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Arm Lock Putting Technique

Where did Arm Lock come from? If you look back through the history of golf, you can find players tinkering with an arm lock putting concept but, this all really started in 2013 when the USGA and R&A announced an “anchor-ban” would be implemented. While golfers had been …

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How to Get a Golf Scholarship

While most of the scholarships are awarded based on sports and academic excellence, Golf Scholarships are not an exception. The idea of free funding of higher education based on sports or any other reason is quite attractive to many students. Sports or athletic scholarships often require dedication, focus, …

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S7K Standing Putter Review

There is probably no other blade putter on the US market today that is causing such a stir as the . Golfers are consistently reaching out to golf experts and review websites wanting to know more information and if this club is worth all the hype that it’s …

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