Kawasaki Golf Carts Reviews: is the Mule Any Good?

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If you’re looking for a new golf cart, you will be aware that there are so many brands to choose from. Most people look to the likes of Yamaha, EZGo, and Club Car, but Kawasaki is one company that you should consider.

As a manufacturer of exceptional ATVs, Kawasaki has produced The Mule, which is one of the most durable golf carts on the market.

In this article, we take a look at the Kawasaki Mule in more detail and help you decide whether this exceptional golf cart is what you’ve been looking for.

Does Kawasaki Make a Golf Cart?

Kawasaki manufactures The Mule, which is the company’s signature golf cart. In fact, The Mule is much more than a golf cart and is perfect for on and off-road use, as well as driving out on the golf course.

Watch this review video from Pine Hill Outdoors on YT as they present the stunning Kawasaki Mule PRO MX EPS:

This personal utility vehicle from Kawasaki is renowned for its exceptional build quality and elite performance, which is what we’ve come to expect from such a global brand. Below, we take a look at The Mule in detail and explain what makes it such a great option.

Models of Kawasaki Golf Carts to Lookout For

The Mule is Kawasaki’s golf cart and is built with adventure in mind. It is an extremely robust and hard-wearing golf cart, and it can be used on or off-road, as well as at your local golf course.

The Mule is perfect for use as a utility vehicle and is a popular choice with business customers for this reason.

There are several models of the Mule to consider, with the PRO-FXT being the most suitable for anyone looking for a passenger vehicle. However, there is also the Mule 4000 and the Mule SX, which are better suited for commercial purposes.

The fact that the Kawasaki Mule is available in multiple models is ideal, as you can easily find a golf cart to suit your requirements.

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Whether you’re looking for a vehicle to help you transport heavy loads around your property or are seeking a golf cart that is capable of off-roading, The Mule is ideal for you. But how much will a Kawasaki Mule set you back?

How Much are Kawasaki Golf Carts?

It’s fair to say that Kawasaki golf carts are a little on the expensive side, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Kawasaki carts are extremely durable and built to last, and the quality of the carts is reflected in the price.

The table below illustrates how much Kawasaki golf carts cost for each of the current models in their range:

Model Price
Mule SX$7,799
Mule 4000/4010$11,499
Mule Pro-MX$11,899
Mule Pro-FX$14,699
Mule Pro-DX Diesel$16,699
Mule Pro-FXR$16,999
Mule 4000/4010 Trans$12,799
Mule Pro-FXT$16,099
Mule Pro-DXT Diesel$16,999

Brand-new Kawasaki golf carts are priced between $7,799 and $16,999, but we have to say that the quality of The Mule justifies this price bracket. The Mule is extremely tough-wearing and reliable and is an excellent option for anyone looking for a golf cart.

If you’re looking for The Mule, but you don’t want to pay the above prices, we’d recommend checking out used online marketplaces to find your cart.

You can save several thousand dollars by purchasing a used Mule, so it’s worth checking the likes of eBay and Craigslist to discover listings in your area.

Are Kawasaki Golf Carts Reliable?

Yes, Kawasaki is known as a manufacturer of some of the most reliable golf carts on the market. In fact, they’re of comparable quality to the likes of Yamaha and EZGO, which are regularly viewed as the very best in the business.

The reason that Kawasaki golf carts are so reliable is because of their build quality. Each model is backed by the engineering knowledge of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and every golf cart comes with a three-year warranty as standard.

So, should you encounter any issues with your Kawasaki Mule in the first three years of owning it, you are covered by a comprehensive warranty. This is further justification for the price that Kawasaki demands for their carts, and the warranty itself is extremely valuable.

Given that there are so many branded golf carts on the market – some better than others – the fact that you can buy from an engineering company like Kawasaki provides you with the peace of mind that you’re buying a reliable golf cart that you can trust.

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Common Kawasaki Golf Cart Problems

The most common problem owners have with their Kawasaki golf carts is the usual “wear and tear” that occurs under normal usage. Tires, brakes and batteries are the 3 areas where owners have to take extra care when owning a Kawasaki golf cart.

But Kawasaki golf carts have an excellent reputation for being durable and extremely hard-wearing, and the vast majority of owners don’t encounter any issues with their carts.

That being said, you might experience some common faults with your Kawasaki golf cart as it gets older.

But as mentioned above, Kawasaki golf carts come with a comprehensive three-year warranty as standard, meaning that any issues you experience during this time will be covered by the manufacturer.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the Kawasaki Mule is the price. The passenger models of The Mule are expensive, with the cheapest option available at over $12,000.

However, price is relative, and Kawasaki’s golf carts are built to extremely high specifications. So, if you’re looking for a new golf cart and price isn’t a big issue for you, The Mule is undoubtedly worth your consideration.

Kawasaki Golf Carts for Sale?

You can buy a Kawasaki Mule golf cart directly from the manufacturer, which is a good place to go if you’re happy to order your golf cart online. Alternatively, you can buy new Kawasaki golf carts from a dealer in your region.

As one of the biggest brands in manufacturing, you will be able to find Kawasaki Mules for sale at multiple dealerships. However, The Mule is currently in high demand, so you might have to join a waiting list before you’re able to drive The Mule home.

Finally, you can check out online marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook to find used Kawasaki Mules that are available for a fraction of the price of new models.

This is also a good way of getting around the high price of The Mule in the first instance, particularly if you buy a golf cart that’s in good condition.

If you don’t know of any golf cart dealers in your area, a simple web search will direct you to those closest to your home, and these are a great place to begin your search for a Kawasaki Mule.

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Kawasaki Golf Cart Engine and Other Parts (where to Buy?)

The easiest place to buy Kawasaki golf cart engine parts is to contact the manufacturer directly via their website. This is particularly worth doing with Kawasaki, as you might find that certain parts are covered under your three-year warranty.

Alternatively, you can go to your local golf cart dealer and request the parts that you need.

It’s always a good idea to take your cart for a regular service, so find a dealer close to home that you can trust, as working on your cart yourself isn’t straightforward.

Another great place to find parts for your Kawasaki golf cart is online. Both eBay and Amazon stock parts that you can use to repair your Kawasaki Mule, so it’s worth checking out each online store to see if they have what you need.

What other ATVs does Kawasaki produce?

Kawasaki is known as a global manufacturer of a range of exceptional ATVs. As well as The Mule golf cart, you can buy quad bikes, motorcycles, and a range of other specialist ATVs. For instance, the TERYX KRX is a popular off-roader with various trail editions available.

You can also choose from a range of Kawasaki jet skis if you live by the coast, which is an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors with your friends and family.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a high-performance ATV, Kawasaki is the place to go. Their Mule golf cart is one of the best that we’ve reviewed, and it undoubtedly justifies its relatively high price point.


Kawasaki is a global leader as far as ATVs are concerned. If you’re looking to take a vehicle into the great outdoors, then Kawasaki is the brand for you. Their Mule golf cart is exceptional and performs extremely well on the golf course.

It’s built to extremely high specifications and is durable, making it an excellent option if you’re planning to use your golf cart away from the course.

Ultimately, we can’t recommend the Kawasaki Mule highly enough, and it’s a great choice if you’re in the market for a new golf cart.