Patriot Golf Reviews (Are These Guys Legit?) 

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Deciding on the best equipment to carry in your golf bag is a challenge, partly because there are so many brands to choose from!

One company that has attracted some attention from golfers recently is Patriot, known for its extraordinary offers and American-assembled gear.

But what’s the deal with Patriot golf? Are they a legitimate US company? And are their golf clubs any good?

We take a look at everything you need to know with our Patriot Golf reviews overview before you commit to a purchase.

Who is Patriot Golf?

Patriot Golf is an American golf equipment and apparel company that is based in San Juan, California. The company’s USP is that all of their golf clubs are assembled in America by US veterans, while they’re also committed to various charitable projects through their “United We Golf Initiative”.

Although not as popular as many of the other branded names in the golf industry, Patriot’s limited range of clubs and balls have received good reviews from those that have used them, and they’re available at a good price point.

Included in the current Patriot range are drivers, woods, hybrids, and Trailblazer golf balls, as well as a range of other branded accessories that you will find useful out on the golf course.

If you’re looking to invest in some new golf equipment from an all-American brand with a difference, then Patriot Golf is undoubtedly worthy of your consideration.

Is Patriot Golf Legit?

Yes, Patriot Golf is a legitimate company operating out of San Juan, California. Although they don’t have a brick-and-mortar retail location, you can contact the customer care team at their HQ between Monday to Friday, should you encounter any issues with an order that you place.

Some people have questioned online whether Patriot Golf is legit because of their seemingly too-good-to-be-true equipment offers (as we explain in detail a little later on).

When determining whether a golf company is legitimate, it’s certainly important to do your research, but you can rest assured that Patriot is a registered American company.

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We’re particularly impressed by their Military and First Responder Program which provides an appreciation discount to all servicemen, women, and EMT responders.

With positive reviews and a range of philanthropic projects aimed at supporting veterans, you don’t need to worry about the legitimacy of Patriot golf and can buy from their site with confidence!

Are Patriot Golf Clubs Any Good?

Overall, we’re impressed with the build quality of Patriot’s golf clubs, and the fact that their driver is currently retailing at under $200 represents excellent value for money if you’re looking for new golf equipment without breaking the bank.

Patriot currently retails a driver, fairway wood, and hybrids and they’re built to a high spec. When ordering the Patriot B2 driver, you can choose either a 9.5 or 10.5 loft as well as your chosen shaft flex.

The driver comes with a graphite shaft as standard with various grip choices, and its most distinguishing feature is the Heater Cup Face that has been designed to be more explosive at impact.

When hit well, this increases ball velocity and helps you hit longer shots.

Patriot’s wood and hybrids are equally as impressive, and the reinforced chassis is mass positioned, which translates to a higher launch angle and lower spin.

The shafts on the fairway wood and hybrids are comprised of Load & Release technology, which enables golfers to hit more consistent and accurate shots.

What Are the Patriot Club Irons?

Patriot does not currently sell any irons, they are only retailing a driver, fairway wood, and hybrids. In the past, customers have commented that they have been impressed with the build quality of their irons, although there’s not a great deal of information out there about their performance.

Patriot has offered those on their mailing list the opportunity to try out their irons for free, but it’s not clear if that offer still stands, as there is no reference to it on their site.

The few reviews of Patriot club irons that are out there suggest that the clubs are of similar build quality to their current driver, fairway wood, and hybrids, with a graphite shaft and various grip options.

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If you were hoping to pick up a set of Patriot club irons, you can currently order their hybrids up to a six, which is worth considering if you’re looking for something a little different to carry in the bag!

Are the Patriot Club Wedges Any Good?

While Patriot doesn’t currently offer wedges for sale on their site, it can be easy to confuse their clubs with those of Ballistic Golf, a Texas-based golf company with a Patriot wedge range. Ballistic’s Patriot wedge is extremely highly rated and is available for a great price.

Again, there’s very little information available about Patriot’s wedges, as they don’t currently sell them on their online store. Some customers have tried them out in the past and been impressed, but there’s not an awful lot of information to go by.

What we do know about Patriot Golf’s wedges is that when they were retailing, they were fitted with graphite shafts and came in a range of degrees of loft.

If you’ve been able to pick up a Patriot Golf wedge second-hand or purchased one when they were available on the online store, it’s fair to assume that they’re of similar build quality to their current range of drivers, woods, and hybrids.

Is the Patriot Golf Offer Real?

Lots of people have suggested that the Patriot golf offer is too good to be true, but the company has verified that they regularly send a broad range of offers to their clients, many of which include the offer to try out equipment without paying anything.

All of Patriot’s offers form part of the company’s Test Play Program, which invites golfers to trial their equipment and receive a free driver in exchange. The offer is usually shared via email and has been discussed widely on various golf forums.

Some people have taken Patriot up on these offers and are happy with the results. Others have compared Patriot’s offers to those of Warrior Golf in the past and have suggested that they’re not worth the risks they believe to be associated with them.

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Our advice would be to consider every offer that you receive on its own merit and read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up. After all, if Patriot is offering you a free driver, it’s a great opportunity, but you need to understand what you’re getting yourself in for.

If you’re worried about the legitimacy of the offer or don’t want to take it up, you’re under no obligation to do so!

Where is Patriot Golf From?

Patriot Golf is an American company based in San Juan, California. The company is marketed as very much all-American, with a commitment to assembling all of their clubs in the United States, while offering employment and generous discounts to veterans.

The company’s philosophy of supporting a range of charity initiatives in San Juan is also impressive and is likely to help them increase their popularity with their customers.

It’s refreshing to see a company committed to their American roots, as so many golf retailers have outsourced large amounts of their production process to cheaper labor markets in Asia.

The fact that Patriot golf is situated in California and includes veterans in the workforce really highlights where their values lie and are impressive to a lot of people.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to purchase your golf equipment from an American company with strong ties to its community, then Patriot Golf might just be the brand for you.

Help Support the Vets – Buy Patriot Golf!

As explained in our Patriot Golf reviews guide, Although the Patriot golfing brand is not as well known as many other golf manufacturers and retailers, the company has attracted a lot of attention for its unique approach to business and employment of veterans in California.

With a current range including a driver, fairway woods, and hybrids, investing in some Patriot clubs is a good idea if you’re looking for new equipment to help your long game without breaking the bank.

And while they don’t currently retail irons, wedges, or putters, it’s worth signing up to Patriot’s newsletter to keep up to date with their latest releases and to access their special offers that have attracted so much attention in recent times.