5 Must Have Golf Accessories that Every Golfer Needs!

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A golf player is only allowed to bring a maximum of 14 golf clubs in his cart bag during a game, but he can buy as many must have golf accessories as his wallet would allow.

There is a long list of gadgets and accessories used in golf that can be used not only to help improve your game, but also to keep your equipment in the best shape possible.

With a huge range of golf gifts and gadgets to choose from, there’s the tendency to buy a lot of golf items in case you need to use them sometime in the near future.

The perceived benefits of using golf accessories push people to buy a lot of them because they don’t want to miss out. After all, anything that gives you an advantage, on or off the course, is worth checking out.

However, you must learn how to weed out the non-essentials from the must-have golf accessories. That’s why we have scoured the market to give you the must have golf accessories to have that won’t break the bank.

Every golfer should have these items in order to complete their golf arsenal. And since they are under $100, they are great gifts for golf buddies too.

What are Good Gifts for Golfers?

Just what do you give a golfer who has everything? Your golf buddy may have all the golf accessories he thinks he needs, but it doesn’t mean he has the best products in the category.

The perfect gifts for golfers are those that solve some of their golf-related problems. There are the non-club items used for the range and the course and items that can be used elsewhere.

Not surprisingly, the most popular golf-related gifts for men are golf gear and gadgets. Who could resist some golf tech to help improve the game? High-tech golf gadgets help fine-tune a golfer’s game.

They would appeal to players who are into the physics of golf and want to know speed, distance, angle, and stats.

Of course, there are golf-related items that are not needed in the game but are perfect gifts for their novelty factor. T-shirts with witty golf puns are always a crowd-pleaser. There are also golf accessories for men to help them store and organize their golf clubs and other equipment.

When looking for gifts for birthdays or other occasions, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. There are alternatives to big-name brands that are only a fraction of its price and the quality is nearly comparable.

Here are our must have golf accessories for under $150…

1. Milliard Golf Organizer – Extra Large Size

Milliard Golf Organizer - Extra Large Size - Fit 2 Golf Bags and Other Golfing Equipment and Accessories in This Handy Storage Rack - Great Gift Item

Golf is one of the few sports that have tons of equipment and accessories. A golfer would have 14 clubs in his bag while on the course and that’s not counting the other golf clubs that don’t make the cut but are still being used for practices.

Add the dozens of balls, the pairs of golf shoes, the cart bags, and other golf necessities.

The Milliard Golf Organizer is designed to store golf equipment and accessories neatly and systematically.

This extra large golf organizer measures 37 x 32 x 16. The area for the golf bags is 26 inches long which can fit two standard or large size golf cart bags, so you don’t have to worry where to store your spare set.

This easy-to-assemble organizer has three 10-inch wide open shelves and one closed shelf. The open shelves are great for storing golf shoes, caps, gloves and other accessories.

On the other hand, the closed shelf is ideal for storing golf balls to keep them from rolling and falling off. It can store about a hundred balls easily.

Milliard Golf Organizer - Extra Large Size - Fit 2 Golf Bags and Other Golfing Equipment and Accessories in This Handy Storage Rack - Great Gift Item

Made of carbon steel, the organizer is anti-rust and durable so it will last a long time. It will not nip nick or scratch your clubs because it has soft foam edges to cushion any impact.

It comes with adjustable feet so it won’t wobble when placed on any surface around the home or even outdoors. It also comes with an added bar at the bottom of the organizer prevents your golf equipment from falling out.


  • Well-designed and durable organizer with roomy storage space that can fit two large-sized bags and all other essential golf equipment and accessories.
  • The organizer can be placed in any area of the house and not stick out like a sore thumb.
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  • Assembly instructions could be clearer. It may take at least half an hour to assemble the organizer.


2. Garmin Approach S10 – Lightweight GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S10, Lightweight GPS Golf Watch, Black

Garmin hits a hole in one with its GPS golf watch. The Garmin Approach S10 is a lightweight and slim golf watch packed with great features that will impress every golfer who wants to keep score on every round.

