New Level Golf Review (Clubs & Brand Breakdown!)

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Choosing the right golf clubs isn’t easy as there are so many brands to consider. One of the newest brands to appear in the golf retail space is New Level – but are they any good?

The reality is that New Level produces an impressive range of golf clubs that are built to high specifications, making them an attractive proposition to most recreational golfers.

With that in mind, we explore everything you need to know about New Level Golf and help you decide if they’re a brand that’s worth considering.

What is New Level Golf?

New Level Golf is a newcomer to the golf equipment space, having been launched in 2018. It is a family-run business based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and all clubs manufactured by New Level are designed and crafted to exceptionally high standards.

The reason that New Level golf clubs are available for such a good price is that they are direct to consumer clubs, meaning they don’t need to worry about middlemen. You can buy New Level golf clubs directly from the company’s online store, securing yourself a decent deal in the process.

So, if you’re looking for a new set of golf clubs this season and you don’t want to spend the big bucks on the latest release from some of the biggest names in the business, we explain why you might want to consider New Level Golf as a viable alternative.

What Clubs Can You Buy at New Level Golf?

New Level Golf retails a wide range of golf clubs that are designed with golfers at all levels of the game in mind. You can buy everything from a hybrid to a wedge on New Level Golf, so you can equip your entire bag if you choose to.

You aren’t restricted to a limited choice, either.

When you check out New Level’s online store, you will see a huge collection of golf clubs for you to choose from. There are multiple iron sets, wedges, and hybrids, for instance, and the website descriptions are super helpful and easy to follow.

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As well as a wonderful selection of golf clubs, you can also choose your preferred shaft, which enables you to personalize your clubs to your exact specifications.

Overall, we’re really impressed by Next Level’s online golf offer, and it’s little surprise that this relatively new retailer is already enjoying an excellent reputation in the golf industry.

Are New Level Clubs Good for Beginners?

New Level golf clubs are tailored to golfers of all levels, but you will need to consider the recommendations of each club before deciding which to opt for. For instance, the 623 CB forged irons are only suitable for golfers with a handicap of ten or lower.

Conversely, New Level’s utility irons comprise an advanced hollow body design and are suitable for all handicaps.

Helpfully, New Level offers a handicap recommendation for each of the clubs they sell, making it easy for you to select the clubs that are best suited to your game.

Reviewing the selection of golf clubs available on New Level’s online store, we would suggest that they’re predominantly tailored to competent golfers, as opposed to absolute beginners.

Still, many recreational golfers will benefit from using New Level golf clubs, but just make sure you read the handicap recommendations before choosing the correct clubs for your game.

What is the New Level 902 Forged Iron?

New Level’s 902 Forged Iron is one of their most popular clubs. It is a one-piece, forged construction that is made from soft carbon steel. As an oversized iron, it actually offers a mid trajectory, enabling lower handicappers to hit a low draw as and when required.

Check out the video below from the TXG channel over on YouTube – they give the rundown on the forged irons from New Level:

The 902 irons come with milled faces, which contributes to their excellent feel and performance. There’s no doubt that these clubs have been designed and manufactured to exceptionally high standards, and they’re undoubtedly one of New Level’s most popular irons.

You can choose between 902 OS and 902 PD. Although very similar, the PD plays slightly softer and is a little more forgiving than the OS. They also have stronger lofts than the original 902 irons, which results in increased distance if you find the sweet spot.

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Are New Level Golf Clubs Expensive?

New Level golf clubs are reasonably priced, particularly when compared to some of the biggest brands in the golf industry. Below are the prices of New Level’s current selection of golf clubs:

NLH-01 hybrid$180
NLU-01 Utility$160
623-CB Forged Irons$750 (set)
902-OS Forged Irons$750 (set)
902-PD Forged Irons$750 (set)
Spin Forged Wedges$130
Tri-Weight Forged Wedge$130

As you can see, New Level’s clubs are reasonably priced, and they’re built to extremely high specifications. It’s difficult to complain about a new set of high-spec irons for $750, so you can buy from New Level safe in the knowledge that you’re not paying over the odds for their clubs.

You can also buy some merchandise and accessories from New Level, as well as a trendy golf bag that is the ideal way to round things off if you’re planning to treat yourself to new equipment at the start of this year’s golf season.

Are There Any New Level Golf Promo Codes?

New Level often runs site-wide promotions and special offers that you can utilize to buy some new clubs at a great price. For instance, during the 2022 PGA Championship, New Level offered 10% off for all online customers with the code PGA2022.

This is something that New Level does fairly often, particularly during the major championships. Therefore, it’s worth following them on Facebook and signing up as an email customer to ensure you don’t miss out on their latest offers and promotions.

You can also check out coupon sites like Wethrift to find the latest New Level promo codes if you’re not active on social media. They regularly offer a percentage discount on all online purchases, so it’s definitely worth checking out a coupon site before checking out with your new clubs.

Sub 70 vs New Level Golf – Which Is Best?

There are lots of similarities between New Level Golf and Sub 70 – another brand that has enjoyed popularity in the golf industry in recent times. Like New Level, Sub 70 is a DTC golf store, meaning you can buy their clubs without worrying about the markup of middlemen.

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One notable difference between New Level and Sub 70 is that the latter has much more choice as far as clubs are concerned. You can equip your entire bag – from putter to driver – by shopping at Sub 70, whereas you’re a little more limited with your selections on New Level.

It’s also important to note that Sub 70 clubs are a little cheaper than New Level’s, with Sub 70 clubs starting at $545 for a set of irons.
So, for this reason, and the fact that you can choose from a broader selection of clubs, it’s fair to say that Sub 70 might just pip New Level, but they’re both worth considering if you’re looking for new golf clubs.

Where are New Level Golf Clubs Made?

New Level golf clubs are manufactured in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company was founded by life-long golf fan and experienced club builder Eric Burch, who runs New Level as a family business.

So, not only are the clubs that you buy from New Level of extremely high quality, they have the added benefit of being manufactured in the USA by a small business.

If you want to try New Level clubs before buying them, you can utilize their demo program, which also allows you to try them for size before getting fitted.

Once you’re happy with New Level and place an order, your clubs are handmade in the USA, and you don’t need to worry about the manufacturing process being outsourced to cheaper labor markets.

This is one of the biggest benefits of buying directly from a small, family-run business and you can feel invested in the brand.

So, instead of blindly buying new clubs from the best-known brands in the golf industry, there’s no reason not to try New Level this summer for something a little different.


New Level Golf is a relative newcomer to the golf industry, but they have made impressive strides since launching in 2018. As a family-run business operating out of Arizona, you can be sure that the clubs you buy from New Level are built to high specifications.

As a DTC brand, you can buy clubs from New Level Golf for a great price, too, meaning you don’t have to break the bank if you’re planning to treat yourself to new golf clubs this season.