Nippon Golf Shafts: 8 Facts You Should Know!

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When it comes to choosing the ideal shafts for your golf clubs, there’s a lot to think about, including weight, material, flex, and of course, brand. While you’ve probably heard of Nippon, you may well be questioning how good their shafts actually are and what you can expect from this popular Japanese brand.

Here, we tell you everything you need to know about Nippon golf shafts and help you decide if their graphite and stainless steel shafts will serve you well as you take to the golf course this season.

Are Nippon Golf Shafts Good?

Nippon is one of the leading names as far as golf shaft brands are concerned. They manufacture steel and graphite shafts, as well as a putter series that is popular with amateur and professional players alike.

The fact that Nippon has been manufacturing shafts since 1959 is an indication of their expertise in the industry and highlights the fact that you can expect great things if you opt for Nippon shafts on your golf clubs this season.

What’s more, Nippon is widely regarded as an innovator, having brought the first ever sub-100 gram steel shaft to the market in 1999. So, you can be confident that Nippon delivers shafts of outstanding quality, making them a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your golf clubs this season.

Read on to find out more about Nippon shafts and learn everything you need to know about this leading brand below.

What are the Different Nippon Shafts?

Nippon categorizes its shafts into three succinct categories: steel, graphite, and putter*. Below is a list of the different shafts that you can buy for your golf clubs:


  • Zelos 6, 7, and 8.
  • NS PRO 750GH, 850GH, 950GH, 1050GH, 1150GH
  • TOUR105, TOUR115, TOUR120, TOUR125, TOUR130
  • MODUS3 hybrid


  • NS PRO Regio formula+
  • NS PRO MODUS3 hybrid
  • Regio formula B, M, MB
  • WT5000, 6000, 7000, 8000
  • WT Elegance


  • XXIP-A2
  • XXIP-B2
  • XXIP-C2
  • XXIP-D2
  • Longtype

As you can see, Nippon manufactures an impressive range of golf shafts, meaning they’re ideal for players at all levels of the game. Their steel shafts are best suited to lower handicappers, elite amateurs, and professional players.

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On the other hand, graphite shafts are a great option for game improvement clubs, and they serve the recreational golf market well. Ultimately, there is a Nippon golf shaft for every golfer, so you will be able to find something to match your game.

What Flex Are Nippon Shafts?

As is the case with most brands, Nippon shafts come with various flex options. For instance, you can buy stiff or regular flex with most steel and graphite options, enabling you to customize your clubs to the nuances of your game.

The flex of your shaft is an important decision, as it will affect the way that you strike the ball, and it can even influence the carry distance due to your swing speed. Also, the stiffness of the shaft has direct implications for the vibrations that you feel after impact.

Therefore, many senior players opt for flexible shafts, as they’re much more comfortable and pose less of a threat to conditions like arthritis and other joint issues.

So, be sure to consider the ideal shaft flex for your clubs, as it can have an impact on your ball striking capabilities as well as the longevity of your game.

Do Pros Use Nippon Shafts?

Yes, many professional golfers use Nippon shafts on their golf clubs, with more than 200 professional players proudly opting for Nippon shafts on their irons, including the likes of Cam Young and PGA golfer of the year Scottie Scheffler.

Below is a rundown of the Nippon shafts that some of the best golfers in the world are currently using on their golf clubs**:

  • Cam Young – NS PRO MODUS3 130X
  • Min Woo Lee – NS PRO MODUS3 Tour 120 S
  • Scottie Scheffler – NS PRO MODUS3 Hybrid Tour X
  • Sergio Garcia – NS PRO MODUS3 Tour 130 X
  • Shane Lowry – NS PRO MODUS3 120 X

As you can see, the MODUS3 range is particularly popular with players on Tour, as it is widely regarded as a shaft that offers the distance and ball striking benefits of a steel shaft and the flexibility that is typically associated with graphite.

Therefore, many players believe that Nippon shafts offer the best of both worlds, which is why they’re such a popular brand at the elite level of the game.

