The Most Breathable Golf Shoes that Look Great!

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Are you looking for the most comfortable and breathable pair of golf shoes on the market? If you play your golf in hot weather then these are a must and today we look at how we can stay cool on the golf course by wearing the best shoes for both comfort and style…

Throughout the years, people have been trying to improve the technology used in textiles to improve the comfortability and performance of clothing. One that is currently wide in the market is the use of breathable textiles, which had only been born quite recently.

When it comes to golf, shoes are made to explicitly make the play easier. Some of the features that are made to cater to golf playing are durability, support, comfort, and breathability.

These can also improve different aspects of the way a player performs in terms of balance, stability and flexibility. Therefore giving them unique control on their swings and having good contact with the golf ball.

While playing golf doesn’t require the player to run around a court or so, it is typically done outside. Depending on the weather, players will eventually have to deal with sweaty feet the longer they play – which only brings discomfort and tends to ruin the movement of the player.

This makes breathability an important aspect of choosing good golf shoes. It’s great to be in shoes that keep your feet cool and comfortable throughout the day.

But how do you know what the best choice is? We will review selected brands to help you find the most breathable golf shoes that suit your taste.

What Are Breathable Shoes?

Comfort is a significant factor in choosing the best shoes to use, particularly when playing a sport.

This is the primary goal of breathable shoes.

Breathable shoes support their wearer when they engage in strenuous activities. This way, you are able to move around freely without having to worry about receiving discomfort or injuries from your shoes.

The material of breathable shoes is made to prevent the inside of a shoe from containing too much moisture when the feet sweat.

Usually, they are made to absorb the sweat rather than leaving it damp. This, then, protects the feet from developing foul smells or diseases that come from bacteria.

Breathable Top Rated Golf Shoes for 2021

The versatility of a breathable shoe makes it the ideal choice for athletes. However, they are also comfortable enough to wear on other casual occasions. Because they provide maximum comfort, it gives you the freedom to move around all throughout the day.

Let’s start by taking a look at New Balance…

New Balance Men’s Breeze Spikeless Golf Shoe

New Balance takes golf shoes to a whole new level with their Breeze Breathable Spikeless golf shoes. Golfing is a sport that can take place during heat or when it’s raining. This makes it essential to have shoes that can keep up with the weather.

New Balance mens Breeze Breathable Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe, Black/Grey, 9.5 US

With the Breathable Spikeless golf shoes, New Balance provides a solution to worries about how uncomfortable shoes may be after a long play outside.

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Comfortability is an important factor when it comes to choosing the most breathable golf shoes.

The Breathable Spikeless golf shoes meet these standards through the technology used in the shoe to maintain ease throughout a day full of play.

This shoe has mesh uppers to let cool air in and keep your feet comfortable throughout. It has a forefoot water guard to help shed water away, as well as the new Cush+ insole that gives the shoe a soft feeling without sacrificing the shoe’s long-time durability.

Through these features, you can continue your play in comfort.
New Balance’s Breathable Spikeless golf shoes meet power expectations as well, whether it’s to hit a great swing or to keep yourself steady throughout the game. This improves your performance as well.

The lightweight REVlite midsole improves your swing by providing you with the support and cushioning you need while the NDurance spikeless rubber outsole also gives you versatility by providing you with the solid grip you’re looking for.


  • Mesh uppers for great breathability and supportive overlays provide better stability.
  • Comfortability increases with Cush+ insole for ultra-soft cushioning.
  • Stronger grip brought by the NDurance spikeless rubber outsole which also gives room for more versatility.
  • Lightweight cushioning with the REVlite midsole supports your power to get a better and powerful swing.


  • The forefoot water guard sheds water away but fails to keep the shoe completely waterproof.


Skechers Men’s Elite 4 Prestige Relaxed Fit Waterproof Golf Shoe

At the 4th generation of their elite franchise, Skechers makes additional quality features to their golf shoes.

