Pelz Golf Explained: (Does Dave Still Teach?)

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When it comes to short game golf instruction, Dave Pelz is widely regarded as the best in the business. Having worked with Phil Mickelson and other elite players throughout his career, Pelz is very much a wizard when it comes to all aspects of the short game.

Today, as well as teaching on the PGA Tour, Pelz runs Pelz Golf, which provides lessons and short game clinics to players in different parts of the world.

In this article, we take a look at Pelz Golf in more detail and explain how you can benefit from Dave Pelz’s legendary status as a short game guru.

What is Pelz Golf?

Pelz Golf is a golf teaching school run by Dave Pelz. The main goal of Pelz Golf is to provide game schools in different parts of the world that help golfers improve various aspects of the games. Pelz instructors deliver golf clinics in different locations that focus on everything from pitching to putting.

For an introduction to the coaching style of Dave, check the video below where he gives sound advice on how to fix “Fat Chipping”:

Pelz lessons are classified into one-day, two-day, and three-day sessions. For instance, the one-day clinics are run at different locations in Europe and America and focus on improving the most common shots that you play around the green.

The multi-day courses go into a lot more depth when seeking to address issues with your short game and include theory and execution sessions, backed by videos and data to ensure a holistic learning approach.

If you’ve heard about Pelz Golf and are looking for more information, you’ve come to the right place. In the sections that follow, we dissect what you can expect from Dave Pelz and his team and help you decide whether you could benefit from his instruction.

What Does Dave Pelz Specialize in?

Dave Pelz specializes in all aspects of the short game. Specifically, the Pelz Golf school focuses on helping players in and around the green and offers lessons that deal with distance wedges, pitching, and sand play in particular.

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Some Pelz programs also offer putting clinics, but they are typically only included in the multi-day programs. Throughout his career, Dave Pelz has helped countless golfers improve their short games, which is where a lot of shots are typically left out on the course.

After all, if you can get up and down from within 50-100 yards, you stand a good chance of playing off a reasonable handicap. This is what the entire premise of Pelz Golf is based upon, and the instructors look to help you get the most out of your short game through various instructions and drills.

In addition to instruction, Pelz Golf also manufactures specialist golf training aids and tools, as we introduce in the following sections.

What is the Pelz Golf Putting Tutor?

Dave Pelz’s Putting Tutor is an instructional aid that you can use out on the green to improving your putting strokes. Available for $49.99, it teaches you how to read putts and helps you read the greens.

It’s a great tool for golfers at all levels of the game and is even used as a practice aid by more than 50 PGA Tour pros.

Putting is undoubtedly one of the hardest parts of the game to perfect, so using a putting aid out on the green is a great way to improve the accuracy and consistency of your strokes.

Of course, you can’t use it during a round of golf, but it’s perfect for using on the practice ground.

One of the best things about the Putting Tutor is that it helps you square up your putts to your target.

Lots of recreational players struggle to line up their putts because they line up with the club pointing in the wrong direction, which is actually harder to correct than you might think!

So, if you’re looking for the ideal training aid to improve the accuracy and consistency of your putting, Dave Pelz’s Putting Tutor is well worth considering.

What is the Pelz Bunker Board?

Another popular instructional tool from Pelz Golf is their Bunker Board. It is designed for you to use in your own backyard in recognition of the fact that not everyone can practice from a sand trap very often.

Pelz Golf DP4010 Bunker Board, black

When you use the bunker board, it replicates the exact feel of swinging from the sand, which allows you to practice your technique from wherever you are. So many golfers agree that they don’t practice their bunker game anywhere near as much, and the bunker board promises to change all that.

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Whether you practice your short game at home or at your golf club’s practice range, you can take the Pelz bunker board with you and save yourself a lot of mess and hassle! Instead of splashing out of the sand, the bunker board allows you to throw it down and get on with it.

So, if you’re not giving your sand game enough attention, you might consider Pelz’s Bunker Board to practice, no matter where you are.

What is the Pelz Golf Short Game School?

The Pelz short game school provides players at all levels of the game with instruction on how to improve their game in and around the green.

Pelz instructors provide you with lessons and tips on how to improve everything from your distance wedges to pitch and run shots, helping you improve all aspects of your short game.

You can choose whether to attend the Pelz school during a one-day clinic or over two or three days. As you might expect, the two and three-day schools are much more comprehensive and are based in different parts of the United States.

For instance, they are running clinics from the Centennial Golf Club in New York and the PGA National Resort in Florida this summer.

Instruction is given by accredited coaches and is based on decades of Dave Pelz’s research and knowledge of the game of golf. The programs are science-backed and utilize the latest technology and available data to help players improve their short games.

Overall, if you’re looking to improve your short game, the Pelz Golf school is worth thinking about, as it comes highly recommended and covers all bases.

Does Dave Pelz Still Teach?

Dave Pelz is still teaching and advising at the highest level of the game. For instance, he still works with the likes of Phil Mickelson, Patrick Reed, and Brendan Steele, among others.

Throughout his career, Pelz has helped students win a total of 21 majors, which has earned him a reputation as one of the finest short game coaches in the world.

He was named by Golf Digest as one of the most influential golf instructors of the 20th century and has authored several books about his craft.

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He also holds the record for the longest ever putt holed on TV after sinking a 206-foot putt in 2004 during PGA Championship week at Whistling Straits.

As well as advising PGA Tour professionals, Pelz lends his time to his teaching schools, which take place at venues throughout the United States and further afield.

He is currently based at the Pelz Golf Institute in Spicewood, Texas, from where he continues his research and development into the art of the short game.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to learn from the very best in the business, Dave Pelz’s shoot game school is pretty hard to beat, and it will help you correct many of the mistakes that you have been making in and around the greens.

How Much is a Lesson with Dave Pelz?

While it’s not clear precisely how much Dave Pelz charges PGA Tour pros for his time, we do know how much you are required to pay to join the Pelz Golf School, as we explain below:

  • Three-day short game golf school – $2,795
  • Two-day short game golf school – $1,950
  • One-day short game clinic – $495

Although not necessarily taught by Dave Pelz himself, you will receive instruction based upon his principles by PGA accredited coaches. The student-to-teacher ratios are low, ensuring you will have sufficient one-to-one instruction from a golf coach.

Although it’s certainly not cheap to receive instruction from the Dave Pelz golf school, it can undoubtedly transform your short game. After all, Dave Pelz is regarded as one of the finest short game golf coaches in the world, and signing up to his school enables you to learn from the very best.


Pelz Golf is a renowned golf instruction program that you can join to improve your short game. Run by the legendary Dave Pelz, you receive state-of-the-art instruction based upon years of research development, which promises to boost all aspects of your short game.

There are also a number of Pelz short game tools that you can buy to work on your chipping, putting, and bunker play, which have been created with ease of use and affordability in mind.

Overall, if you’re hoping to learn from the best in the business, signing up for instruction from Pelz Golf is well worth thinking about.