2021 Noodle Golf Balls Review

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We have discovered that quite a few golfers are asking about the retro-themed Noodle golf balls and if they are still being manufactured. If you can remember, they use to belong to Maxfli and although they are generally stocked in Walmart they are actually now made by TaylorMade.

Yes, they still make them and no, it’s not a joke. Noodle golf balls are here to stay and did you know that TaylorMade is now the official supplier of these quirkily named golf balls. So what’s the deal and are they a credible product that would make you switch from your trusty, current golf ball? Our Noodle golf balls review covers three current models: TaylorMade Noodle Neon Matte, Noodle Easy Distance and the old favorite, TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls.


Is there any difference between the three sets apart from the bright, visible color of the 12 ball neon box set? Well, it depends on who you talk to…

Theoretically, because they are “Noodle” golf balls they are suited for a soft ball player (those who swing at medium to low speeds) and will benefit with longer golf shots compared to using a harder ball but if you read the online reviews from players in the United States who actually use the “Noodle Easy Distance Golf Balls” over a long period of time there does seem to be a subtle difference between this set and the other two.

The technical specifications and the way these golf balls are designed to appeal to older players/seniors are very similar but the Noodle Easy Distance ball certainly looks to be aimed at players with a golf swing of around 70-85MPH. Let’s look into further details on the three products…

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

These are the original and best, traditional Noodle golf ball that is made for players with a moderate golf swing of around 80-90MPH. The Noodle Long & Soft white golf ball has above average number of dimples that reduce air drag and give longer distances to golf shots. If you check real customer reviews you will quickly discover that many golfers that get older switch down to the Easy Distance golf ball because of the increase in handicap and softer nature of the golf ball.

  • The original Noodle golf ball
  • Resistant covering made from high quality Iothane
  • Ships in either 15 or 24 boxed set
  • Designed for a better short game with increased spin near the greens


  • Cheap and good value for money
  • Built to last thanks to the Iothane ball covering technology
  • A genuine soft ball 34 compression rating which aids long drives and tee shots
  • Some golfers report an improved, more consistent long game when using these balls


  • If you have a fast golf swing, this ball is not for you
  • A few golfers report the old Maxfli model was a better ball


TaylorMade Noodle Neon Matte Color Golf Balls

Like playing with funky, high-vis golf balls? Then check the Noodle Matte Color Golf ball in three colors of red, blue and lime green. The compression rating is higher than the original but still low and this ball offers real forgiveness for shorter range golf shots. The energy released when the club face strikes the ball is evenly distributed around the ball which helps golfers to hit the ball straighter.

  • 2021 2nd generation Noodle golf ball
  • 3 bright colors: red, green and blue
  • Slightly higher compression rating of 62
  • High quality UV resistant paint


  • We like the high dimple count on the ball: greater accuracy and aerodynamics
  • Improved compression rating, still low enough to suit a relaxed, easy golf swing
  • Save money on lost balls, these won’t get lost in the rough!
  • You can buy a whole set of red, blue and green neon golf balls all together for a low price
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  • These are soft, low compressed golf balls, if your handicap is zero or just above, don’t buy these
  • The green ball can be difficult to spot on a bright green, grass fairway


TaylorMade Noodle Easy Distance Golf Balls

For an even softer compression, the Noodle Easy Distance Golf ball is worth a look at. If you are a young golfer or senior with a slower swing then a grown adult then these could be beneficial to you. The cover is anti-scuff, made from top quality Ionomer with a soft but energetic core and if your golf swing is below 80MPH, these could be the best golf balls for you.

  • The lowest compressed Noodle ball
  • Very soft but tough Ionomer covering
  • Great for beginners and senior golfers who’s swing speed has dropped over the years
  • Over 300 dimples which improves distance even on mis-hit shots


  • These are extremely cheap golf balls from a leading golf brand, TaylorMade
  • Older players will appreciate better short game control and improved spin with pitching wedges
  • Take them to the golf range and watch them zip off the clubface
  • Extremely hard-wearing and durable


  • No use for average swing speeds
  • Low handicap players should be using a harder compression golf ball



Q: Are Noodle Golf balls legal to use in tournament play?
A: Yes, 100% legal to use – but all three products are of the low compression type so if your golf swing is fast or you play to a decent handicap then these might not be for you.

Q: I’m a lady golfer, are these golf balls going to be a good fit for my game?
The average swing speed for woman golfer on the PGA tour is around 94MPH. Amateur female golfers on average, are going to be considerably slower than this so yes, the Noodle is a really good match for lady golfers.