Skechers Men's Elite 4 Prestige Relaxed Fit Waterproof Golf Shoe, Gray/Lime, 10 M US

These include a new and unique spikeless grip flex outsole for increased multidirectional traction. With this, your movement around the field is controlled.

In addition to the grip enhancement, the ultra flight midsole gives the shoe a lightweight yet dense cushioning to maintain comfort throughout the day.

The Goga Max puts Resalyte technology into the shoe’s footbed to provide further support and high-rebound cushioning.

Having proper cushioning and support allows the wearer to move and play without too much worry about losing comfort sometime in the day. It can withstand hours of continuous play and intense swinging while maintaining the comfortability and breathability of the shoe.

The Elite 4 Prestige’s premium leather knit upper is in charge of providing waterproof protection, as well as giving the shoe a casual and smart vibe.

This makes it suitable to wear for more occasions other than just for golf, such as a walk outside or a short trip.

A comfortable fit in the toe and forefoot makes it a great candidate for being the most breathable golf shoes.

This comes from the design of the shoe, made to be a relaxed wide fit maintaining a medium width in the heel to keep it roomy.


  • Knit fabric front panel for additional breathability.
  • Waterproof protection with the Skechers H2GO Shield, with a waterproof warranty of 2 years.
  • Relaxed Fit designed to give a roomy fit at the toe and forefoot areas.
  • ULTRA FLIGHT cushioning that keeps the shoe lightweight and Goga Mat cushioned insole that provides high performance.
  • Increased durability and stability increases with the Grip Flex outsole design.
  • A low drop design keeps your feet in a neutral position low to the ground.


  • The shoe needs to be broken in before being able to use it at maximum comfort level.


Adidas Men’s Adipower 4orged S Golf Shoe

The most breathable golf shoes should not only provide varied cooling and easing effects but should be capable of maintaining comfort for the wearer all day. Adidas’ Adipower 4orged S golf shoes for men’s meet these expectations.

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adidas Men's Adipower 4ORGED S Golf Shoe, Grey Two/Grey Four/raw Amber, 10 M US

Climastorm Technology provides breathable and waterproof protection that keeps your feet dry and comfortable. The microfiber leather and heathered textile, with the help of this technology, keeps your feet sheltered in any type of weather condition.

The forged upper construction increases the durability of the shoe, as well as provides additional lateral support and stability. Therefore, allowing you to move freely across the turf and keeping your swings at the best performance.

The Boost Foam cushioning is the Adidas’ most responsive cushioning. With this incorporated in the Adipower 4orged S, you are sure to get just as much energy as you give.

The cushioning allows you to boost the power you put into swing movements, making it easier for you to increase the power in your play.

Along with Boost cushioning, there is the Puremotion outsole. Strategically placing the Adiwear traction with this grants greater stability, grip and overall performance during your play.

The shoes’ fit aims to be natural, having a slightly rounded narrow fit for the toe while having a wide fit in the forefoot for additional volume.


  • Waterproof protection and comfort in any weather with microfiber leather and heathered textile uppers featuring Climastorm Technology.
  • Unique forged upper construction that enhances stability with support in other areas.
  • Enhanced energy return for comfort and support provided by boost cushioning in the midsole, and bounce foam in the forefoot for longer lasting soft cushioning.
  • Natural fit with a slightly rounded toe and wider forefoot for added overall volume.
  • Pure motion, tough outer sole with Adiwear improved grips placed for better grip and versatility.


  • Rough tongue on shoe design which tends to be too long and uncomfortably rubs at ankles.


PUMA Women’s Monolite Cat Woven Golf Shoe

For ladies both tall and petite who enjoy a good game of golf, you’d want to try out PUMA’s Monolite Cat Woven golf shoes for women.

PUMA GOLF Women's Monolite Cat Woven Golf Shoe, Sunny Lime/Sunny Lime, 5.5 Medium US

Every round is sure to be filled with comfort from the great features these shoes offer.

