OptiShot Golf Simulator Reviews (How Good is it?)

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The popularity of golf simulators in recent years has been fuelled by exceptional advances in technology that have provided outstanding at-home golfing experiences.

One brand that is leading the way when it comes to golf simulators is OptiShot. But what exactly can you expect from an OptiShot simulator, and how much do they cost?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about OptiShot golf simulators and whether or not they’re a worthwhile investment.

What is OptiShot Golf?

OptiShot Golf is a leading producer of high-end golf simulators that are perfect for home and commercial use. OptiShot simulators feature two rows of high-intensity simulators that are a key feature of the setup, providing exceptional accuracy and functionality.

What’s more, OptiShot simulators incorporate real-time data processing, club tracking, and calculated ball tracking, which all combine to provide an exceptionally realistic golfing experience from home.

Every OptiGolf simulator comes with fifteen standard courses included within the package, but you can upgrade to a premium subscription to access various other high-profile locations from the world of golf.

Here, we explain everything you need to know about OptiShot Golf simulators and help you decide if this leading brand is a good option for your home golf setup.

Is OptiShot Golf Any Good?

It’s fair to say that OptiShot Golf is one of the leading simulators in the world of golf. You can set up your OptiShot simulator at home and play at several excellent courses, thanks to a simulator complete with infrared sensors and exceptional ball tracking.

Users sometimes criticize the fact that some simulators lag and don’t provide accurate ball tracking, which significantly affects the overall experience. However, OptiShot sensors are particularly accurate and provide a seamless golfing experience from home.

 What’s more, the fifteen courses included in the OptiShot simulator feature outstanding graphics and a tough test of the capabilities of your game.

Overall, given the excellent reviews and the extremely high standard of the OptiShot simulators, it’s an ideal option for anyone looking for a golf simulator for home or commercial use.

What Exactly Do You Get with OptiShot Golf?

This depends on the simulator or bundle that you opt for, as OptiShot provides customers with several options. For instance, OptiShot’s popular “Golf in a Box 1” bundle features the following:

  • OptiShot2 golf simulator
  • Stance mat
  • Hitting net
  • 32 high-intensity infrared sensors
  • 15 amateur courses
  • Driving range functionality
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There are five golf-in-a-box options, and the most feature-rich bundle also includes a projector and retractable screen, offering a much more complete and immersive at-home golfing experience. If you prefer, you can also buy the simulator on its own if you don’t want the various accessories that feature within the bundles.

One of the things that we like the most about OptiShot is the fact that they have so many purchase options, from the simulator in isolation to complete bundles. This enables you to buy precisely what it is that you’re looking for in a golf simulator, ensuring that you can tailor your at-home golf requirements to your precise preferences.

How Much Does OptiShot Cost?

As explained above, there are numerous options to consider when it comes to investing in an OptiShot Golf simulator, so the price depends on the choice that you make. The table below offers a breakdown of the current price of the various bundles on offer at OptiShot:

BundleFeatures Price
OptiShot2 simulator32 infrared sensors

15 included courses

Driving range

Golf in a box 1OptiShot2 simulator

5×4 stance mat

OptiShot hitting net

32 infrared sensors

15 included courses

Driving range

Golf in a box 2OptiShot2 simulator

5×4 stance mat

OptiShot Pro Series hitting net

32 infrared sensors

15 included courses

Driving range

Golf in a Box 3OptiShot2 simulator

5×4 stance mat

Net return hitting net

Attachable impact screen

HD short throw projector

32 infrared sensors

15 included courses

Driving range

Golf in a Box 4OptiShot2 simulator

5×4 stance mat

OptiShot Pro Bay

OptiShot Pro Bay impact screen

HD short throw projector

Multiple sizes available

32 infrared sensors

15 included courses

Driving range

Golf in a Box 5OptiShot2 simulator

5×4 stance mat

OptiShot Pro Enclosure

OptiShot retractable screen

HD short throw projector

32 infrared sensors

15 courses included

Driving range


So, as you can see, there are various options available, ranging from $449 – $4,012. This makes OptiShot an attractively priced golf simulator, with other brands costing significantly more than this.

