Ladies Golf Sandals for Hot Weather

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Golf can be categorized as one of the oldest sports in existence today. While other sports invoke aggression, golfing is a gentle game. It is rapidly gaining popularity among ladies and in states where the weather can be even too hot to play golf comfortably, we thought it was about time we took a closer look at some of the best ladies golf sandals currently available to purchase right now.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking it is an injury-free game, going by its mild nature. Not wearing appropriate ladies golf shoes can put you in a lot of pain.

Many golfers have reported injuries in the course of their playing days and most could have been avoided by using appropriate footwear on the course.

As a consequence, your gameplay might take a hit and in worse cases, stop you from playing for a duration of time. This is because some common golf injuries and pain points are around the knee and ankle. These, along with your arms and hands are the most vulnerable parts of your body.

However, there is no need to worry. As discussed earlier, using the right sandals and shoes can save you a lot of trouble.

Golf Sandals especially are very easy to wear and are ideal for summer months. There are a plethora of options in all sizes including 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 out there but we have done the hard work for you by shortlisting the best ones.

Why You Should Be Wearing Sandals In The Heat?

Golf sandals are a boon for golfers when the sun is bearing down its heat on the 18 hole course. They are the perfect footwear if you are tired of wearing the same old golf shoes that are not breathable.

Golf sandals are made to be worn on the golf course; however, they usually come in stylish designs and can be worn with any casual dress in summer.

Wearing leather golf shoes in hot weather conditions can be a frustrating experience. This is especially true for women as their legs and skin will be more sensitive and supple compared to a man’s.

Hence, women are more vulnerable to injuries and skin issues around their feet in such weather. Sandals provide the perfect solution in these situations.

Footjoy Women’s Golf Sandal Shoes

Footjoy as a brand needs no introduction in the golfing world. Their shoes and sandals are always of top-notch quality and that’s what we expect of these golf sandals made exclusively for women.

FootJoy Women's Golf Sandals Shoes, tan/Light Grey, 8

It is one of their few products in this niche and they have given enough attention to detail and made it a class apart.

The sandals have a unique design that makes it suitable for casual wear too. However, the features do indicate that it can hold its own on the golf course also.

It comes in two different shades, that is, one in light grey with tanned buckles and the other one completely in light grey. They do look rugged even though the design oozes femininity.

The top portion of the sandal is entirely made of textiles, which is a good thing for your feet. On the other hand, the sole is of synthetic material and is entirely covered in spikes.

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It is a particular type of rubber that gives enhanced traction and in turn, makes your swing better. Also, the spikes go a long way in ensuring turf grip and enhance the durability of the sandal.

Footjoy has different sets of golf footwear that fall under different categories. Each category has a fixed set of design features.

For instance, this women’s golf sandal comes under the ‘Newport last’ category. They are characterized by a full oblique toe character and a full across the forefoot. Further, they also have a full instep and a standard-sized heel.

Additional features include the presence of a velcro strap to ensure a custom fit for each individual. There are multiple sizes available, too, but no option of wide fit.


  • High-quality materials used in the construction.
  • Spiked rubber sole gives great traction and durability.


  • No option of wide fit or narrow fit.


Oregon Mudders Women’s Golf Sandal with Turf Nipple Sole

The Women’s Golf sandals from Oregon Mudders is an extremely popular product among women golfers. To support this claim, online reviews from real buyers are very favorable.

Oregon Mudders Womens WCS500 Golf Sandal with Turf Nipple Sole 8M US Womens

It is a sandal that doesn’t instantly tell you “I’m here for the golf course!”. Hence, it can be the perfect choice if you are looking for something very casual looking.

Don’t discount its golfing ability, though, because it has all the features to assist you in conquering the 18 holes. The sandals come in an all-white design that looks simple, yet classic.

Some of the inner materials are black and that makes it look like a good combo with the white outer color.

What goes in favor of these sandals is the ultra-low weight. With it being less than half the weight of other golfing shoes and some sandals, you can walk around without extra burden being placed on your feet.

The upper section of the shoe and the sole is made up of synthetic material while the insole is made with pig skin pads.

Additionally, there are 5 different foot bed pieces to give you unmatched comfort and arch support. On the other hand, the sole is made from synthetics and is spikeless.

Instead of spikes, there are nipple buttons on every inch of the sole. These are the same ones used on Oregon Mudders’s winter golf shoes, so you don’t have to worry about grip or traction.

Moreover, the heel is also raised a little bit to give extra power while swinging the golf club.


  • The design makes it look very casual and people will hardly get to know that it is a golf sandal.
  • The nipple button sole is used on winter golf shoes too and can be trusted to give good support and traction.
  • Well made and extremely durable womens golf shoe.


  • Although the raised heel is good for power, not everyone will find it comfortable to wear for a full 18 rounds of golf in the heat.


Sandbaggers Lola Women’s Golf Sandal

The Lola golf sandals from Sandbaggers might just be the most fashionable, yet comfortable golf sandal you can buy in today’s market.