What Nippon Shaft Type Should I Use?

Every golfer is different, so there’s no right or wrong type of Nippon shaft to use. As such, all of the options already introduced could potentially help to improve your game and yield the results that you desire.

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That being said, you do need to think carefully about the shaft that you opt for, as choosing the wrong shaft on your club can have dire consequences for your game. For instance, if you go for a heavy stainless steel shaft, your margin for error is slim, which is not a great option for recreational players.

Therefore, we recommend carefully reading through the specs, weights, and various other components of each of the Nippon shafts before settling on your choice. You can always reach out to Nippon and ask them for further advice about the best shafts to use if you’re unsure.

Equally, the Nippon shaft chart in the following section will be super helpful as we illustrate some of the key components of the most popular Nippon shaft types for you to consider.

Nippon Shaft Chart

The fact that every golfer is looking for something slightly different in a golf shaft means that there’s a lot of choice on the market, and Nippon has produced a wide range of shafts that appeal to lots of different players.

In the chart below, you can find some of the most important facts about the current range of Nippon shafts to help you decide on the ideal shaft for your game***:

Shaft Material Flex Weight Trajectory
Zelos 7SteelR2, R, S73-78gHigh
Zelos 8SteelR, S84-88gHigh
750GHSteelR, S79-83gHigh
1150GHSteelR, S, X111-122gMid
TOUR105SteelR, S, X103-112gMid
TOUR130SteelR, S, X121-129gHigh
MODUS3 hybridSteelS, Tour S, X, Tour X92-113gMid
Regio formula MB+GraphiteR, S49-52gMid
Regio formula B (driver)GraphiteR, S, X52-75g
WT 5000GraphiteR, S54-56gMid
WT 8000GraphiteR, S84-87gMid

As you can see, Nippon manufactures a huge range of shafts to suit different preferences and requirements. As a general rule, graphite shafts are best suited to game improvement clubs, while steel shafts are better for bladed clubs and those used by better players.

You can use the above chart to help you decide on the best Nippon shaft for your club, or you can reach out to the company directly to request further information about the best option for your game.

Who Makes Nippon Golf Shafts?

Nippon golf shafts are made by the Japanese steel manufacturer NHK. Based in Yokohama, NHK manufactures steel engine valve springs that are famed for their durability and performance. They put the same R&D into their golf shafts, ensuring that the end result is lightweight and pliable.

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As one of the leading manufacturing brands in the world, NHK has an outstanding track market in the Asian market, and the fact that they are responsible for Nippon shafts is an indication that you can expect the very best when opting for Nippon over other manufacturers.

It’s little surprise, then, that Nippon has such an impressive global reputation in various industries, and it’s not only golfers that recognize the value and quality of the brand.

So, if Nippon is on your shortlist while you’re in the market for high-quality shafts for your golf clubs, there’s absolutely no reason not to take the plunge and invest in this highly-respected golf club shaft manufacturer.

What Are Nippon Shafts Made Of?

Nippon produces both steel and graphite shafts. This enables Nippon to serve the entire market, as they have options for beginner golfers as well as elite Tour professionals. As explained, steel shafts are ideal for better players, while graphite shafts work well for high handicappers.

This isn’t a definitive rule, but it’s accurate more often than not and can serve as a helpful guide as you research the best shafts for your golf game.

A stand-out characteristic of Nippon shafts is that they are produced with the highest quality materials and undergo a rigorous testing and development process before their release. In other words, you can be sure that you’re getting shafts of exceptionally high quality when you order from Nippon.

The bottom line is that Nippon is an excellent choice for your golf club shafts, as they’re regarded as the very best in the business by elite golfers all around the world.


Choosing the right shafts for your golf clubs isn’t straightforward, as there’s a lot that you need to think about. But one of the leading brands in the world for golf club shafts is Nippon, and you can be confident that your clubs are well-equipped going into the season if you opt for this popular Japanese brand.

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful and use it as you decide which Nippon shaft is best suited to your golf clubs this season.


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