Ogio Golf Bags Reviews: (Good or Over-Hyped?)

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Choosing the right golf bag requires a fair amount of research and thought. After all, there are so many brands to choose from, and every bag has unique design features.

One brand that has gained popularity in recent years is Ogio. The preferred choice of several players on the PGA Tour, Ogio bags are built to high specifications and look great. But why are they rated so highly? (and could they be over-hyped?)

In the following sections, we explain what’s so good about Ogio golf bags and help you decide if they’re the ideal addition to your golf locker this season.

What are Ogio Golf Bags?

Ogio produces a range of high-quality golf bags that come in a broad range of funky designs and colors. The brand is also known for its duffel and travel bags, and Ogio also produces a range of winter sports bags for skiing and snowboarding, among other sports.

One of the most attractive aspects of Ogio golf bags is that they’re extremely durable and built to last.

OGIO Golf Fuse 4 Stand Bag (Warp Speed)

They also come with various pockets and compartments, making it easy to organize your bag and keep everything that you need at hand.

Another key distinction of Ogio’s range is the stunning colors and designs that their golf bags are renowned for. When you arrive at the golf course, you will turn heads for all the right reasons as you load your Ogio bag onto your golf cart!

But what’s so special about the Ogio brand? And are their golf bags worth the price? Let’s take a deeper dive into the Ogio range and answer these questions once and for all.

Is Ogio a Good Golf Brand?

Ogio is an excellent brand as far as golf bags are concerned, and the company has recently diversified into various other sporting markets. Ogio retails golf bags alongside winter sports bags, and they have received lots of highly-rated reviews for durability, appearance, and practicality.

You can pick up an Ogio golf bag whether you walk or ride the course, as there are several options for you to consider. As well as choice, one thing that helps Ogio stand out from the competition is the technology used within their golf bags.

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Ogio’s golf bags boast durable waterproof construction, which keeps out moisture and protects your golf equipment even during the heaviest of storms. Ogio’s fabric is also protective and won’t suffer from damage from wind shear.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a brand-new golf bag this season and want something a little different from the standard offerings of the traditional golf retailers, Ogio is undoubtedly a brand that is well worth your consideration.

What Kind of Golf Bags Does Ogio Make?

Ogio makes a range of golf storage bags that are classed as carts bags, hybrid bags, and stand bags. Most of the bags ship in a variety of colors and designs that give Ogio its unique look and style that appeal to many golfers in the US.

Callaway OGIO 2021 WOODE 15 Cart Bag , RADAR WAVES

Ogio Woode 15 cart bag$279.99
Ogio Woode 8 hybrid bag$259.99
Ogio Fuse stand bag$229.99 
Ogio 2020 Fuse stand bag 4$199.99

The Fuse stand bags are among Ogio’s most popular bags, and they come in a broad range of colors and designs to suit players at all levels of the game.

They’re extremely lightweight and come with a comfortable carry strap, ensuring you don’t experience issues when carrying your bag out on the course.

If you typically use a golf cart or a push cart, you might be better suited to a hybrid or cart bag, which is slightly heavier and come with more compartments for your golf gear.

Whichever type of bag you choose, you can be confident that Ogio’s collection is high quality and looks great.

Also, if you regularly play at different golf courses, you can invest in an Ogio travel bag that keeps your golf clubs safe and secure when transporting them from course to course.

Are Ogio Golf Bags Waterproof?

Yes, Ogio golf bags are waterproof. Ogio’s Aquatech comprises durable waterproof construction that locks all moisture out of your golf bag, keeping all of your equipment safe and dry if you get caught up in a storm out on the golf course.

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Ogio golf bags are made from 420D nylon waterproof fabric and come with water-resistant zippers and closure systems. Not only does the fabric prevent water from permeating through, but the zips also ensure that water is unable to seep through into your pockets.

As well as waterproof golf bags, Ogio retails a range of waterproof clothes that you can add to your golf bag in preparation for the arrival of the rain.

Their elite rain pants and rain jacket set are a popular option for Ogio customers and help you prepare for golf in all weathers.

OGIO All Elements Rain Pant, Charcoal, Small

So, if you’re looking for a golf bag that is waterproof, wind-resistant, and highly durable, Ogio is a great alternative to some of the other big brands in golf.

Is Ogio Owned by Callaway?

Yes, Ogio is part of the Callaway family of brands, joining the likes of Odyssey, TravisMatthew, and Jack Wolfskin. Callaway bought Ogio in 2017 in a deal worth around $75 million.

Ogio’s range is thought to contribute around $45 million each year to Callaway, further adding to the company’s reputation as one of the biggest brands in golf.

Before the Callaway acquisition, Ogio was a family-run business founded by Michael J. Pratt, who started by developing a sports locker tote bag that he named ‘the cube.’

Ogio stands for ‘our gear is organized,’ and the company has long had a stellar reputation for producing high-quality golf bags that help players keep everything in order out on the course.

Now under the control of Callaway, Ogio manufactures products primarily for golfers but is also active in sports, including snowboarding, skateboarding, and BMX, and the brand often appears as a sponsor in many of these sports.

Golfers including Kevin Streelman and Aaron Baddeley have used Ogio bags in recent seasons, and as a result, Ogio has enjoyed a big boost in reputation with recreational players.

Although there are so many branded golf bags to choose from, Ogio presents a great option, and the fact that it’s part of the Callaway family adds that little bit of trust that you will be receiving a top-quality product.

Where are Ogio Golf Bags Made?

Although Ogio does not disclose where its bags are made, the company is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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The company had a long and proud tradition of manufacturing high-quality sports bags and apparel from its Utah base, which contributed to its reputation as a proud, all-American company.

Now that Ogio is under the Callaway umbrella of companies, we can only assume that much of its manufacturing still takes place in Utah.

Still, Callaway itself manufactures most of its apparel from Carlsbad, California, so there may be a crossover between the two locations.

One thing that you often have to guard against when ordering golf equipment and apparel that is made abroad is the quality.

But given that Ogio is an American brand with so many positive reviews, you can add an Ogio bag to your golf club locker safe in the knowledge that it’s built to last.

Ogio bags are also covered by an impressive warranty, as we explain below.

Does Ogio Have a Lifetime Warranty?

No, Ogio does not have a lifetime warranty, but all golf products are covered by a two-year warranty from the original date of purchase. The warranty is extensive and covers the price against defects in material and workmanship.

The Ogio warranty is generous and fair, highlighting the confidence that the company has in its production of high-quality golf equipment and apparel.

Just be mindful of the fact that the two-year warranty is only applicable to purchases made in the US and Canada.

 If you purchased your Ogio golf bag from an international retailer, you would have to check the terms and conditions of your purchase carefully before contacting Ogio.

So, given that Ogio golf bags are made to exceptionally high standards, look great, and come with a two-year warranty as standard, they’re an excellent option for any recreational golfer looking for a new carry or cart bag this season.


Long before the Callaway acquisition, Ogio bags had an impressive reputation for being durable, waterproof, and attractive.

But since becoming one of the latest additions to the Callaway family, Ogio bags have enjoyed even more popularity with golfers at all levels of the game.

So, whether you’re in the market for a new stand or carry bag this season, Ogio is undoubtedly a brand that you can’t afford to ignore.