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Sandbaggers Lola Women's Golf Sandal (Black & White, 5)

Apart from the style itself, it comes in 4 different colors to give you the extra choice. They are black and white, chocolate, mint and coral.

Yes, all of them are unique to look at and perfect to issue a style statement on the golf course.

Sandbaggers is a company that is known for producing superb golf sandals and the Lola isn’t any different. Apart from style, it also has many features going in favor of making it one of the best ladies golf sandals to wear in the heat.

Take for example the 3 velcro straps provided. While most companies provide 2, the extra one gives you a more secure fit and an additional bit of comfort.

That isn’t all, though; the leather uppers cover a minimal area to give more exposure to air. The soles are made up of a special compound called thermal rubber to provide a better grip.

They are a type of soft spikes that are patented by the company and provide the required traction.

Other features include the step-saver orthotics that take comfort to the next level. Also, a plastic shank has been put in place to give better torsion control and in turn, better swing.

All in all, a feature-packed golf sandal that will serve everyone well.


  • Definitely one of the most fashion-centric golf ladies shoes you can buy – they look amazing!
  • Lightweight and hard wearing.


  • Some of the sizes sell out quickly in non standard colors.


Golfstream Shoes Womens Women’s Spike Sandal

Golfstream is a family-run sports shoe business that has been making sandals since 2001. They make women’s golfing shoes a simple affair by taking care of the fashion, price and comfort. These particular sandals are no different and a lot of hard work has gone into the design and development.

Golfstream Shoes Womens Spike Sandal, Gray/Crystal Silver, 6 M US

The golfer doesn’t get any choice between the colors as there is only one silver/gray variant. However, it does look very trendy.

Phil Hendra, a well-known fashion designer, creates the designs these shoes will sport on a yearly basis. A high-quality combination of leather is used to give it the best possible finish.

That’s how Golfstream takes care of the fashion part of the footwear.

The leather used in the construction is not only fashionable but does its job pretty well too. Since it is soft, it offers a high level of sustained comfort – ideal for a full days play on the golf course!

This shoe is also waterproof (good to know in case you get caught out in the Summer downpour!), you can easily clean it with a soft wet cloth. Leather isn’t the only thing responsible for comfort in the Golfstream women’s golf sandals, though.

There are absorbent liners along the inner section and a padded area where your foot arch is going to be.

Coming to the performance aspect, the golf company claims that it is made for aggressive golfers. As an example, the backstrap of the sandals is wider than most, to give extra support during hard swings.

Spikes have also been incorporated at the sole but they are soft spikes that can be replaced once worn out.


  • The features have been geared towards women who play hard on the golf course.
  • Superior design – these golf sandals design are made by consulting a fashion designer.
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  • There aren’t additional features that improve support and traction other than the soft spikes.


Skechers Women’s 600 Spikeless Golf Sandals Shoe

Skechers is a well-known footwear brand and has made a name for itself among golfers. Many professionals endorse and wear it themselves too.

Skechers Women's 600 Spikeless Golf Sandal Shoe, Taupe, 8 M US

Brooke Henderson, an accomplished women golfer wears the exact same group of golf footwear that we are about to review here. Another fact that can assure you of quality is that it is also the #1 choice for women golf sandals on the leading website that sells ladies golfing, clothing and shoes.

Although the Skechers 600 aren’t as stylish as some of its counterparts, it makes up for it in terms of features.

For starters, the cushioning provided is of very good quality. It is known to provide rebound and response whenever excessive pressure is applied to it.

Furthermore, in the midsole, Skechers has incorporated its famous 5GEN compound that has memory retention to absorb pressure.

The outer sole is made from TPU to give added durability. This, combined with Goga max technology for the insole is the right solution for adequate support.

The whole sandal cushioning is based on one of Skechers’s most famous features, the ultra go tech. It is responsible for keeping Skechers golf shoes light and comfortable so that there is no fatigue in your feet.

The straps are also unique among golf sandals for women. As usual, Skechers has a ton of features up their sleeve to add to the 600 ladies model. The straps themselves are made from soft jersey knit material.

Also, the back strap is padded to give better comfort while swinging the golf club. Lastly, there are additional straps on the side for better support and stability.


  • The 600 model is manufactured to a high standard.
  • Decent support and comfort.


  • Style – sadly this isn’t a great ” looker” on the golf course.


Style, Comfort & Performance on the Golf Course

Golf footwear has evolved over time and ladies golf sandals are one of the newest trends associated with it. They are the perfect solution for golfers who are uncomfortable with wearing heavy and unbreathable shoes during hot days.

From a woman’s perspective, they are also much more stylish and can be worn in more than one setting.

The manufacturers have seen the opportunity of lying in the golf sandals market and hence released many products. However, the five we have listed here are the best of the lot you can get.

All five of them have their unique aspects that might be prized by a certain section of consumers.

If your intention with golf sandals are purely just about golfing, then the Skechers will best suit you. On the other hand, If you want shoes that are fashionable and multifunctional, it makes sense to buy the Sandbaggers and Golfstream sandals.

However, in our opinion, Footjoy Women’s golf sandals are the best all-round choice for 2021.