Q: In truth, is there any real difference between all three types of Noodle golf ball?
A: The Neon Matte and the Long and Soft are very very similar, with color the only distinguishing feature that separates them. Some golfers CLAIM that they are different, but we are a superstitious bunch, aren’t we? (Why not buy a box of each and test them on the driving range?).

The TaylorMade Noodle Easy Distance Golf ball is much softer and therefore, behaves differently when hit. It’s a good, cheap golf ball and best suited for older players.

Q: I’m a senior golfer that over years has noticed a decline in my swing speed, are these golf balls going to benefit my golf game?
A: These golf balls would be a good match for you. In our Noodle golf balls review, all three score highly in terms of low compression rating with slight differences between each product. Buy a box of each and hit a few balls in your local park or driving range. If your looking for better pitch and wedge shot accuracy these can definitely help too.

Better Alternatives to Noodle Golf Balls?

Whilst the Noodle golf ball range demonstrates good value for money and above-average performance on the fairway – especially for golfers with swing speeds of below 85, 80, 75 and 70MPH there is always the possibility that the feel, weight and compression rating of the balls are not to every golfer’s taste.

So what else is available on the market?

Thankfully, we have done our research and found that the new Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls have proven to be a real hit with golfers who would like PGA Tour standard performance but with a lower compression rating.

Hex Soft Golf Balls Feautres:

  • Made from 2 piece Ionomer covering
  • One of the softest, premium golf balls on the US market
  • HEX engineered technology: enhanced spin performance
  • Improved, resiliant cover whch adds to the lifespan of the ball


  • These balls deliver a lower spin ratio and improved straighter flight trajectory
  • Less bounce off from shots around the green – this ball stops dead
  • Longer shots with hybrids and woods shoot straighter, less spin
  • More consistent rating overall for hitting the middle of the fairway
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  • More expensive than Noodle golf balls
  • One of the softest golf ball Callaway produce – you like low compression right?


(Verdict: The Hex Soft are Premium golf balls so expect to pay more per dozen golf balls than any of the other products in our Noodle golf ball review. If your budget can stretch a little further then these should be your first choice).


Despite having a weird name, these golf balls are proving to be very popular with amateur golfers adding them to their golf bag because they are cheap, made from a reputable company in TaylorMade and offer something different.

Our overall best pick for 2021 from our Noodle golf ball review is the Long & Soft Golf Balls that are boxed in 15 or 24 and are made to a really low compression value of 34. This means they are forgiving for medium to high handicap players who prefer to strike the ball slowly and surely.

If you prefer your golf balls to be a bright color then check out the Neon Matte Color Golf ball. It’s virtually the same as our number one pick but has been updated a little bit for 2021. We just prefer the classic Noodle that has stood the test of time ever since it belonged in the Maxfli family before switching teams to TaylorMade.

Finally, if your preference is to buy one of the lowest compression balls on the golfing market today, then check out some feedback from golfers who are using the Noodle Easy Distance ball right now on the golf course. We rate this lower because most golfers prefer to use a slightly higher compression value.

Matching Accessories for Noodle Golf Balls

To complement the different types of products in our Noodle golf ball review, we have included some neat and inexpensive accessories that you might like to look at. First off is a bag of tees that suit the TaylorMade Noodle ball.

Pride Professional Tee System: 3.25 inch Pro Golf Tees

We love Pride Professional and these golf tees are perfect for the Noodle golf ball. Three and quarter-inches in length and made from durable hardwood, these are one of the most popular tees on the PGA tour. There is a handy color bar so you can check that you are using the right length of tee for either a drive, drivers under 360cc, over 360cc, hybrid shots and low profile woods. We list the blue 3.25 inch here, but these US-made tees are also available in different lengths.


FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Gloves: Right & Left Handed

Treat yourself to a new golf glove and with the Footjoy WeatherSof you can improve your grip on the golf club and benefit from the reinforced specialized leather areas on the thumb and palm. The glove feels very tight around the hand and wrist, but the breathable mesh helps to avoid over sweating and slipping from inside the glove which is reassuring when playing those tricky long irons from the semi-rough!

Sizing is also not an issue, the glove is available in a full-size range and is an ideal golfing gift for kids, adults and seniors alike. If you are trying out Noodle golf balls for the first time then it’s a great time to buy a new golfing glove and this two-pack item is sure to help you strike the ball, true and long.


We included the three latest Noodle Golf Balls in our review, a premium golf ball alternative and attached two really good accessories that we are sure you will find a welcomed addition to your golf bag. If your game suits a softer ball then these products with low compression features can help you drive straighter and generate more spin on your short game, wedge, chip and bunker shots.