Mike Bender Golf Swing (Explained!)

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When it comes to golf instruction, Mike Bender is one of the best-known coaches in the United States. In fact, he has worked with several PGA Tour professionals and has an outstanding reputation with professional players.

In this article, we take a look at Mike Bender’s Golf Academy and the principles that guide his teaching and instruction.

By the end of this piece, you will have all the information you need to know about Mike Bender and be in a great position to decide whether to schedule a lesson with this highly regarded golf coach.

Who is Mike Bender?

Mike Bender is an American golf coach who is widely regarded as one of the best golf instructors in the business. He has worked with golfers at all levels of the game throughout his distinguished career, from beginners to established Tour professionals.

His online academy is a super popular golf resource, and he has innovated a unique approach to golf instruction that has seen him recognized by publications such as Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.

He has also been referred to as one of the best three golf teachers in America.

Some of Mike’s highest-profile clients include 2007 Masters Champion Zach Johnson, and he has also worked with the likes of Seon Hwa Lee and Too Mi Kim on the LPGA Tour.

They all credit Mike with transforming their swings and helping their career achievements.

Today, Mike is based in Orlando and teaches at Magnolia Plantation Golf Club in Lake Mary, Florida. In this article, we take a look at what you can expect from Mike’s instruction and describe some of the traits that make him one of the very best golf coaches in the world.  

What is the Mike Bender Golf Swing Principle?

The key principle behind Mike Bender’s teaching is called MEGSA PPE, which stands for Most Efficient Golf Swing Attainable Perfect Practice Equipment.

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Essentially, it’s an entire golf swing training solution that players can work on no matter where they are in the world. Mike has helped thousands of amateur and several elite players using this method, and it’s a core part of his teaching in Lake Mary.

Something unique about this principle is that MEGSA PPE combines a methodology with practice equipment to help players achieve much better and more consistent swings.

Mike believes that you need to apply the right principles and the right equipment simultaneously to achieve the results that you desire.

Given the accolades that Mike has received throughout his career, it’s clear that this principle works, and it’s the driving force behind his success as a golf instructor.

Is it Hard to Learn the Mike Bender Downswing?

As with any golf swing adjustment, taking Mike Bender’s advice and adapting your downswing won’t yield overnight results. But the swing technique itself is not difficult to learn but will take time to master.

Mike’s secret lies in finding the perfect top position at the height of your downswing, as this is what will help you eliminate many of the common errors associated with playing through the ball.

His downswing method encourages you to train your right elbow to lead your hands, as this will help you get the club in the correct position at the top of your downswing.

What’s more, this then enables you to accelerate through the downswing, generating maximum power without compromising accuracy.

To correct your swing and get your right elbow in the right position at the top of your downswing, it will take some work out on the range. You should never try to implement a drastic change to your swing setup on the first tee, as it will almost certainly end in disappointment!

So, if you spend time out on the range working on your downswing as instructed by Mike Bender, you can undoubtedly see some positive results.

Is Mike Bender a Good Coach?

Mike Bender is an excellent golf coach and is widely regarded as one of the best in the business. In fact, he was ranked as one of the top three golf coaches in America by Golf Digest magazine, highlighting his reputation.

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The fact that he has worked with Zach Johnson for a number of years illustrates how well respected Mike Bender is and shows that he’s a golf coach you can trust.

While many elite golf coaches only work with the best golfers in the world, Mike has also coached amateur and beginner golfers through his academy.

This is why Mike is able to deliver his coaching methodology to players at various levels of the game, as he has experience working with players at all levels of their golf journeys.

Therefore, if you’re hoping to improve your swing and lower your score on the golf course, joining Mike Bender’s Golf Academy can undoubtedly yield the results that you desire.

What is the Mike Bender Golf Academy?

The Mike Bender Golf Academy is the golf school that Mike runs in Florida. He is the main coach at the school, and he helps golfers from all over America – and further afield – fine-tune all aspects of their swing and technique.

While Mike is the ‘Master of Instruction’ at the academy, he is also joined by coaches including Cheryl Anderson, Chris Holmes, and Emanuele Sesia, who are all elite golf coaches in their own right.

This strong team has helped the Mike Bender Golf Academy achieve a glowing reputation in golf instruction.

The Mike Bender Golf Academy is based in Lake Mary, Florida, and includes a well-stocked and advanced facility that is perfect for golf instruction. There is a driving bay, putting area, video bay, and fitness room, which helps players work on every aspect of their game.

So, if you’re looking for an advanced and trusted Golf Academy to join in the United States, Mike Bender’s school is undoubtedly worth your consideration. Let’s take a look at some of the core principles of Mike’s instruction.

What About Mike Bender Online Lessons?

While many students of the Mike Bender Golf Academy attend in-person lessons in Orlando, you also have the opportunity to schedule online lessons with Mike and his team. This is a great way of improving your golf game with Mike, no matter where you are in the country.

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You can set up an internet lesson with Mike or one of his team using the V-1 software app on your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

You can schedule an online lesson with Mike Bender himself for $200 per session, but his calendar is often full, so you might need to work with one of his team.

For instance, Cheryl Anderson ($125 per lesson) and Matt Wilkes ($175) often have availability and are awesome coaches to work with.

Online golf lessons are a great alternative to face-to-face lessons and allow you to work on your golf game with Mike and the team if you’re not local to Orlando.

How Do You Get a Mike Bender Private Lesson?

The best way to get a private lesson with Mike Bender is to book online. As mentioned, you can book a private online lesson with Mike via the V-1 app, or you can schedule a lesson with the Mike Bender Golf Academy in person.

Again, Mike’s calendar is often fully booked months in advance, so you will need to plan ahead if you want to schedule a lesson with him.

You can always join his waiting list if you’re not able to book a lesson with Mike in the foreseeable future.

Alternatively, you can book a private lesson with one of Mike’s coaches, who follow the same technique and instructional method as Mike and come highly rated and recommended.

As is the case with all elite golf coaches, Mike Bender is very much in demand, so you might have to be patient if you want a one-to-one lesson with him.


Mike Bender has worked with some of the best players on the PGA and LPGA Tours over the years and has an excellent reputation as an elite golf instructor.

Through his Golf Academy, he has also worked with countless amateurs and recreational golfers, imparting his wisdom that has helped the likes of Zach Johnson perform at the very top of the game.

So, if you’re looking to learn from one of the best golf teachers in America, schedule a lesson with the Mike Bender Golf Academy today, and start working on your swing and technique.