Logo Overrun Golf Balls (What are They?) – Explained!

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There’s no getting away from it – new golf balls are expensive. With the top balls priced at around $50 per dozen, things can get expensive pretty quickly if you’re prone to losing the occasional golf ball!

If you’re looking to save some money when buying brand-new balls, a good alternative is to look at logo overrun golf balls. But what exactly are they? And are they worth it?

Below, we explain in detail what logo overrun golf balls are and why they are a great option for all recreational golfers to consider.

What Are Logo Overrun Golf Balls?

An overrun golf ball is a ball that comes with an additional manufacturer’s imprint as a result of overproduction. For instance, overrun golf balls are often sold with a company’s logo or a particular event printed on the ball.

This is because too many golf balls were initially produced in the manufacturing run, leaving extras that the company couldn’t sell as initially intended.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with overrun golf balls from a performance perspective, and they play just like any other golf balls of the brand in question.

With this in mind, buying overrun golf balls online is an excellent way to save yourself some money. Most retailers of overrun golf balls sort them into bags and sell them based on their characteristics.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to save yourself some money when buying new golf balls, overrun golf balls are a good option to consider.

Are Logo Overrun Golf Balls Good?

Yes, logo overrun golf balls are just as good as any other new golf ball from the same manufacturer. The only difference is in aesthetics. Some balls might be printed without a logo, while others might have additional logos or features that you wouldn’t normally find on the ball.

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For instance, if you find some Pro V1 logo overrun golf balls, they will perform in precisely the same way as standard Pro V1 balls. They will feel the same, spin the same, and perform the same; they will just look a little different.

For this reason, logo overrun golf balls have become super popular in recent times, particularly as the cost of golf balls seems to be rising every year. A dozen Pro V1s will set you back around $50, while overrun Pro V1s are available for less than $40.

So, whether you’re planning to buy some logo overrun golf balls for the practice range or to use out on the course, you can buy them safe in the knowledge that they’re of good quality and will perform just like any other new golf ball.

What Should I Look for in a Logo Overrun Golf Ball?

The main thing to look for in a logo overrun golf ball is the make. Titleist Pro V1s are often seen as the best balls in golf, and lots of players look for logo overrun balls from Titleist for this reason.

But if you’re not particularly concerned with playing the best ball in golf, you can undoubtedly find logo overrun balls from other brands for a fraction of the price of brand-new Titleist golf balls.

Another thing to think about when you’re looking at logo overrun balls is the pack size. Some come in a dozen, as is standard with new golf balls, but you can find logo overrun balls in packs of fifty or even 100.

Finally, it’s also important to read the description of the logo overrun golf balls that you buy. After all, they come in all sorts of colors and with various logos and badges, so you need to make sure you’re comfortable with the aesthetics of the balls before committing to a purchase.

Pro V1X Logo Overrun Golf Balls Review

If you’re in the market for logo overrun golf balls, you can’t do much better than Pro V1x. The most-played golf ball on the PGA Tour, Titleist ProV1x balls are seen as the very best in the business.

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But for most recreational golfers, the $50 price tag for one dozen makes them unaffordable, particularly when so many of us lose a couple of balls per round! That’s why purchasing logo overrun Pro V1s is a good alternative.

One thing to note about the Pro V1x is that it has a higher compression than standard Pro V1s, which means it demands a higher swing speed to hit it flush.

So, if you’re a single-digit handicapper or accomplished player, you will get lots of joy out of playing with logo overrun ProV1x golf balls.

Suitable for: Given the higher compression of the ProV1x, the ball is best suited to single-digit handicappers and those with fast swing speeds.

What Other Top Branded Logo Overrun Golf Balls Can You Get?

In addition to Titleist, you can buy golf logo overrun golf balls from most of the biggest brands in golf. For instance, Nike and TaylorMade both supply logo overrun golf balls, each coming in packs of fifty balls.

Callaway also retails logo overrun golf balls, so you really can pick and choose when it comes to which brand to go with.

One thing to note is that some overrun golf balls are marketed as ‘recycled,’ which means they might come with blemishes or some form of disfiguration. These aren’t quite the same as logo overrun golf balls, and they’re typically cheaper, so it’s important to make the distinction.

Still, buying logo overrun or recycled golf balls is an excellent way to save yourself some money, and it’s a better alternative than buying used or lake golf balls.

Where Else Can You Buy Logo Overrun Golf Balls for Sale?

The best place to buy logo overrun golf balls for sale is Amazon, as you can easily find what you’re looking for from all the biggest brands in golf. You can also benefit from Prime delivery, which isn’t something that many retailers can match.

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If you’re not a fan of Amazon, you can head to a site like golfballs.com, where you can pick and choose your selection from manufacturers, including Titleist, Bridgestone, and Callaway.

You can also find blank golf balls on the site of different colors, which is a good option if you’re looking to fill your practice bag, given the fact that they’re available for a fraction of the price of branded balls.

Wherever you choose to buy your logo overrun golf balls online, you will find that they represent excellent value for money and will help to keep your costs down as you stock up on the necessary golf equipment this season.

Can You Get Logo Overrun Golf Balls in Bulk?

The good news is that you can buy overrun golf balls in different sizes, typically starting with a dozen and going up to 100 balls. In this respect, buying logo overrun golf balls is a little like buying lake balls.

The fact that you can buy them in bulk means that you can fill your golf bag with one purchase, and you can also put together your practice bag at the same time. As most recreational golfers lose balls from time to time, buying in bulk is a smart move.

So, whether you opt for Titleist, Callaway, or Bridgestone, you can order logo overrun golf balls safe in the knowledge that you’re getting a great deal and that the balls are just as good as any other new ball from the same brand.


Given the extortionate price of new golf balls, the fact that you can buy logo overrun golf balls at a fraction of the RRP is an attractive proposition.

While they might come with a logo or some kind of blemish on the cover of the ball, they will play just like any other brand-new golf ball.

Be sure to check out the current stock of logo overrun golf balls on Amazon and other online stores today to bag yourself a bargain.