The Approach S10 has a minimalist design that matches the very straightforward features of the golf watch. It’s not flashy nor obtrusive when worn, but it delivers on what it promises to do.

This golf watch comes with a high-resolution 1.3-inch sunlight-readable screen so you can easily view the time, yards covered, round summary, and score.

There’s no glare even when you’re playing on very sunny days on the course. Apart from the time and date, the watch also displays sunrise and sunset times.

Garmin Approach S10, Lightweight GPS Golf Watch, Black

You can focus on your game and keep score based on your location. It comes pre-loaded with more than 41,000 golf courses worldwide so even if you’re playing abroad, you can wear the watch and it will still give accurate data.

It comes with a free lifetime update so newly built courses will be added into the database.

The Approach S10 can help you keep score while you’re playing so you don’t have to manually record your strokes at every turn. After every round the golf watch will display the total time, total distance played, and the score.

What’s great about this watch is that it can transition automatically to the next hole after you’re done with the previous one. By knowing the distances from all directions—greens, hazards, doglegs—you can make adjustments to your game.

Garmin Approach S10, Lightweight GPS Golf Watch, Black

You’ve got all the information you need to improve your game. You can upload your scorecards to Garmin Express if you want to see your progression for a season or a specific time period. With the Garmin Golf app, you can join weekly tournaments and leaderboards.

If you’re the type to play all day long, you’d be pleased to know that the rechargeable battery can last up to 12 hours with GPS on. Under normal watch mode, the battery can last up to 14 weeks. The watch is also water-resistant up to 50 meters.


  • Long battery life ensures you can play and keep score for at least a couple of rounds.
  • Affordable golf watch packed with features.


  • The golf watch is not touchscreen.


3. The Golf Father: Funny Golf T-Shirt

The Golf Father | Funny Saying Golfing Shirt, Golfer Ball Humor for Men T-Shirt-(Adult,2XL) Black

If you’ve run out of gift ideas for the golf enthusiasts in your life, consider going the novelty route. You can’t go wrong with a funny golf shirt!

Give your golf-loving partner an offer he can’t refuse with The Golf Father parody shirt. It’s a great gift for any occasion.

The silk-screen design offers better quality imaging because it’s absorbed by the fabric completely. The design will not fade even after several washes.

The different types of inks used in the design are free from harmful chemicals such as CFC and phthalate but they are still vibrant and vivid.

The Golf Father | Funny Saying Golfing Shirt, Golfer Ball Humor for Men T-Shirt-(Adult,2XL) Black

The high-quality ink used in the shirt is crack resistance, which means the text or images printed on the design will not crack after a few washes.

Made from ringspun cotton, the shirt feels a lot softer and lighter. They are high-quality shirt with a high thread count. It’s more durable than the mass-market t-shirts.

It’s slightly tapered so it has a little bit of shape for modern fit sizing. It look less boxy but still gives maximum comfort.

If you are not certain if a slightly tapered design would fit, go one size larger. It’s already-pre-shrunk but expect a little bit of shrinkage in the wash. It’s available in different sizes from small all the way to 3X Large.


  • High- quality inks that are free from harmful chemicals.
  • The shirt design is available in all sizes.
  • Affordable high-quality shirt with funny and creative design.


  • T-shirt may shrink slightly after a few hot washes.


4.GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder

Golf Buddy Voice 2 Golf Rangefinder Talking Golf GPS Devices for Hat, Golf Distance Range Finder for Golfers, 14 Hours Battery Life, Water Resistant, Golf Accessories for Men and Women, Black

Yardages matter in golf so if you want to improve your game, you must know your average yardages or distances.

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There is a wide variation of yardages among golfers because it depends on a lot of factors including the clubs, the balls, the fairway conditions, swing speed, age, gender, and physical fitness, among other things.

