Maltby Golf Clubs Reviews (Any Good?)

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If you’re looking for a new set of golf clubs, you’re probably considering brands including TaylorMade, PING, and Callaway, among others.

But one brand that doesn’t often get the attention it deserves is Maltby. Sold by GolfWorks, Maltby clubs are the legacy of Ralph Maltby, a legendary club designer, and manufacturer.

But are Maltby golf clubs any good? What exactly can you expect from the irons, putters, and drivers? Let’s take a look.

Who is Maltby Golf?

Maltby Golf is also known as The GolfWorks, which is a brand started by Ralph Maltby in 1976. Maltby has been designing component parts of golf clubs (shafts, grips, etc.) for more than forty years, and he is widely regarded as an industry leader.

As well as Maltby branded clubs, GolfWorks is also responsible for the design and manufacture of PowerBilt and Tommy Armour, which are brands that are popular with beginner golfers and players with higher handicaps.

In addition to manufacturing and designing clubs for leading brands, Maltby has also authored four best-selling reference books on the topic of club design and innovation.

One of his books is the official reference manual of the PGA, highlighting just how trusted a source Maltby is when it comes to the design of golf equipment.

So, while Maltby might not be the most widely known brand out there where golf clubs are concerned, there’s no doubt that Maltby drivers, irons, and putters are built to extremely high specifications, as we explain below.

Where are Maltby Clubs Made?

Maltby clubs are made in Newark, Ohio. The GolfWorks headquarters is approximately 30 miles east of Columbus, Ohio, and they have an outlet store at the site of their warehouse.

You can visit the outlet between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, Monday-Friday if you want to get a feel of Maltby clubs before buying them.

All Maltby golf clubs have been designed by the GolfWorks team, following the ‘Maltby Playability Factor,’ which is essentially a way of guaranteeing the quality and precision of all clubs that leave their Ohio workshop.

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In an era where many American companies outsource the manufacturing of their golf clubs to cheaper labor markets, it’s refreshing to know that Maltby clubs are American-made and designed to exact specs.

While it’s not clear where the component parts of Maltby clubs are sourced from, the fact that they carry the Maltby name confirms that they have been expertly designed and manufactured predominantly in the United States.

Are Maltby Drivers any Good?

Something that is unique about Maltby clubs is that you can order the various parts that you desire, essentially building your own driver. Maltby’s KE4 TC adjustable driver delivers exceptional distance and comes with Speed Fin technology as standard.

The adjustable hosel design of the driver means you can alter its head to a range of loft options between nine and eleven degrees. In other words, you can select a loft that is best suited to your game.

The forged head is made from titanium and has a high MOI, which contributes to consistent ball striking. There is also an 8g weight in the back of the clubhead, which helps with a low spinning and high launching trajectory.

When paired with the Maltby shaft and grip of your choice, the KE4 TC enables you to build an excellent driver that is ideal for all recreational golfers. But what about Maltby irons?

What are Maltby Irons?

Maltby’s irons include their TS1, TS2, DBM, M-Series, and KE4 ranges. The fact that you can pair the iron heads with grips and shafts that are suited to your game means that you can essentially build the perfect clubs for your current ability.

To understand Maltby irons, it’s important to first consider the fact that some of the clubs are designed with different levels of players in mind, but most of their irons are classed as game improvement.

While this might seem a little confusing to some recreational players, the Maltby custom shop is the perfect place to go if you’re hoping to add some Maltby irons to the bag this season.

You can choose the most appropriate head, shaft, and grip to suit your game, and you can rely on the Maltby playability factor (as explained below) to help you build the perfect irons for your current level of ability.

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All Maltby clubs fall somewhere in the game improvement, super game improvement, or ultra game improvement range, giving you a good idea of the type of player they’re most suitable for.

Are Maltby Putters Good?

As is the case with Maltby Drivers and irons, their putter options are impressive. You can choose from a range of various heads, depending on your stroke style but are comparable to other leading brands of high-quality putters on the US market.

These include:

  • Pure-Track Tour Milled PTM-4 or PTM-5 
  • Moment X Tour 
  • Moment XI Tour 
  • Moment XI Tour 
  • Moment XII Tour 
  • Pure-Track Tour Blade 

Taking the Moment XII Tour as an example, it comes with a head that has a high MOI and a specially designed ball in the motion alignment aid. In other words, it’s super easy to line up your putts and will improve your stroke.

The putter is weighted with stainless weights and aluminum, which is responsible for the incredible feel at impact.

No matter the putter that you opt for, you can be confident that you will benefit from the Maltby design and manufacturing process and be left with a short stick that will help you shave numbers off your scorecard.

Are Maltby Shafts Good?

Maltby shafts are among the best in the business. Maltby’s Pro Series graphite iron shafts come particularly highly rated and are available in various flexes, depending on how you want your golf clubs to feel.

The Pro Series shafts are designed for players ‘looking to maximize distance without sacrificing accuracy,’ which is something we can all get on board with!

Whether you’re planning to add Pro Series shafts to iron heads that you currently own or are going to order them as part of a custom set from Maltby, you can rest assured that they’re top quality.

Generally speaking, graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts, which helps players generate a higher swing speed and maximize distance.

Maltby’s Pro Series can help you gain more yards from the tee or grass, making them a great option for all players.

What is the Maltby Playability Factor?

The Maltby Playability Factor is a way to evaluate and differentiate between the different types of golf clubs on the market. While the scale can be used to discern the differences between Maltby clubs, it has also been applied to all major golf club manufacturers.

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Here is a breakdown of how clubs are classified on the Maltby Playability Factor:

  1. Ultra game improvement: The easiest golf clubs to play and exceptionally forgiving.
  2. Super game improvement: Irons are still really easy to hit and are becoming more popular with tournament pros.
  3. Game improvement: Ideal for all players and compensate for off-center hits.
  4. Conventional: These clubs are only good for better players only, and are suited to those with handicaps of 14 or lower.
  5. Classic: Only appropriate for top players (5 handicap or lower) and consistent ball striking is essential.
  6. Player classic: The hardest clubs to hit. The ball must be struck at the center of gravity.

The above list is incredibly helpful when it comes to choosing which golf clubs to purchase, particularly because Maltby has created the playability factor with all major brands in mind.

If you’re a beginner golfer, you should look for clubs within the game improvement ranges listed above, as you will get much more enjoyment out of the game and hit fewer wayward shots.

Where Can You Buy Maltby Clubs?

The best place to buy Maltby clubs is directly from the GolfWorks online store. You can select the shafts, grips, and club heads that are best suited to your game and mix and match if you choose.

Alternatively, you might be able to pick up a set of used Maltby irons on sites like eBay and Craigslist, but it just depends on what’s available when you’re looking for a new set of clubs.

If you live in Ohio, you can visit the Maltby golf outlet before buying the clubs of your choice, which is ideal if you’re looking for advice or hoping to get a feel for the clubs before committing to a purchase.


While they don’t dominate the market like other golf brands, Maltby golf clubs are undoubtedly worth your consideration if you’re currently looking to upgrade your golf equipment.

Retailed under GolfWorks, Maltby clubs are designed and manufactured to incredibly high specifications, and they’re ideal for any recreational golfer who is looking to improve out on the golf course.