Keiser University of Golf Reviews (Is this College Legit?)

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In the United States, there are multiple exciting opportunities for young golfers. Many colleges offer golf scholarships and other programs, which provide young athletes with the opportunity to get a head start in the game.

One such opportunity is the College of Golf at Keiser University. There are multiple study programs for young golfers to apply for, and it’s widely regarded as an excellent opportunity for those hoping to make it on the PGA Tour later in life.

In this article, we take a look at what Keiser University has to offer and why you should consider this excellent College of Golf if you’re hoping to make it as a professional golfer when you graduate.

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What Golf Degrees Can You Study at Keiser?

There are several degrees that you can apply for at Keiser University, including the following:

  • Golf Management (AS & BS)
  • Golf Teaching & Learning (MS)
  • Exercise & Sport Science (AS, BS, & MS)
  • Sport Management (BS)
  • Sport Management Leadership (BS)
  • Sport Management & Operations (MS)

The programs offered at Keiser can be completed on or off-campus, as they have an impressive online learning portal that makes distance learning an option for students.

As you can see, there are lots of study opportunities for anyone looking for a career in golf, and the programs at Keiser are not only for young students hoping to make it big on the PGA Tour.

The various degree programs at Keiser enable you to pursue a career in various golf roles and provide you with an insight into various aspects of the sport that you love. So, if you’re keen to get started in golf, a degree at Keiser University is well worth considering.

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Is Keiser University a Real University?

Yes, Keiser University was established in 1977 and is an accredited tertiary learning institution. You can obtain associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees at Kaiser, and the institution is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

While Keiser is predominantly known as a college of golf, the 13,000+ students study a range of courses and complete degrees at various levels. The main campus is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but there are other campuses at different locations across the state.

With a focus on careers, Keiser University courses are particularly popular with professionals, and their part-time courses are just as possible as the full-time offers of study that they issue each year.

Just like many of the other big colleges located in Florida, you can rest assured that Kaiser University is accredited and able to offer real degrees at different levels, depending on the course you would like to pursue.

Is Keiser University Accredited by The PGA?

Yes, Keiser is an accredited school with outstanding teaching staff in a range of disciplines. The College of Golf at Keiser University is comprised of PGA Master Professionals and certified PGA golfers who are committed to your development as a golfer.

No matter the role in golf that you’re hoping to land when you graduate, the College of Golf at Keiser University has you covered.

In fact, the golf degrees on offer at Keiser are well renowned throughout the United States, and you can select a program that is well suited to your interests as a potential golf professional.

The Golf Management courses at Keiser are particularly popular and will stand you in good stead as you look to succeed in the golf industry.

The fact that the courses delivered at Keiser are facilitated and taught by PGA professionals is important, as the same can’t be said for all golf academies. 

Judging by the quality of instruction at Keiser and the exceptional reviews of students who have passed through the college of golf in the past, there’s no doubt that studying at Keiser is a smart move if you’re hoping to make it in the golf industry.

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Is Keiser University Expensive?

No, Keiser University isn’t any more expensive than any other golf school that you can attend, and it’s a good option for anyone seeking to study for a golf-related degree in Florida.

The current cost of tuition at the Keiser university college of golf is $16,000 per semester. Students are also required to pay $2,510 per semester for golf education fees, as well as program fees of $800.

The fees include all aspects of the curriculum and various golf-related activities. Students are also permitted driving range and short-game privileges at multiple Palm Beach County Golf Courses seven afternoons each week, allowing you to work on various aspects of your game outside of the classroom.

Also included in the price are weekly lessons and golf clinics from the PGA teaching professionals at Keiser, and students can also use the V1 video system and ball launch monitors to track their statistics.

Is Keiser University a D1 School?

According to NCSA, Keiser University turns out in the Sun Conference of the NAIA division. The team participates under the name of the Keiser Seahawks, and the vast majority of their sports teams compete in the Sun Conference.

The women’s golf team has been particularly successful in the NAIA team national championships, winning in 2003, 2015, 2016, and 2021, illustrating the high quality of golf at the university.

Division one golf schools participate in the NCAA, and the best colleges include Stanford, the University of Florida, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. So, if you’re aspiring to play NCAA D1 golf at university, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Is the Golf Management Program Good?

The golf management program at Keiser has an outstanding reputation. Whether AS or BS, the degree prepares students for a variety of roles in the golf industry, from golf instruction to managing golf course operations.

The course structure follows a competency-based education format and seeks to provide learners with the requisite skills and knowledge to succeed in the golf industry. The course covers a range of important aspects of the game, from the fundamentals of the golf swing to the mental approach to golf.

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The golf management program is one of the college’s most popular courses and can be completed both online and remotely. You can also pursue your degree full-time or part-time, meaning you can fit your studies around your current work commitments.

Given Keiser’s reputation and the fact that so many people have great things to say about the golf management course, it’s an excellent option to consider if you’re hoping to establish a career in the golf industry.

Is Keiser University Hard to Get Into?

No,  Keiser University isn’t particularly difficult to get into, and it prides itself on offering places to people from various walks of life. It’s not like an Ivy League college that requires exceptional results and a range of other life experiences as prerequisites for consideration.

Although there is no handicap requirement to play at Keiser, you should speak to an admissions counselor before signing up to make sure you’re a good fit for the job you hope to land in the future.

From an educational standpoint, you will need to show verification of high school graduation or GED completion before applying, and you will need a composite score of at least 17 on the American College Testing Exam (ACT).

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for an awesome golf college program to boost your career prospects, Keiser University is worth thinking about.


The college of golf at Keiser University provides several degrees for anyone hoping to establish a career in the golf industry. The course is taught by PGA certified educators, and students can access the facilities at several local golf courses to work on their games.

So, regardless of the job that you aspire to in golf, you can take a step in the right direction by applying for a course at Keiser University. Be sure to weigh up your options and consider the pros and cons of each golf program before making your decision.