Miyazaki Golf Shafts: The Best You Can Buy?

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If you’re in the market for a new set of shafts for your golf clubs, Miyazaki is a brand that you’ve probably come across.

But what’s the deal with Miyazaki shafts? Are they a good option? And what can you expect in terms of performance and technology?

Here, we tell you everything you need to know about Miyazaki shafts and help you decide if these leading Japanese shafts are a good option for your clubs this season.

What are Miyazaki Golf Shafts?

Miyazaki shafts come from Srixon Golf and are widely regarded as some of the very best in the business. There are several models within the Miyazaki range, including Kori, Mizu, Kiri, and Kiri CB (counter-balanced), offering multiple options for players at all levels of the game.

A key component of Miyazaki shafts is Japanese carbon, which is world-renowned for its lightweight properties and exceptional strength. What’s more, Miyazaki shafts consist of design features from leading club fitters and manufacturers, bringing together years of R&D and industry expertise when fine-tuning these shafts.

Given that golfers have so many choices when it comes to selecting the ideal shaft for their game, we’ve decided to run through everything you need to know about Miyazaki golf shafts in this article.

So, read on as you consider whether Miyazaki shafts are a good option for your golf clubs and what you can expect from these high-tech Japanese golf shafts.

Are Miyazaki Shafts Good?

Trusted and played by some of the leading golfers in the world, Miyazaki golf shafts are some of the best that you can buy. Specifically, Miyazaki shafts are known to be particularly strong, which has been achieved by rotating the hoop later 90 degrees, which ensures stability and consistency through impact.

Another unique feature of Miyazaki shafts is that they are free from microscopic air pockets between the graphite layers. Miyazaki’s manufacturing process removes these air pockets, which ensures that the shafts are as strong and durable as possible.

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No matter which of the Miyazaki models that you opt for, you can be assured of a golf shaft that is made to exceptionally high standards while featuring the very latest in Japanese manufacturing.

Therefore, it’s fair to say that Miyazaki shafts can help to increase your ball striking, thanks to their range of impressive design features. But how much will some new Miyazaki shafts set you back? Let’s take a look.

How Much are Miyazaki Shafts?

The cost of Miyazaki shafts depends on where you buy them from, as well as the type of shaft that you opt for. The table below gives you an idea of how much Miyazaki shafts currently retail for, subject to their availability from Mike’s Golf Outlet*:

Shaft MSRP
Miyazaki Kua Wood Shaft$54.99
Miyazaki Tour 7R Hybrid Shaft$49.99
Miyazaki Kuala Driver Shaft$79.99
Miyazaki B Asha Driver Shaft$84.99
Miyazaki Mizu Wood Shaft$69.99
Miyazaki Tour 6S Fairway Shaft$99.99

As you can see, Miyazaki golf shafts are reasonably priced, given that some of their competitors cost significantly more than this.

As well as the price of the shafts, you will need to consider the different flex, spin, and torque options available, to ensure that you choose a shaft that is well suited to your game.

Another factor that contributes to the cost of Miyazaki golf shafts is where you get the shafts fitted to your clubs. While you can attach shafts yourself, it makes sense to ask a club fitter to work on your behalf to ensure that they are fitted to perfection.

As such, you will need to factor in the price of installation when budgeting for your new golf shafts, and this will affect the overall price of affixing Miyazaki shafts to your clubs.

What are the Models in the Miyazaki Range?

As is the case with all golf shaft manufacturers, there are multiple models within the Miyazaki range for you to choose from**. Specifically, you can choose from the following Miyazaki shafts:

  • Kori – Tip stiff shaft with low spin, low launch, and max control.
  • Mizu – Pure and consistent with a mid-launch.
  • Kiri – Active tip and mid-tip sections that contribute to high launch and result in max carry.
  • Kiri CB – Active tip and counter-balanced shaft that raises the center of gravity. Ultimately, a super lightweight shaft option.
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Within each of these ranges are different options relating to flex and torque, enabling you to choose the perfect Miyazaki shaft for your game. You can choose between wood, driver, and hybrid shaft options, helping you maximize control over your long game.

As every Miyazaki shaft model is slightly different, it’s important to choose an option that will help you improve your ball striking, so be sure to read the core aspects of each shaft before making your decision.

Do Any Tour Pros Use Miyazaki Shafts?

Miyazaki shafts have been popular on Tour since the early 2010s and have been played by lots of high-profile players. The likes of Keegan Bradley, Graeme McDowell, Shane Lowry, Jason Kokrak, and Jeff Overton have all played Miyazaki shafts in recent years.***

The prevalence of Miyazaki shafts on Tour means that the brand is just one of several Japanese brands that prevail at the elite level of the game, alongside the likes of Mitsubishi and Fujikura, both of which are also trusted by some of the best players on Tour.

Central to the popularity of Japanese shafts is the fact that they’re made from the very latest in precision engineering and feature outstanding materials and technology, providing golfers with the edge on the course.

The fact that Miyazaki shafts are played on Tour should give you the confidence that this is a brand worth considering if you’re looking to upgrade your shafts this golf season.

Are Miyazaki Shafts Graphite?

Yes, Miyazaki shafts are graphite, and they are manufactured in such a way as to ensure that there are no air pockets between the layers of graphite that make up the shafts. The result is stronger and more durable shafts that stand the test of time.

What’s more, Miyazaki shafts are made from superior Japanese carbon that is regarded for its ultra-lightweight properties without compromising on its outstanding strength. Again, this makes for high-performance shafts that possess the key attributes you would expect from the leading golf equipment.

Most players on Tour prefer the feel and consistency of graphite, and Miyazaki has delivered a compelling option for the finest players in the world.

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That being said, graphite shafts are also a good option for recreational players, meaning that Miyazaki is worth considering if you’re hoping to improve your ball striking this season.

Miyazaki Golf Shafts for Sale – Where to Buy?

Several online retailers stock Miyazaki golf shafts, and you can buy them from various places. However, the cheapest place to buy these shafts is on eBay, where you will find well-priced options from numerous independent sellers.

However, when you buy golf shafts from eBay, you need to do your homework to make sure that you’re buying legitimate gear from established sellers, as the online marketplace has a reputation for selling fakes.

The best thing to do is to check the credentials of a seller before committing to a purchase, which you can do by checking out their reviews and details of previous transactions conducted.

Provided that you’re able to find a legitimate seller, eBay offers Miyazaki shafts at a great price, and it’s our best recommendation when it comes to locating affordable Japanese golf shafts for sale.

Who Makes Miyazaki Golf Shafts?

Miyazaki shafts are made by Japanese manufacturer SRI, the company responsible for producing Srixon and Cleveland golf clubs. Therefore, you will often see Miyazaki shafts installed on Srixon and Cleveland clubs as standard.

While Srixon is a Japanese company, it has a US base in Huntington, California, and this is where many of the brand’s golf equipment is manufactured. After all, Srixon and Cleveland enjoy huge success in the American golf market.

So, the fact that Miyazaki shafts are a product of the extremely successful SRI manufacturing company illustrates the fact that you can trust Miyazaki shafts, and they represent excellent value for money if you’re looking for high-performance golf shafts this season.


Ultimately, Miyazaki golf shafts are an extremely popular option for golfers at all levels of the game. We love their selection of shafts, and the latest in Japanese manufacturing goes into their new releases.

The fact that Miyazaki shafts are played by some of the best golfers in the world highlights the fact that you can trust these Japanese shafts, making them a great option for any golfer looking to upgrade their clubs this season.


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