Majek Golf Clubs: Do the Reviews Stack Up?

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If countless Majek golf clubs reviews are to be believed, it looks like Majek Golf is silently winning the hearts of many seniors and beginner golfers because of how the golf clubs are designed with more forgiveness and ease of use.

For beginners who are still trying to get their bearings in the greens, they need a complete set of starter golf clubs that cater to their specific needs.

New players are still finding their style and form so making mistakes is a normal occurrence. One of the biggest mistakes is using the wrong clubs.

Since most beginners don’t start with a custom-fitted set of clubs, they have to make do with what’s available to them, even if the clubs are heavy, hard to use or simply difficult to handle.

Another mistake that many beginners and high handicappers tend to make is to swing too hard. It may not initially dawn on them that a hard swing does not always equate to more distance.

Beginners also have this false notion that if they tee the ball up too high, they would be able to easily get the ball airborne. But doing so gets them more poor contacts because teeing the ball up too high makes the center of the clubface harder to find.

These mistakes affect their game significantly and reduce the enjoyment they get from a round of golf. Majek Golf understands beginner mistakes and design golf clubs that are more forgiving.

This means that they take into account the natural inclinations of new golfers and help reduce the effects of bad golf swings and poor ball contact.

Golf clubs are not created equal because each of them has a specific purpose depending on the situation on the course.

With these Majek golf clubs reviews, you’ll be able to determine the best golf clubs to use that will address your needs as a beginner.

Where are Majek Golf Clubs Made?

Majek is a brand that you would not normally see in the list of golf equipment manufacturers alongside well-known competitors.

Little is known about the company but what we know is that Majek golf clubs were co-designed by engineers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) engineering department.

By using an engineering approach in creating different types of golf clubs, Majek was able to create more forgiving clubs that help improve swing speed, accuracy, and distance.

This means that the clubs are designed to address many of the problems face by golfers of any skill level.

Although the clubs are a great addition to pro and amateur golf arsenal, it is safe to say that Majek created the clubs with beginners, high handicappers, seniors, and women in mind.

As Majek specializes in hybrid clubs, they give a better alternative to irons that are difficult to hit. Custom-made Majek golf clubs are designed and assembled by hand in Riverside, California, USA.

1. Senior Men’s Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set

Majek Senior Mens Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set which Includes #3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW Senior Flex with Senior Midsize K5s Design High Traction Tech Grips Right Handed Clubs

Getting the perfect set of golf clubs for seniors can be a challenge because there are a lot of things to consider.

As golfers age, they lose some of their strength and flexibility which affects their swing speed and shot distance.

As well as getting the right clubs, ensure that you are hitting the best golf balls for seniors – we review the top 5 that aid better play on the course for older players.

They just don’t play as well as they used to when they were in their early 20s.

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As such, it’s time to switch to a more forgiving Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set for seniors.

This hybrid set replaces your iron set that’s becoming more difficult to use over the years.

The Majek Golf All Hybrid complete set includes #3 to #9 and a pitching wedge.

All clubs have senior flex lightweight velocity graphite shafts which make it much easier to control.

There’s no need to swing hard to get maximum distance. They come with Majek K5 Design High Traction velvet grips for added stability and control.

Hybrids are known to play particularly well from the fairway but not so much from the rough, but with Majek hybrids’ low center of gravity and large sweet spot, you can make clean contact with the ball even in deeper roughs.

These hybrids have senior flex which means that the graphite shafts are more flexible than the regular ones, resulting in more distance even with less power and slower swing speed.

This makes it much easier for older players to get good scores without exerting themselves too much. Unlike irons, these hybrids do not require a lot of clubhead speed to gain more distance because they allow the player to strike the ball upward.

Overall, the Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set is recommended for seniors who no longer can use irons effectively due to difficulty in grip and control. The hybrids are much easier to grasp and hold and can improve the game by several strokes without added stress to the body.


  • Perfect for seniors who struggle with their mid and long-range shots using irons.
  • The senior flex is a lot closer to regular flex but give greater distance and better strokes.


  • No golf bag included.


