Mach One Golf Balls Review: How Loud? (Boom!)

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When you’re out on the golf course competing against your friends, things can get heated and competitive, and it’s quite often a serious event, even if you’re only playing for pride.

So, why not lighten the mood with a Mach One golf ball – the loudest ball in golf?  

In this article, we introduce you to the novelty Mach One golf ball and explain what you can expect from a ball that will take your playing partners by surprise this season!

1. What Are Mach One Golf Balls?

The Mach One is a novelty golf ball that makes an incredible sound when you strike it. Provided that you set it up on the tee correctly, the Mach One will produce a sonic sound when you hit the ball with your driver.

It will surely catch the attention of your playing partners and provide you with a memorable moment on the first tee. Whether you play the Mach One during the monthly medal or keep it for a special occasion, the sound off the tee will be nothing like you’ve heard before.

As such, Mach One golf balls are a great gift option for any keen golfer in your family, and they’re an ideal novelty item to keep in your bag to spice things up when you’re out on the course with your buddies.

So, read on to find out everything you need to know about the Mach One golf ball and whether it’s a good option for you this season.

2. How Do Mach One Golf Balls Work?

The Mach One golf ball is fitted with an internal mechanism that activates upon impact, causing a huge sound to emanate from the golf ball. It’s a trigger system, and the ball is only designed to be used once.*

Each ball is marked with a red button that is identified as the “strike zone,” and you need to make sure that you line your ball up correctly. There are arrows on the Mach One ball to show you how to tee it up to ensure that the ball makes the loudest possible sound at impact.

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In order to trigger the mechanism correctly, it’s best to use a driver or at least a fairway wood, as irons may not produce the required power to yield the desired sound when you make contact with the ball.

There’s really not a great deal to Mach One golf balls, and you don’t need to worry about setting them up! You can just order them, tee them up, and enjoy the incredible sound as you smash a drive down the fairway!

3. Are Mach One Golf Balls Good?

It’s important to recognize that the Mach One is a novelty golf ball, meaning that it’s not intended for use on the golf course for the entirety of your round. But in terms of its quality and the sound it makes, the Mach One is unrivaled!

Using a Mach One golf ball is a great way to play a prank on your playing partners, and it’s an excellent gift for any golf-loving individual in the family. When you tee up the Mach One without warning, your playing partners will be shocked by the sonic sound that comes from your tee shot.

You can then switch the Mach One for a standard golf ball when the round is underway. If you don’t want to give away the secret, you could even use a Mach One on every tee shot out on the course, and your playing partners will wonder what on earth is happening!

The bottom line is that the Mach One golf ball is great fun and is a unique, novelty golf ball that will undoubtedly spice up a round of golf between friends.

4. How Much are Mach One Golf Balls?

Mach One golf balls currently retail at $19.99 for a sleeve of three.** While you might think this is expensive for three golf balls, you need to remember that they’re novelty golf balls, and there are no others like them in the market!

If you want to buy Mach One golf balls for your buddies, you can get a discount when you order more than one sleeve, with the current offer available when you order direct from Mach One:

  • 4-7 sleeves = 5% discount
  • 8-15 sleeves = 10% discount
  • 16+ sleeves = 15% discount

The golf balls are available to all US players and are shipped within 5-7 days. If you order three or more sleeves, you qualify for free shipping, but if you only order one sleeve, shipping is calculated at checkout.

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While Mach One golf balls are a little on the pricey side, we think that the $20 is more than worth it for a sleeve, and you can even share them with your playing partners to enable you to hit killer drives that make other golfers look on in envy!

5. Do Mach One Golf Balls Work More than Once?

No – Mach One golf balls are single-hit golf balls, as the trigger mechanism within is only designed to work once. As such, you need to make sure that you line the Mach One up accurately and hit the sweet spot to ensure that it achieves the desired sound right away.

There’s nothing necessarily stopping you from adding the Mach One to your practice bag after hitting it for the first time, as you could certainly use it while you’re out on the range working on different aspects of your game.

But as far as the noise is concerned, you will only get one loud bang from the Mach One, which is why it is advertised as a single-use novelty golf ball, as opposed to a ball that can be used consistently on the golf course.

If you plan on using a Mach One for more than one tee shot during an upcoming game of golf, you will need to order several sleeves. Remember, you can qualify for a discount if you order three sleeves or more.

6. How Loud are Mach One Golf Balls?

Mach One golf balls have been described as “frickin loud” and “the loudest ball in golf” by the manufacturers.*** But they don’t provide an actual sound measurement in terms of decibels, so it’s difficult to say exactly how loud it is.

But if you spend time watching some YouTube videos that feature reactions to Mach One golf balls, you can see and hear for yourself that they’re super loud! Hitting a Mach One ball will catch your playing partners off guard and provides an excellent filming opportunity.

Given that the entire purpose of Mach One golf balls is the incredible sound that they make, you certainly won’t be disappointed when you line up a tee shot and drive it down the center of the fairway.

So, Mach One golf balls are LOUD! Brace yourself as you tee one up, and be sure to watch out for the reaction of your playing partners, as it’s a sight that you won’t want to miss.

7. How Far Do Mach One Golf Balls Fly?

As a novelty golf ball, the Mach One isn’t designed to offer exceptional distance, and its main feature is the sound that it makes when you hit the ball on its sweet spot.

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That being said, most players find that the Mach One golf ball flies pretty true, and you won’t necessarily notice a great deal of difference when compared to your standard drives, give or take a few yards.

Your playing partners will be so taken aback by the noise that the Mach One makes that they won’t necessarily pay a great deal of attention to where the golf ball ends up! This is the beauty of novelty golf balls – it’s more about the experience than the performance.

So, when you tee up a Mach One golf ball for the first time, you can reasonably expect it to travel a similar distance to the standard drives that you hit off the tee.

8. Other Prank Golf Balls to Check Out:

There are several prank golf balls available on the market to supplement the Mach One, and some of the best options include:

The exploding golf ball

As the name suggests, the exploding golf ball quite literally explodes at the point of impact, causing your playing partner’s ball to vanish into thin air. Chuck it to a buddy and watch what happens!

The phantom golf ball

Similar to the exploding ball, the phantom golf ball vanishes into a watery mist at the point of impact!

The un-puttable ball

Last but not least is the un-puttable golf ball. It has weights inside of it, making it impossible to get a rollout on the green. You can try switching it with your playing partner’s golf ball to see how they get on out on the green!

Golf can be serious a lot of the time, so adding one of these prank golf balls to your bag is a great way of lightening the mood out on the course.


As a recreational golfer, you will be aware that there are so many golf balls to add to your bag. But there are certainly not any other balls like the Mach One, making it a great option for lightening the mood when you’re playing with your buddies this season.

Alternatively, if you have a family member or friend who is a keen golfer, the Mach One golf ball would be a great birthday or Christmas gift, so be sure to check out the Mach One online store for the best prices and shipping options.


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