Krank Golf Reviews: These Drivers Good & Legal to Use?

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How often do you watch on in awe as professional golfers seamlessly power their drives in excess of 320 yards off the tee?

Those kinds of distances are unreachable for most recreational players, but there is one brand of driver that promises to get you a little further down the fairway – Krank.

These drivers are built with power and distance in mind, and Krank drivers have developed quite a reputation for being long-hitting time and time again.

But what are Krank drivers really like? And how much do they cost? We answer these questions and more as we explain everything we know in our Krank golf reviews guide including the famous drivers in the sections that follow.

What is a Krank Driver?

A Krank driver is one of the longest-hitting drivers available, thanks to the way that it’s built. Manufactured in Arizona, Krank drivers are the chosen club of many golfers who compete in Long Drive Championships, thanks to the additional yards you can enjoy off the tee when you hit it perfectly.

We take a look at some of the Krank driver hype and see whether these golf clubs live up to their lofty expectations.

Are Krank Drivers Any Good?

Krank drivers have developed an impressive reputation for being one of the longest-hitting drivers out there. As such, they’re favored by those competing in the World Long Drive Championship.

Some of the features that make Krank drivers so impressive include:

  • A micro-milled driver face that provides a spring effect upon impact with the ball, contributing to more distance.
  • Maximum metal hardening that further contributes to the speed of the driver at impact.
  • Various unique driver features, including heel and toe louvers, a raised soleplate, and airflow stabilizers, have all been designed to increase the performance of the driver when it comes to ball striking.

All of these features appeal to golfers who compete in the Professional Long Drive Series, including the likes of Justin James, Thorne Van Zyl, and Rob Tiettmeyer. As of this year, Krank had won an impressive 21 World Long Drive Championships.

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So, if you’re looking to maximize your distance with the latest in golf technology, then a Krank driver is an excellent addition to your bag.

Is a Krank Driver Legal?

Yes, there are currently two Krank drivers that are legal to use in tournament play, the Formula 11 Pro and the Formula 11 LD. This means you can play with these two clubs in league games or during official rounds of golf.

However, there’s nothing stopping you from playing any Krank driver when you’re enjoying your weekly round of golf with your buddies.

If you mainly play golf recreationally with your friends, the fact that some Krank drivers are non-conforming shouldn’t really make any difference to you.

But equally, it’s for this reason that you don’t see the biggest names on the PGA Tour using Krank drivers.

You could be sure that the likes of Bryson DeChambeau would be only too happy to add an extra 20-30 yards to his already impressive distance off the tee if he was permitted to do so!

How Much Does a Krank Driver Cost?

Krank drivers are expensive, there’s no getting away from it, and the MSRP for the Formula 11 driver is around $550. The list below is an indication of the MSRP of Krank golf clubs:

  • Formula 11 XX Super High Cor Driver: $549.00
  • Formula 11 LD Driver: $649.00
  • Formula 11 Fairway Wood: $299.00
  • Formula 11 Hybrid Irons: $279.00

The high prices of Krank’s golf clubs reflect the manufacturing process and the fact that they help players to maximize distance off the tee.

Krank guarantees that each driver is manufactured with 100% forged titanium and is hand-built at the company’s headquarters in Arizona.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and if a Krank driver helps you with an additional 20-40 yards off the tee, then lots of people will agree that it’s money well spent.

What are the Different Models of Krank Drivers?

Krank currently markets two models of its driver via its official website – the Formula 11 Super High Cor and the Formula 11 Long Drive Driver. We provide you with an overview of each below:

Formula 11 XX Super High Cor Driver

Krank’s Forumla 11 XX Super High Cor driver is handmade, cupped-faced, and forged in the US. The core material of the driver is Beta Titanium, which is hardened to maximize potential distance upon striking the ball.

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Upon ordering, you can select your desired color (black or white), loft, shaft, length, and grip. Ultimately, the result is a fully customized driver that is capable of exceptionally long distances – providing you strike it well!

Formula 11 Long Drive Driver

If you’re not satisfied with the extra distance offered by Krank’s Formula 11 driver, you can go for their long drive driver, which, as the name suggests, offers even more distance off the tee.

As with the Formula 11, the Long Drive driver is fully customizable.

In addition to the two drivers introduced, Krank also manufactures fairway woods and hybrids, which also promise extra distance from the tee and fairway.

As such, if you’re hoping to gain more yards and don’t need your equipment to be USGA compliant, then Krank’s impressive clubs are hard to beat.

You can also pick up some of Krank’s older drivers second-hand, and we explain how to go about this in the section that follows.

Can You Buy a Used Krank Driver?

Yes, you can buy a used Krank driver online. For instance, 2nd Swing sells Formula 5, 7, and 10 Krank drivers, as well as used versions of the Formula 11 series. As one of the most trusted online retailers of used golf clubs, the 2nd Swing online store is the ideal place to buy a used Krank driver.

To give you an idea of how much you will need to pay for a used Krank driver, 2nd Swing currently retails them at the following:

  • Used Formula 5: From $127.99
  • Used Formula 7: From $199.99
  • Used Formula 10: From $249.99
  • Used Formula 11: From $319.99

As you can see, buying a used Krank driver offers a significant saving when compared to the MSRP of the new Formula 11.

If you’re intrigued as to whether a Krank driver can truly improve your distance, you could pick up a used driver from 2nd Swing to see what all the hype is about.

Alternatively, you can search for used Krank drivers in all the usual places. The likes of eBay and Craigslist regularly host listings from people who are looking to sell used golf clubs, and Krank drivers are no exception.

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How Do You Hit a Krank Driver?

Although Krank drivers are all about the distance, you shouldn’t necessarily alter your swing or setup when you address the ball. It’s important that you don’t try and rip the paint off the golf ball with a Krank driver, as you will almost certainly end up hitting a duff.

Just like hitting any driver, you should focus on the following:

  1. Tee the ball at the right height, so that the ball is sitting just above the driver’s head.
  2. Line up with the ball to the inside of your heel, so you’re forward in your stance.
  3. Keep your head down and focused on the ball.
  4. Execute your backswing and follow-through just as if you were hitting any other shot.

The whole point of Krank technology is that it is designed to generate additional distance on your behalf.

Therefore, you shouldn’t adapt your swing to try and generate extra power, as you will end up struggling to hit the ball true.

Are Krank Drivers Adjustable?

Krank drivers can be fitted with a tri-sleeve adapter that enables you to adjust the shaft in your driver. The helpful video below explains precisely how the Krank adjustor works, so you can effortlessly adjust your shaft without issue.

Another thing to note is that Krank provides you with the option of buying a whole driver or just the clubhead.

Buying the clubhead alone is advantageous if you want to configure a custom shaft and grip on your driver, making it easily adjustable and customizable depending on your specific requirements.

From this perspective, Krank drivers are ideal, as you’re not limited to the manufacturer’s preference when it comes to the composition of the club.

Krank Golf: Good Drivers that are US Made

If you’re in the market for a driver that will increase your distance off the tee, then you’ll do well to find a better option than those available from Krank.

As demonstrated in our Krank Golf reviews guide they certainly tick all the boxes in terms of quality and performance.

Providing you’re happy to pay the high price and are happy that the Formula 11 isn’t USGA conforming, then you should have a lot of fun with this beast out on the golf course!