Martini Golf Tees Review: Are They Even Legal?!

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When choosing the best golf equipment for your game, there are so many options to consider. And in terms of tees, you really are spoiled for choice!

In this article, we take a closer look at Martini golf tees, which have earned a truly impressive reputation in recent times for their excellent durability and the fact that they’re thought to help players hit the ball straighter.

But first, what exactly are Martini golf tees, and are they legal?

What Are Martini Golf Tees?

Martini golf tees are designed in such a way to help golfers hit the ball straighter. They are also made with durable plastic resin, meaning they can be used repeatedly and do not bend or break as easily as other tees.*

Martini Golf Tees DMT007 Durable Plastic Step-UP Tees (5 Pack), Assorted Colors, 3.25'

Another feature of Martini tees is that they offer low resistance, thanks to the lightweight plastic resin material, which means that there’s very little resistance when you hit through the shot with your golf club.

Thanks to their unique design and the fact that they can streamline every tee shot, Martini tees have recently developed an excellent reputation and are widely regarded as among the best in golf.

So, read on to find out everything you need about Martini tees and whether you should add them to your golf bag this season.

Martini Tees: The Features

Several design features help Martini tees stand out from the crowd. First and foremost, the tee is shaped a little like a Martini glass (hence the name), which cups the ball and means it’s less likely to fall off the tee before you strike it.

The way the tee cups the ball is also thought to help you hit the ball straighter.

Another big advantage of Martini tees is that they’re long (3 ¼ inches), which means they’re ideal for the much bigger driver faces that are popular in today’s game.**

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This reduces the likelihood of scuffed drives and enables you to modify your tee accordingly.

The tees are made from a lightweight, specially designed-plastic resin, which means they’re extremely durable.

They have even been described as “unbreakable,” which certainly saves you money in the long run when buying replacement tees.

Ultimately, there are many advantages to playing Martini tees, which can certainly help your game this season, as we explain in more detail below.

Are Martini Golf Tees Good?

Martini golf tees have an excellent reputation, and it is well deserved. Playing a Martini tee promises longer tees, longer drives, and longer life, three impressive characteristics concerning teeing up the ball.

Martini Golf Tees DMT007 Durable Plastic Step-UP Tees (5 Pack), Assorted Colors, 3.25'

While wooden tees have long been a popular option with golfers, the fact that they easily break and sometimes offer resistance when striking the golf ball makes them unsuitable for some golfers.

The lightweight plastic resin, combined with the extra length of the Martini tee, makes this the perfect option to add to your golf bag.

The cupped design of the tee is also impressive, as it prevents your ball from rolling off the tee during setup.

Of course, there are so many different tees that you can turn to, but the Martini tee is one of a kind and is well worth upgrading if you want to improve the way you control your drives.

How Do You Hit a Martini Tee?

You don’t necessarily have to adjust your setup to hit a Martini tee. You can tee the ball up at the right length and swing away; it’s as simple as that.

However, it’s well worth trying the Martini Twist if you want to make the most out of the Martini tee.***

The Martini Twist is where you tilt the tee toward the pin about 20 degrees to improve the trajectory of your shot.

Tilting the tee in this way is said to eliminate friction and ensures that you’re lifting the ball right off the cup.

You can practice the Martini Twist on the range before trying it out on the golf course, but it can make a difference to the distance and direction of your tee shots.

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But even if you use the Martini tee as you would any other one, you are still likely to see some improvements in the way you strike the ball, thanks to the impressive design features that make this a truly one-of-a-kind golf tee.

How much Are Martini Golf Tees?

You will notice that Martini golf tees are relatively expensive compared to wooden tees and have cheaper plastic options.

For instance, a pack of five Martini tees from Walmart costs $8.99, which is undoubtedly a high price when you consider that you can buy hundreds of wooden tees for a similar price.

But remember, the reason why Martini tees are expensive is because of the lightweight resin that they’re made from, as well as the fact that they’re practically unbreakable.

In other words, the five tees should last you a long time, and you don’t need to worry about burning through several packs of wooden tees each season.

In addition to Walmart, you can buy Martini tees online from Dick’s Sporting Goods and eBay.

You can also find the tees available at several brick-and-mortar golf shops, as Martini has some wholesale arrangements with suppliers.

So, in other words, Martini golf tees are widely available, and you can easily order them online if you wish to add them to your golf bag this season.

Are Martini Tees Legal in Golf?

Yes, Martini golf tees are 100% legal in golf. Although Martini doesn’t disclose which players use them, the tees have been used on the PGA and LPGA Tour, according to the company’s website, highlighting that they’re trusted at the highest level of golf.

The reality with Martini tees is that they aren’t a gimmick and don’t have any characteristics or design features that would make them illegal.

They’re designed in a streamlined way to ensure that they can help you get the most out of your drives.

So, in other words, if you’re looking for a plastic golf tee that can help you hit the ball true and straight, there’s no reason not to try Martini tees.

They’re perfectly legal for all club, amateur, and professional competitions.

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How Do You Use a Martini Golf Tee?

We’ve touched upon this already, but you can use a Martini golf tee the same way you use other plastic tees.

Begin by pressing the tee into the ground at the desired distance, according to the golf club you’re hitting.

If you’re playing a driver off the tee, you will need to lengthen the tee, while if you’re playing an iron, you will need to press it further into the ground.

As mentioned, you can also try the Martini Twist, which sees you adjust the tee twenty degrees toward the pin, which can help you hit the ball straighter and truer.

If you plan on trying the Martini Twist, we recommend practicing out on the range first, as it can take a few shots to get used to!

The Rumors of Martini Tees Losing Distance?

Due to the unique cupped design of the top of Martini tees, some people claim that the tees have caused them to lose some distance off the tee. However, there is no evidence to suggest that this claim is true.

If anything, the unique design and durability of the resin material used in Martini tees help you hit the ball further instead of losing distance off the tee.

Everyone will experience golf equipment differently, so it’s worth considering this fact when measuring your expectations before using Martini tees.

However, generally speaking, you can expect Martini tees to serve you well this season, and they’re a great option for all recreational golfers to try.


The bottom line is that Martini golf tees are extremely popular with recreational players and some professionals, thanks to their unique design and promise of longer and truer tee shots.

Hitting the ball off the tee is an important part of the game, so giving yourself the best chance with the best equipment is a good start.

Given that you can order Martini tees online from several sources, grab a couple of bags today and see how you get on with the famed “Martini Twist” out on the golf course.

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