If you want to keep track of your yardage, you need a golf device that would give you the information you need so that you can make smart decisions. That device is the GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder.

Golf Buddy Voice 2 Golf Rangefinder Talking Golf GPS Devices for Hat, Golf Distance Range Finder for Golfers, 14 Hours Battery Life, Water Resistant, Golf Accessories for Men and Women, Black

GolfBuddy Voice 2 is essentially a nifty talking GPS device that tells you your yardages. It’s an incredibly tiny device (1.02 oz) that clips on to your golf hat or belt.

The moment you turn the device on, it will automatically detect the course you’re playing in and will display the yardages from different points—front, center, and back of the green.

You have the option to hear the device talk if you don’t want to keep looking at the screen. Just tap a button to switch to the voice mode.

The device is preloaded with more than 38,000 courses worldwide so it’s going to work in a lot of golf courses. For the second iteration of GolfBuddy, the lithium polymer rechargeable battery can run for 14 hours, which is roughly equivalent to the three rounds golf.

Golf Buddy Voice 2 Golf Rangefinder Talking Golf GPS Devices for Hat, Golf Distance Range Finder for Golfers, 14 Hours Battery Life, Water Resistant, Golf Accessories for Men and Women, Black

Another new feature is the Dynamic Green View which provides distance information from the perspective of the golfer. The mini GPS is also water resistant so it’s going to work even when it’s raining.


  • No bloatware. The device automatically recognizes the course and hole once you turn it on.
  • The GPS can be attached to a watch strap (sold separately).
  • It doesn’t disturb the game or other players.


  • Only available in monochrome LCD screen.


5. Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage

Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage - Car Golf Locker To Store Golf Accessories | Collapsible When Not In Use

Hauling all your golf gear can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t have an organizer to store all your golf accessories. Athletico’s collapsible organizer storage serves as a car locker that you can lug around when you’re on tour.

This large golf trunk organizer measures 17” (wide) X 13” (deep) X 9” which is big enough to easily store shoes, hats, tees, balls, gloves, clothing, and other accessories.

This lightweight trunk organizer is surprisingly durable. It’s made with water-resistant and rip-resistant 6000 Oxford fabric.

It has reinforced sidewalls that protect all your gear from the rain or from aggressive handling. It has multiple compartments so you can separate the items. You can easily see which accessories are stored in which partition.

Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage - Car Golf Locker To Store Golf Accessories | Collapsible When Not In Use

It also has a pen organizer, front and back mesh pockets, full-sized pocket, and a keyring clip. There is an elastic security strap to hold the balls and tees in place.

The mesh pockets found on the outside of the organizer enables you to store and access items without having to open the main locker. The removable top of the organizer can hold a tablet, a book, or a stack of folders.

Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage - Car Golf Locker To Store Golf Accessories | Collapsible When Not In Use

When not used for golf, it can be used for other purposes. It can be used as a portable gym locker, an auto emergency kit storage, a cleaning supplies organizer or grocery bags storage. If you don’t need to use it, it folds flat so you can easily store it.


  • Very durable organizer storage with a waterproof fabric.
  • Adjustable dividers let you customize the storage space to fit your needs.
  • It’s perfect for storing golf accessories but can be used for other purposes as well.


  • Struggles with very heavy items.


What to Get Someone Who Loves Golf?

When shopping for items to give to golfers, you must look for things that serve as solutions to their problems first then maybe look for a fun gift to cheer them up!

Surely, they don’t need more clubs in their collection, but they need gadgets to help them improve their game like a GPS device to determine yardages on-demand or a golf watch the doubles as a rangefinder.

Golf storage and organizers are also essential items for golfers because they have a lot of golf equipment to organize, store, and haul.

Finding the best gadget in its category at a price range that’s affordable will lead you to the best possible gift.

When all else fails, parody shirts, pun shirts, or statement shirts about golf are great novelty items that always work. These must have golf accessories are perfect gift ideas for golfers and golf enthusiasts but the best part is that they’re all under $150!