Karma Golf Grips Review – Top 5 Rated!

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One of the most essential aspects of golf is the grip, which is the only part of the club that you really touch.

Grips are composed of materials that deteriorate and wear through time and use. Humidity, heat, grime, and oils from your hands all contribute to the natural aging of your grips.

The traction provided by a new grip allows you to hold the club gently without the risk of slipping throughout your swing. This pivotal condition encourages appropriate wrist movement and swing mechanics.

A worn grip forces you to grip the club tighter, which creates arm and wrist stress, which hinders good swing mechanics and results in a loss of power and control.

A new pair of grips is a cheap and quick method to make a visible difference and improvement to your golf game and Karma are one the best brands – let’s check out their top 5 grips:

1. Karma Velour Golf Grips (with Tape & Solvent)

Karma Velour Red Jumbo Golf Grip Kit with Tape Strips, Grip Solvent, Rubber Vise Clamp, 13 Rubber Velvet Style +1/16” Oversized Replacement Golf Grips for Men
Karma Golf Grips are the preferred brand of intelligent golfers searching for factory direct golf grips at a fraction of the cost.

Karma grips are designed with performance and value in mind. There is some good Karma for everyone, from full strokes off the tee to precise putting on the green to specific training grips for those learning the game.

A timeless grip at an unbeatable price. The Karma Velour grips come in a range of colors and patterns, with an established grip pattern and excellent performance and feel.

Available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate almost every golfer.

Pros of the Karma Velour Golf Grips

Hi-Grade Soft Rubber Compound:

This means that it is easier to clean and won’t slip and slide in your hands if ever your hands get a little sweaty during the game.

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The soft rubber compound also makes it a good grip to use in any weather conditions due to the non-slip nature of the construction.

Multiple Sizing Options:

The Karma Velour Golf Grips come in 5 different size variations: Standard size, ladies size, junior size, mid-size, and jumbo size.

No need to worry whether or not your new grip will feel comfortable in your hand since you can pick which size you’re most compatible with.

Karma Velour Golf Grips are Best Suited For:

These grips are versatile and are suitable for any type of player who needs to replace their golf grip.

Compatible with just about any golf club – they are made to standard sizes and the kit also includes a handy grip clamp, tape, and solvent.

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2. Karma Jumbo Golf Grips in Black

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Oversized golf grips are mostly utilized by players who have bigger hands.

The Karma Velour Jumbo Grips include a traditional black color scheme and a well-known grip design.

A new, softer rubber composition has been developed that has been highly received online by golfers favoring a softer feel.

Weighing just 64 grams per rubber – these are superb, light grips that ship in a classic black color.

Pros of the Karma Jumbo Golf Grips

High Comfort Level for Players with Larger Hands:
You may feel bunched up and uncomfortable if you have large hands and are using a standard-sized grip.

The Karma jumbo grips remedy this problem with more space to securely place your hands around the club handle with your preferred gripping technique.

Can Help with Achieving a More Consistent Swing:
These oversized grips can assist golfers with larger hands feel like they have a stronger hold on the club without having to grasp it too tightly.

Any time a golfer gains more confidence and control over club, marginal improvements are almost instantaneous.

Increased Comfort for Senior Players:
If you have arthritis or other age-related conditions, a larger golf grip might reduce the amount of bending your fingers are required to hold the golf club.

A thicker grip enables the fingers to grip the club with less tightness around the finger joints.

Karma Jumbo Sized Black Golf Grips are Best Suited For:

Obviously for players with larger hands but that’s not all.

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Older players aged around 65 plus with health conditions relating to finger joints could benefit from the larger grip area.

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3. Karma Ladies Pink Golf Grips

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The Karma Velour Pink grip has a feminine pink color scheme and a tried-and-true grip design from one of the leading golf grip manufacturers in the US.

A new, softer rubber composition is attached to the club via double-sided tape strips that come with this pack of 13 grips.

There is also a handy vice clamp that is used to quickly attach your new grips in just a few minutes.

Pros of the Karma Ladies Pink Golf Grips

  • Aimed at women golfers who prefer a softer look to their clubs without compromise on comfort or performance.
  • Very light, weighing just 46 grams per grip.
  • Undersized and fit just about any ladies’ set of clubs including petite.
  • Easy to apply adhesive tape strips with solvent already applied.

Karma Ladies Pink Golf Grips are Best Suited For:

Women golfers who want to customize their clubs in a specific manner.

These are pink in color but not too bright and would look great on any type of club including the latest range from Callaway, Wilson, Titleist or PING.

They are very light and comfortable – the high-grade rubber has a very tactile feeling to it.

But makes no mistake, they are built to last and are very durable.

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4. Karma Super Lite Golf Grip Kit

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This product includes a surface that is multi-textured that provides different levels of thumb slip resistance and upper/lower regions of the hands – the areas where it is most needed.

The overall weight is reduced in these super-light grips but the swing weight is increased by 3 or 4 points compared to a normal weight grip.

The kit includes a bottle of solvent, clamp, and double-sided grip tape.

Pros of the Karma Super Lite Golf Grips

Firmer Grip:
The thumbs and upper/lower regions of the hands, which are the places where it is most needed, have a multi-textured surface that provides higher levels of slip resistance.

Decreased Weight:
The lightweight structure of the product helps golfers lose that extra weight upon up and down-swing. If you prefer your clubs to be as light as possible then you should seriously take a look at these grips.

Full Range of Sizes:
The Karma Super Lite Golf Grips come in three different size variations: Standard, midsize, and jumbo.

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It has options for all players’ preferences and hand sizes making it one of the best lightweight grips on the market.

Karma Super Lite Golf Grips are Best Suited For:

With a weight of just 30 grams for the standard size, these are super responsive grips that every “touch” golfer would appreciate.

Even for beginners or high handicapper’s these grips could be a much better choice for golfers who prefer to feel a significantly higher contact when striking the clubhead onto the ball.

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5. Karma Neon II Golf Grip Bundle

Karma Neion II Orange Golf Grips for Men (13 Pack), Standard Size

The Karma Neion II grips have a multi-textured surface that provides a good combination of slip resistance and feel.

They come in five different colors: orange, lime green, blue, fuchsia, and neon yellow.

Make your game more colorful and enjoyable with the neon range.

Pros of the Neon Golf Grip Bundle

  • Standard core size of 0.560 inches.
  • Bright neon colors that really stand out.
  • High-quality rubber that is durable and responsive.
  • Comes in a pack of 13 so you can re-grip all of your bag.
  • Very cheap golf club grips – they work out at around $3 per grip.

Neon Golf Grip are Best Suited For:

Even though the Neon II Grip only has 1 size available (standard), these grips will appeal to golfers who want to add a splash of neon to their club set.

These grips are of good quality and there is plenty of choices when it comes to picking a color.

Will you opt for the bright green or maybe a pop of yellow to really stand out from the crowd.

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Karma Golf Grip Round Up

Grip size is an important consideration in club fitting and performance.

While conventional grip sizes are appropriate for the great majority of golfers, larger or undersized grips can help many players.

There is no one-size-fits-all grip for all golfers, and grip selection is highly dependent on personal demands and preferences.

Investing in a new set of grips is a low-cost and quick way to improve your game.

A worn grip compels you to grasp the club tighter, causing arm and wrist strain and a loss of power and control.

Karma Grips offers all kinds of different grips, and these five (5) are on the top of the list.