Lamkin Golf Grips Reviews: Should YOU Use Them?

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Although often overlooked, the grip is one of the most important elements of a golf club. After all, if the grip is damaged, worn, or split, it will affect the way that you strike the ball.

One of the most popular grips on the market is Lamkin. But do these grips really live up to the hype? Are they played on tour? And where can you buy them from?

In the following sections, we take a closer look at Lamkin golf grips and explain everything you need to know about this popular brand before making your decision about which grips to use on your golf clubs this season.

Is Lamkin a Good Golf Grip?

Lamkin is an excellent golf grip and is trusted by professional and recreational golfers alike. We’re impressed with the quality of the materials that Lamkin uses to produce their grips, and there are multiple designs and models for you to choose from.

Lamkin Crossline Golf Grips, Swinging Grips, Black/White

Although Lamkin doesn’t feature on the PGA Tour as much as other grips like Golf Pride, there’s no doubt that Lamkin’s range is impressive and affordable, making them a great choice if you’re planning to regrip your golf clubs this season.

Lamkin has been manufacturing golf grips for ninety years and is golf’s original grip. Lamkin had a great relationship with Arnold Palmer, who used their grips while performing at the peak of his game throughout his career.

In the following sections, we take a closer look at what makes Lamkin grips so impressive and help you decide if they’re ideal for your golf clubs this season.

The Current Range of Lamkin Golf Grips?

Lamkin manufactures a range of high-quality grips that are popular with golfers of all abilities. Arguably Lamkin’s most popular grip is the Sonar+, which is a relatively soft grip that consists of microtextures that sync to the texture of your hand.

Lamkin Sonar + Standard Golf Grips, Swinging Grips, New GENESIS Hybrid Compound, Black/Blue.

Also popular is the Lamkin Crossline range, which delivers Tour-proven performance with an excellent feel. It is the Lamkin product that is most popular on the PGA Tour, and it has been since its launch more than twenty years ago.

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Lamkin also produces several putter grips and polyurethane options, which are popular with those looking for something a little thicker than typically offered by conventional grips.

They also manufacture a practice grip and arthritic grip – the latter offering additional protection against the vibrations associated with ball striking. Overall, the Lamkin range is impressive, and there’s something for every level of golfer.

What Pros Use Lamkin Grips?

Several players on the PGA Tour use Lamkin grips, including former number one and US Open champion Justin Rose. Rose has won multiple times on the PGA Tour and is one of the best players of his generation.

Another pro who trusts Lamkin is Stan Utley, who is a former Tour player and winner, as well as an expert golf instructor. On the LPGA Tour, Perinne Delacour plays Lamkin grips, rounding off an impressive team of brand ambassadors.

The vast majority of current professionals opt for Golf Pride grips, but Lamkin is perhaps the second most popular grip, thanks to its impressive history.

As already mentioned, legendary golfer Arnold Palmer played Lamkin grips for the majority of his sixty-year career, highlighting the fact that their grips have been trusted by the best in the business.

Where are Lamkin Golf Grips Made?

Lamkin has two factories – one in Tijuana, Mexico, and another in Guangzhou, China. Their strategic locations ensure Lamkin is ideally located to deliver to the Asian and North American markets.

In spite of the fact that Lamkin grips are now manufactured abroad, the company has a proud and rich history that begins in the American midwest.

In 1925, company founder Elver Lamkin began manufacturing grips for golf clubs from his Chicago home. His son – Robert E. Lamkin – later took over the family business and established a manufacturing facility in Illinois.

Lamkin’s shift to international manufacturing is indicative of the current global marketplace, and they’re certainly not alone in the world of golf. In fact, many of the most recognizable brands in golf have their manufacturing plants overseas, particularly in China.

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How are Lamkin Golf Grips Sized?

Size is arguably the most important factor when it comes to choosing the ideal grip for your golf clubs. Lamkin adheres to the standard four golf grip sizes:

  • Undersize
  • Standard
  • Midsize
  • Oversize

If you want to customize your grips further and make adjustments to the size, you can install additional levels of tape during the fitting process, as this allows you to thicken a grip to your exact specifications.

When choosing the ideal grip size, Lamkin recommends opting for a grip that allows the tips of a player’s longest two fingers to barely touch their palms. Equally, it’s important to consider the strength of grip.

For players with limited hand strength, a slightly larger grip is likely to be beneficial, as it allows a solid connection with less exertion. If you’re struggling to decide which grip is best for you, you can use Lamkin’s interactive grip selector to help you.

Do Lamkin Make Arthritic Golf Grips?

Yes, Lamkin manufactures a grip that is specifically designed for arthritic players. It promotes lighter grip pressure, allowing for more hours of play. What’s unique about this grip is the nubbed texture and larger profile, providing those with arthritis more support and comfort.

Players with arthritis typically struggle with the vibrations associated with striking the golf ball, and standard grips often aren’t thick or supportive enough to counteract this. Often, arthritic players will opt for thicker, oversize grips as a viable alternative.

But by manufacturing a grip specifically designed for players with arthritis, Lamkin ensures that its grip collection is inclusive and suitable for players of all ages.

The Lamkin arthritic grip is available for a great price, too, ensuring you don’t have to pay over the odds to equip your clubs with a grip that helps you manage your condition out on the golf course.

Where Can You Buy Lamkin Golf Grips?

The best place to buy Lamkin golf grips is directly from their online store. The official Lamkin store lists all of the available grip styles and sizes, as well as details on how to choose the best grips to suit your game.

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Alternatively, you can buy Lamkin grips from an outlet like Golf Galaxy, which also has a broad range of options if you’re looking to improve the grips on your golf clubs.

If online shopping isn’t your thing, we’d recommend speaking to the professional at your local golf club. While they will typically work with a specific brand as far as regripping is concerned, they will be able to get hold of some Lamkin grips for you.

Failing that, head to any golf retail store in your local area and enquire about the availability of Lamkin grips. Lamkin is one of the most popular brands, so you will undoubtedly find a local golf retailer that stocks Lamkin.

How Long Do Lamkin Grips Last?

Lamkin grips are durable and long-lasting and are designed to stand the test of time. It’s recommended to replace your golf grips once a year if you play regularly, and Lamkin grips will last at least twelve months.

Professional golfers change their grips more often than this, but we’d say that regripping your clubs at the start of every season is more than sufficient if you’re hoping to get the very best out of your clubs.

Having said that, golf grips typically last longer than a year, and not every recreational golfer will elect to change them every year. This is okay, too, and you really need to decide what works best for you!

The bottom line is that Lamkin grips are durable and high quality, so you don’t need to worry about them wearing out soon after adding them to your golf clubs.


When it comes to golf grips, Lamkin is one of the most recognizable brands. Established almost 100 years ago, the company has a rich and proud history of producing some of the finest grips in the game.

In fact, only Golf Pride has a better reputation than Lamkin, illustrating the fact that these grips are well worth considering.

You can choose from a range of designs, styles, and colors on the official Lamkin store and have your golf clubs regripped in preparation for an upcoming match or tournament.