JumboMax Golf Grips Reviews: Legal and Worth It?

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Choosing the correct grip for your golf clubs is important, as doing so will ensure you can hit your shots accurately and consistently.

While many recreational golfers stick to the grips fitted by the club manufacturer as standard, upgrading your grips can help to improve your game.

And one popular brand that has received a lot of hype recently is JumboMax.

Considered as one of the best tour-quality oversized grips on the market, JumboMax grips are used by players at all levels of the game.

JumboMax Golf Grips STR8 Tech Tour Series Non-Tapered Golf Club Grips, Super-Oversized Profile Golf Driver Grip, 13 Units, Medium (+5/16')
But what exactly are they? And can they help you improve your game?

We explain everything in our JumboMax golf grips reviews guide to help you decide if they’re suitable for the clubs in your golf bag.

What Are JumboMax Grips?

JumboMax grips are oversized, tour-quality golf grips that use advanced technology to help players at all levels of the game improve their ball striking. There are four core models of Jumbo Max grips for irons and woods.

These currently include:

  • UltraLite
  • Tour Series
  • Wrap
  • Str8Tech

As for putters, you can opt for:

  • MX Jumboflat 17
  • JMX Armlock 21
  • ST/1.2 & ST/1.3
  • Mid-Jumbo

We take a look at JumboMax grips in more detail below and answer your burning questions to help you decide if they’re a good fit for your bag.

JumboMax Putter Grips JumboFlat 17 Golf Putter Grip, Oversize ArmLock Grip Profile, White/Black/Silver

Are JumboMax Grips Legal?

JumboMax Grips are approved by the USGA and these oversized grips are legal in all forms of golf including tournament play, long drive, and specialized sanctioned events. You can play on your local golf course with JumboMax without worrying about them being illegal.

Are JumboMax Grips Any Good?

JumboMax grips are among the best grips in the game and are consistently ranked highly by verified reviewers and equipment testers. In contrast to the old adage “One Size Fits All”, JumboMax grips can be personalized to ensure they’re a perfect fit for your clubs.

Three aspects of JumboMax grips that stand them apart include:

  1. Feel Fiber: This is the material that controls grip firmness, and because it’s thicker than other grips, it reduces harmful vibrations that can cause you to hit poor shots (or even injure yourself).
  2. Poly-Tour Outer: The exterior of the grip is finished with a material known as Poly-Tour Outer, which is an all-weather tack that provides exceptional traction, allowing you to control your shots even in the rain.
  3. Stability Core: The core of the grip is built with sturdiness in mind and enables players to power through the shot.
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As the name suggests, JumboMax grips are bigger than standard and are widely regarded by many players who use them to increase the power and distance of their ball striking.

JumboMax MJ Putter Grip, White/Lime/Black

Should I Use JumboMax Golf Grips?

You should consider using JumboMax golf grips for 3 main reasons of maintaining firm grip pressure, less vibration, and being not satisfied with your current grip, and wanting to try another reputable brand.

To break these reasons further down on why you should use JumboMax grips:

  • You want to increase your power with more consistent grip pressure.
  • You feel the vibrations through thinner grips when ball striking.
  • You struggle with pressure on your joints when striking the ball – thicker grips reduce the negative impact of vibrations and allow you to practice for longer.
  • You want to try something different after using standard grips for most of your golf career to date!

However, in reality, this is a difficult question to answer, as everyone is different!

When you’re considering the perfect grips for your golf clubs, you need to feel comfortable when you’re lining up, which is the most important thing.

And because JumboMax grips are oversized, they won’t necessarily be suitable for everyone.

JumboMax Set of 1 Tour Series Golf Grips Red White Blue X-Small (JR/Junior) (+3/16')
It’s also important to note that not all JumboMax grips are huge.

For instance, their X-Small oversized grips are only slightly bigger than conventional grips, so you can benefit from the added technology without drastically changing your setup and the way that your clubs feel in your hands.

Given that JumboMax grips are trusted by some of the biggest names on the PGA Tour (as we explore below), they’re definitely worth your consideration.

Do Any PGA Tour Pros Use JumboMax Grips?

The biggest name on the PGA Tour to use JumboMax Grips is Bryson DeChambeau, also known as “The Scientist” for his extraordinarily methodical approach to the game of golf.

DeChambeau is also one of the longest hitters on tour, which is one of the primary reasons that he switched to JumboMax grips in the first instance.

Bryson uses JumboMax UltraLite XL grips on his woods and irons and has long been a fan of JumboMax grips over the years.