Therefore, while an OptiShot Golf simulator is certainly not cheap, it’s available for an affordable price and is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable simulator without breaking the bank.

Is OptiShot Worth the Money?

There’s no getting away from the fact that golf simulators are expensive, but we believe that their price is more than justified. After all, the OptiShot simulator provides you with the opportunity to play golf at fifteen courses from the comfort of your own home.

You don’t need to pay for membership at your golf course, and you save money on the various other costs associated with playing golf at a real-life venue. The fact that OptiShot also includes a driving range means that you don’t have to pay to rent balls and a bay at your local range.

You also need to factor in the price of the equipment, as OptiShot features the latest in golf technology to provide a seamless at-home simulator experience. This includes infrared sensors, a high-quality projector, and excellent ball-tracking software, which all contribute to the price of the simulator.

So, while golf simulators require a considerable investment, we believe that OptiShot presents outstanding value for money and is a great option for any golfer looking to install a golf simulator at home or work.

Can You Hit Real Golf Balls with OptiShot?

Yes, you can hit real golf balls with OptiShot. This is standard with most golf simulators, but it’s always best to check before ruining your screen or net! You can also use foam golf balls if you prefer, but it’s entirely up to you.

 Of course, using a real golf ball when playing on a simulator makes the experience as life-like as possible and means that you don’t have to adjust your ball striking in any way. But you need to be mindful of where your simulator is located.

For instance, if it’s in the living room, it might not be safe to smash real golf balls against the screen, as an errant golf ball can do a lot of damage!

So, while it’s perfectly safe to use real golf balls when playing on an OptiShot simulator, you can make the call for yourself whether to use real or foam balls at home.

What’s Better, SkyTrak or OptiShot?

SkyTrak is regarded as one of the very best golf simulators on the market, so it’s little surprise that people often use it as a comparison point. It is very similar in many respects to OptiShot, but it is considerably more expensive, which is the first difference between the two.

In terms of accuracy, it’s fair to say that SkyTrack slightly edges things, as it provides accurate and in-depth ball data, which is not available on OptiShot. Also, SkyTrack boasts a range of advanced features that are not available with OptiShot, which is to be expected given the price point.

As such, it’s perhaps fair to say that SkyTrak is the better of the two for commercial and teaching purposes, as it allows coaches and golf centers to dive into the minutiae of golf information that can lead to game improvement.

 But if you’re looking for a golf simulator that can provide an outstanding at-home golfing experience, it’s worth considering OptiShot, as it is considerably more affordable than SkyTrak.

What Courses are on OptiShot?

OptiShot features fifteen amateur golf courses that are loaded onto the simulator as standard. Specifically, the fifteen included courses are:

  • Barseback Golf Club
  • Black Mountain Golf Club (Hua Hin)
  • Cogs Corner Golf Club (Cogs Hill Golf & Country Club
  • Fylde Links (Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club)
  • Long Island Black (Bethpage Black Course)
  • Osterakers Golf Club
  • Palm Desert Canyons (Bighorn Canyons Course)
  • Palm Desert Mountains (Bighorn Mountains Course)
  • Warwick Hills
  • Torrey Black (Torrey Pines Golf Course)
  • Torrey White (Torrey Pines Golf Course)
  • Twisted Twig (Crooked Stick)
  • The Canadian Club (St. George’s Golf and Country Club)
  • West Maui Plantation (Kapalua Golf – The Plantation Course)
  • The Golf Club Scottsdale

If these fifteen golf courses are not enough for you and you want to experience other courses in different parts of the world, you can upgrade to a premium OptiShot subscription that provides you with another sixty courses to choose from.

Ultimately, you have a lot of choices when it comes to playing golf courses on your OptiShot simulator, enabling you to keep things interesting when you’re playing golf from home.


As far as golf simulators go, OptiShot is well worth considering. It features high-quality ball tracking and infrared sensors to ensure that your at-home golf experience is as you would expect.

It’s also available for an excellent price, particularly when compared to other names in the industry, such as SkyTrak, which are 3 or 4 times more expensive.

So, if you’re looking for a golf simulator to use at home, OptiShot is well worth investing in and provides an outstanding experience for all golfers.

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