2. Petite Senior Womens Majek Golf Clubs

Petite Senior Womens Majek Golf Clubs All Ladies Hybrid Complete Full Lightweight Graphite Set Includes: #3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW. Right Handed Senior Lady Flex Clubs Perfect for Ladies 4'10' to 5'3'

Playing golf in your younger years is significantly different than when you’re playing at a relatively advanced age, more so if you are on the petite side.

That’s why you need to say goodbye to the unwieldy irons and switch to a more forgiving complete set of Petite Senior Women’ Majek golf clubs. The set includes #3 to #9 hybrids and a pitching wedge.

All clubs in the set come with senior lady flex velocity graphite shafts for a lighter feel and better control.

They are also equipped with standard size black velvet grip so they are much easier to grasp and hold.

Women may struggle with heavy golf clubs and hard to hit irons and as the swings get slower, accuracy and distance could suffer as well.

This makes playing less enjoyable and more of a chore. Majek understands this problem all too well, so it created a hybrid set that can replace irons to address the issues faced by women senior golfers.

The Majek K5 hybrid set is packed with features that will benefit lady golfers over the age of 50 who are having issues with their old iron set that has become unwieldy with age.

The clubs were designed to have more weight behind the sweet spot and have a deeper cavity back so it can correct poor off-center shots.

This results in a tighter shot dispersion that improves the accuracy of hits.

The lower center of gravity as a result of a wide to thin crown design allows for greater distance because the ball has a higher launch angle.

There’s no need to exert more power just to get longer distances because the lightweight graphite shaft promotes a faster swing speed that catapults the golf ball to gain a better trajectory and distance.


  • Lightweight graphite shaft enables better grip and control and promotes faster swing speed.
  • Highly versatile golf set that can replace irons.


  • Golf bag not included.
  • Only right-handed hybrid clubs available.
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3. Senior Men’s Majek K-Series Driver and Fairway Wood Set

Senior Men's Majek K-Series High Launch 460cc 10.5° Driver and 3 5 Fairway Wood Set Golf Clubs, Right Handed Senior Flex with Men's Senior Size Black Pro Velvet Grips

Majek’s K-Series High Launch Driver and Fairway Wood set is designed for senior golfers who want to get maximum ball flight off the tee without having to use all their strength.

As age creeps up on golfers, it becomes more difficult to hit the ball using the standard driver and fairway wood.

Muscle strength and flexibility start to decline with age. As a result, there’s less power with every hit on the ball and slower swing speed.

Evidently, these things affect the game negatively, and scores and performance decline in the process.

Senior golfers don’t have to give up the game they love just because some of their physical abilities have declined with age.

All they need to do is to replace their old driver and fairway woods with the Majek K-series set.

The set includes an oversized 10.5-degree driver and #3 and #5 fairway woods. The #3 fairway wood has a 15-degree loft while the #5 fairway wood has 18 degrees.

This three-piece set was designed for high launch which promotes speed and greater distance off the tee.

There are plenty of options out there, but this set is highly recommended for its forgiveness and accuracy.

The clubs have senior flex velocity graphite shaft making them very light and easy to handle.

Coupled with the black pro velvet grip, the clubs are easy to grasp and will not slip.

What’s immediately noticeable is the extra-thin face of the clubs.

It’s not just there for aesthetic purpose, but it’s designed that way so that it creates a trampoline effect when it hits the golf ball to enable maximum smash factor.

When this happens, the ball speed increases significantly.

Each club has a lower center of gravity so that the senior golfer can hit the ball higher with more backspin, resulting in a better trajectory and greater distances.


  • Lightweight and low center of gravity make the ball easy to hit.
  • Senior shaft flex accommodates slow swing speeds.


  • Only available in right-handed configuration.


4. Majek Golf Men’s Complete Wedge Set

Majek Golf Men's Complete Wedge Set: 52° Gap Wedge (GW), 56° Sand Wedge (SW), 60° Lob Wedge (LW) Right Handed Regular Flex Steel Shaft

Golf wedges are typically used when golfers are within about 120 yards of the green.

Golfers tend to reach for the wedge when they are in that short distance because wedges are designed for short approach, specifically when they want the ball to ascend sharply, as in the case of a ball played out of sand or a bunker.