The Performance Mesh makes the shoes lightweight and waterproof, providing support, protection and breathability which is best to use on the hottest summer days. These features make it a candidate for the most breathable golf shoes available.

The Yoga Mat insole comes with a soft and durable sock liner made from the same material used in making yoga mats. This provides all-day comfort and cushioning the underfoot.

It can keep your feet relaxed and even prevent irritation.

Its molded Comfort insole gives additional comfort and support to the shoes as well.
By having additional comfort and support, the shoe is able to provide the wearer with as much freedom to move as possible.

This is especially useful when you typically put a lot of power into your swings or tend to move around the course very frequently.

To provide an excellent grip and longer-lasting durability, PUMA uses a carbon rubber outsole. It also makes use of studs to cover the outsole, which can increase traction, comfort and deliver maximum versatility.

With this, you’re sure to be able to go on and off the course countless times without any hindrance caused by your shoes.


  • Lightweight non-stretch waterproof Performance Mesh that provides support, protection and breathability.
  • Enhanced comfort with every step provided by the Yoga Mat insole and Molded Comfort insole.
  • Increased comfort and traction by studs covering the outsole, making it stable and comfortably spikeless.
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber provided by the Carbon Rubber which gives excellent grip and long-lasting durability.


  • Heel support can be lacking and less comfortable depending on the wearer.


ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

The ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax golf shoes are designed for ladies who aim to receive a luxurious feeling of comfort and power when they play a course.

ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe, Wild Dove Yak Leather, 5-5.5

For excellent grip performance during different playing conditions, the shoes make use of the ECCO Dynamic Traction System or the E-DTS which is a hybrid outsole design that provides the shoes with over 800 traction angles.

It is constructed from durable, wear-resistant TPU and consists of approximately a hundred molded traction bars to keep the sole unit lightweight, flexible and even shock absorbing.

This also provides great stability, traction and stronger swing power.

The outsole utilizes the ECCO SPYDR-GRIP for further support where it is needed the most and longer lasting comfort levels. The design makes use of soft curves to provide a fresh look, as well as spacing between studs to minimize the clogging of dirt.

With the Direct-injection polyurethane, the ECCO SPYDR-GRIP becomes lighter with increased durability, flexibility and comfort.

The ECCO TRI-FI-GRIP, on the other hand, is one of the Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax’s most innovative technologies.

It supports your play in three different zones namely: stability, durability, and rotation wherein the outsole gives assistance with your back-swing and follow-through.


  • A simple Scandinavian-inspired design for a clean look and lightweight profile.
  • Strong Yak leather uppers treated with Hydromax for protection against varying weather conditions and perspiration, lightweight ventilation and breathability, and a soft comfortable feel.
  • Perforations strategically positioned along the medial and lateral portions of the uppers for additional air flow.
  • BIOM technology that brings the wearer closer to the ground.
  • Superior grip from the E-DTS Hybrid technology featuring TPU dual-density outsoles with 800 traction angles.
  • Enhanced durability from outsoles made with a Direct Injection Process.


  • The inside color of the shoes tend to stain, especially when worn with white socks.


Yes We Can Have Comfort & Style on the Golf Course!

There are a variety of golf shoes that make a great choice for using during your play.

When it comes to choosing the right shoe for you, it’s best to look for golf shoes that demonstrate innovative ways to provide comfortability, as well as increasing ways to further improve your performance in the course, particularly with your swing.

Finding a shoe that displays just the right amount of support and breathability is an important factor.

Golf requires a lot of power to play, which is why stable support is essential. This is usually found in spikeless shoes rather than in those with spikes. Likewise, breathability will give your feet the increasing comfort it needs.

Because golf is often played outdoors, it makes it all the more vital to make sure you choose a pair that is breathable to reach the maximum level of comfort from the shoes, especially when you intend to play courses during varying weather conditions such as sunny days where feet can perspire profusely.

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