you need for a fun-filled visit to Mustang Island.

Website: Jackfish Cart Rentals

Top Deck Carts

Top Deck Cart Rentals are located at 3423 Eleventh St, Port Aransas, TX 78373.

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Focusing on the luxury end of the market, Top Deck has some amazing golf cars with superior accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, hand coolers for the hot weather and even super-cool LED lighting.

Reservations can be made online and although the website is very modern, the booking process takes a little bit of getting used to.

Some vehicle rental options include:

  • Limo 8 seater
  • G Wagon 6 seater
  • Premier 6 seater
  • Premier Club 4 Seater

Be sure to read the rental policy beneath the booking web page, this includes the minimum age requirement (21), and also the reservation must be paid for in full prior to pick up.

Website: Top Deck Golf Carts

Silver Sands

Silver Sands Rentals are located at 307 Sea Isle Dr, Port Aransas, TX 78373.

For a full-service golf buggy rental service with great online reviews be sure to check out Silver Sands. They offer a wide range of golf carts for rent options for 4 or 6 seat cars.

The online process is a little bit dated, you have to fill out an online inquiry form – from there you select your cart type, dates, and whether you want to rent for just one day or multiple days.

You can call them on (361) 749-2278 prior to your booking. If you have any questions relating to the cart rental process, this is the company to contact.

Website: Silver Sands Golf Cart Rentals

Is it Worth Renting a Golf Cart in Port Aransas?

It is recommended to rent a golf cart in Port Aransas in order to experience the unique beauty and culture of Mustang Island.

The golf carts in Port Aransas are top quality and if you take your time to rent from one of our highly recommended local businesses then you can be sure that the experience will live up to all your expectations.

A great way to see the island is by golf cart, not only does it get you where you need to go quickly but it allows for a little sightseeing on your journey.

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You can easily travel around Port Aransas in under an hour, plus there are plenty of stops along the way that offer various types of food and drink refreshments – perfect for the hot weather!

What is the Minimum Age to Rent a Cart in Port Aransas?

The minimum age you need to be to rent a golf cart in Port Aransas, TX is 21 years old. The person renting the golf cart must have valid identification plus a valid credit or debit card in their name.

Some renters will also ask for insurance (which you can take out when you rent) along with an upfront payment for the duration of your golf cart rental.

If you do not meet the requirements and you get into an accident then you might be responsible for any damages that happen.

Can You Drive a Golf Cart in Port A Without a License?

You cannot drive a golf cart on the streets of Port Aransas without having a valid and current driver’s license. The only way to lawfully operate one is if your regular US or international driving document is up to date and valid.

Can You Drive a Golf Cart Anywhere in Port Aransas?

In general, you can drive your golf cart on most public roads in the city with the exception being Highway 361 where golf cart use is prohibited. All renters must ensure their golf carts are street legal before they rent them out to the general public.

Renting a golf cart in Port Aransas is the best way to enjoy this beautiful island. Not only does it provide you with an easy and efficient method of transportation, but also ensures that your experience will be unforgettable.

Whether you’re looking for just one day or multiple days on the carts, there are plenty of options available depending on what type of vehicle rental service you need.

With so many great businesses dedicated to providing quality vehicles at affordable prices, finding something perfect for your trip should be fast, easy and affordable!