Knowing when to use each of the wedges can help improve your short game tremendously.

In golf situations wherein you need to use wedges, you can’t go wrong with Majek’s complete wedge set. It consists of a 52-degree gap wedge (GW), a 56-degree sand wedge (SW), and a 60-degree lob wedge (LW).

Each wedge comes with standard-size golf grip and stainless steel regular flex.

This set is great for beginners who are still figuring out how to maximize the use of wedges in their short game.

Majek’s wedges are designed by engineers from UCLA to create more forgiving wedges that will help improve the game.

The moment you use any of these wedges, you’ll immediately notice the swing weight gives great spin control and an amazingly high trajectory.

They hit very nicely and give consistent shots after a few rounds.

This is because it has a bigger sweet spot and the deeper cavity back tightens the shop dispersion which helps improve the accuracy even on off-center hits.

Perhaps the biggest draw of the Majek’s three-piece wedge package set is the price point.

Three wedges for under $100 is something that’s unheard of with popular brands.

This wedge set is inexpensive but not lacking in quality and features.

The wedges do what they are set out to do and that’s to get the ball out of the rough easily.

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  • A great complement to Majek hybrid clubs.
  • Majek’s wedge set gives the best value for money. Its affordability will encourage younger people to play more golf.


  • May feel a little heavier because of the stainless steel shaft.


5. Majek Golf Senior Lady Utility Club

Majek Golf Senior Lady #9 Hybrid Lady Flex Right Handed New Utility L Flex Club

Golf players need a utility club that they can use to drive the ball from a tee, from the rough, from the fairway, and pretty much anywhere from the greenside.

A utility club is more commonly known as a hybrid club because it has the combined features of woods and irons.

It’s a versatile club that can be used on any type of situation on the course.

For senior lady golfers, an ideal utility club would be a club that is lighter, has more flex, has a larger sweet spot, and is easier to grip.

As golfers age, they start to have slower swing speed and poorer ball trajectory.

This is because they do not have the same strength and flexibility to hit the ball as they had when they were in their 20s, 30s, or 40s.

Players over the age of 50 need to have a new hybrid utility club that is more suitable to the kind of playstyle they have in their advanced age.

They need a utility club that will be easy to grip so that it can be better controlled.

They also don’t have to exert too much force on every swing because it’s not going to be easy on their body.

Essentially, senior lady golfers would want something like the Majek Golf Senior Lady #9 Hybrid Utility Club.

It has a lady “L” flex graphite shaft, which is the most flexible shaft for golf clubs.

It measures 35 ½ inches in length and loft of 37 degrees.

It comes with a free black neoprene headcover for extra protection from the elements when not in use.

The Majek #9 Hybrid Lady Flex is one of the most forgiving hybrids available in its class. With its maximum launch angle, the ball can be launched up in the air faster and keep it at play longer for greater distance.


  • Very sturdy and durable.
  • Provides the best loft to launch the ball up in the air.


  • Only right-handed hybrid club is available.


Conclusion: Do Majek Make Good Golf Clubs?

With these five Majek golf club reviews covering an individual hybrid club, a wood and fairway combo set, a three-piece wedge set, and two complete hybrid sets,

It’s clear the Majek has different clubs in its lineup to cater to the needs of beginners, senior male golfers and senior lady golfers.

Each of these groups has different golf club requirements to improve their performance on the course but one thing is for sure, they all need golf clubs that are more forgiving to address the different challenges they face.

Overall, the company continues to produce value for money complete golf club sets and individual clubs that stack up against other leading brands such as TaylorMade, Ping, Wilson Golf and Titleist.

Beginners are committing golf mistakes as they are trying to hit their strides on the course.

So they need a complete set of golf clubs that are more forgiving so that they can improve their game and lower their handicaps.

Senior golfers, on the other hand, need to switch to clubs that will be more suitable for their physical capabilities.

Whatever their problems are, Majek has the solution in their golf club offerings.

In this comprehensive, Majek golf clubs reviews for 5 individual product lines indicate an overall strong showing in all facets.