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JumboMax Putter Grips JumboFlat 17 Golf Putter Grip, Oversize ArmLock Grip Profile, White/Black/Silver
Other notable PGA Tour pros who use JumboMax grips include two-time US Open Champion Retief Goosen, Mike Schy, Tadd Fujikawa, and Simon Dyson.

Golfers at the elite level of the game are always looking for a slight advantage over their competitors, and selecting the right grip is of the utmost importance.

The fact that JumboMax grips are trusted by the likes of DeChambeau and Goosen should provide all the assurance you need that these grips can do the business!

But as is the case when you’re selecting all other aspects of your clubs (heads, shafts, etc.), you need to consider what works for you, and there are certainly other grips out there that you might be better suited to.

Can JumboMax Grips Improve Your Consistency?

For some players, JumboMax grips will help you improve your consistency. Pioneering the first oversized tour-quality grip, JumboMax grips promise to “improve your accuracy with improved clubface stability.”

This is a bold claim, but it’s backed up by many verified reviews that corroborate the claims that JumboMax grips can help you hit straighter golf shots more consistently.

The reason why JumboMax grips can improve your consistency is that they slow down the closure rate when you strike the ball.

JumboMax Golf Grips JMX Ultralite Tapered Golf Club Grips, Oversize Golf Grips 25% Lighter Than Standard, Black W/RWB Golf Grips - Set of 13 Small/SM (+1/4)
Because the grip is thicker, it takes more effort to turn your clubface, which means it is more likely to stay square for a longer period of time. The result? Less shanked or hooked shots.

Granted, JumboMax grips won’t eliminate poor shots altogether, but there’s definitely evidence to suggest that using a thicker grip can help to reduce the amount of poorly timed shots you hit, which ultimately helps you improve the consistency of your ball striking.

The same is true when you add a thicker grip to your putter.

Using a thicker grip reduces the likelihood of pulling your putts wide of the hole and encourages you to execute your stroke more consistently.

While an oversized grip doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, these are the primary reasons why many golfers are switching to JumboMax and other brands.

How Do You Size a JumboMax Golf Grip?

JumboMax provides golfers with a range of grip sizes, meaning you need to think carefully about the right grip for you. The first determinant of which JumboMax golf grip you should opt for is how big your golf club is.

The following table provides you with a guide:

Golf Glove SizeJumboMax Grip Size
Small/Medium CadetStandard oversize to X-Small
MediumX-Small to Small
Medium/LargeSmall to Medium
X-LargeMedium to Large
XX-LargeLarge to X-Large
XXX-LargeExtra Large
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Once you’ve got an idea of the correct size, you will then need to choose your preferred grip, and you have a choice of the following:

  • Wrap
  • Ultralite
  • Tour
  • Str8 Tech

Each of the JumboMax grips is available in each of the sizes listed above, so you can personalize your grips to ensure they meet your exact specifications.

For more information about how to size a JumboMax golf grip, you can view the sizing guide on the company’s website.

Are Thicker Golf Grips Better?

There’s no definitive answer to this question as all golfers are different, but there are good reasons why thicker golf grips might be better for some golfers. The benefits of using thicker golf grips include alleviating pain, gaining more accuracy, and hitting the ball straighter.

This is explained in more detail as:

  • Pain relief:  If you have any pre-existing medical conditions like arthritis, you are likely to find thicker grips a lot more comfortable. Thicker grips also reduce the impact that your swing and ball striking have on your joints, even if you’re perfectly fit and healthy.
  • Improved control: As mentioned, thicker grips can help you hit the ball more squarely, which ultimately improves your control and accuracy as you approach the green.
  • Better trajectory: Recreational players who struggle to hit the ball straight and true often slice or hook the ball because they don’t grip the club properly. Switching to a thicker grip can improve the flight of your ball trajectory, resulting in much better shots.

So, while it’s not necessarily accurate to say that thicker grips are better than more conventional golf grips, they will undoubtedly be beneficial to various players.

If you find yourself struggling with your control, accuracy, and consistency, it might be worthwhile to upgrade your grips and see if it makes a difference to your game.

JumboMax Putter Grips ST/1.3 Jumbo Golf Putter Grips, Ultralite, Oversized Golf Grip, USGA Approved, White/Black/Green

Jumbo Golf Grips: Are You Going to Get them Fitted?

Golfers at all levels of the game can benefit from using thicker grips, and JumboMax is one of the best brands out there.

As detailed in this JumboMax golf grips reviews write-up, trusted by several high-profile PGA Tour Pros, JumboMax grips help you to improve your distance, accuracy, and trajectory.

That being said, thicker grips won’t be the perfect fit for everyone. So, the bottom line is that you need to take into consideration your personal preferences before switching to JumboMax grips.