Is Golf on Amazon Prime Video? – How to Watch Live!

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How can I watch golf on Amazon? If you’re a fan of watching golf and want to find out how to watch it on amazon, then this blog post is for you. You’ll learn what channels are available on Amazon Prime Video (and which ones offer live streaming), as well as the best devices that will allow you to stream any channel from your TV or laptop.

Golf is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video and you get access as a Prime member to watch live coverage. Watch in HD and view additional golf content which is all accessible through prime membership. So, if you want to follow specific PGA tours from Thursday to Sunday sign-up. 


Is the PGA Golf Tour Free with Amazon Prime?

When you join Amazon Prime Video, there is a 30-day trial period for free.

Here, you have the same free access to books and famous TV shows and movies as the member who has paid $12.99/month.

However, to watch the PGA Golf tour, there is an additional fee that you will pay monthly or yearly in addition to prime video membership.

How Much Does it Cost per Month?

It’s only after joining the prime membership that you can go ahead and subscribe for live golf.

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That means you need a $12.99 monthly fee for Prime membership. And thereafter, you will pay $9.99/month to join a live PGA TOUR.

However, you can save a lot with the PGA tour subscription by paying an annual fee of $39.99 (on top of your annual Prime membership) But this is true for those following up the entire season.

And with this, you get access to live broadcasts of prime tournaments.

Can I Cancel at Any Time When There is No Sport to Watch? can assist you in managing your prime video subscription in which sport is part of it.

Just visit, click on “Go to Manage Your Prime Video Channels”.

Here, fill in your account details to sign in and then chose Prime Video channels.

At this point, you can choose the channel you don’t need and cancel it.

Meanwhile, if you accept, self-service refund, the cancelation is on, but you have until the cancelation date to reverse the cancellation or allow it through.

Does Prime Video have an App to Watch the Golf?

Yes, it has. Through the Prime Video app, you can watch golf on smart TVs, tablets, and smartphones.

And this app is supported on Android devices, iOS devices among others.

Therefore, visit your Google store, play store, or app store and search for the Prime Video app and then download it.

Complete the installation process, sign up processes and get access to the select golf games wherever you are.

Plus, the Prime Video application provides you with a chance to watch content offline.

And all you got to do is load the titles into your device.

That said, this can only be done on the following devices, Android, Tablet, iPhone, and iPad.

What Platforms Can I Watch the PGA Tour Golf On?

The following is a list of platforms where you can watch the PGA tour golf on:

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Smart TVs: only if your device has the prime app. (most smart TVs can download the app).

Media Players and Set-Top Boxes: if your media player or set-top box is from most of the mainstream US providers, you can watch PGA.

Computer: besides the app, you can access the prime video through your computer. But your computer must meet a list of minimum requires which includes:

  • Type of web browser, you need like Chrome ideally.
  • Check that anti-virus software does not block the app.
  • Windows 10 computer application requirements.


Mobile Devices: the prime video application can be used on either Android or iOS devices. Therefore, check the requirements for each of these operating systems to determine whether your device supports it.

Game Consoles: if you own any of the following gaming consoles, you can access PGA tour through Amazon prime:

  • Microsoft Xbox One
  • Microsoft Xbox Series S and X
  • Sony PS 3, 4/Pro and 5

Blu-Ray players: use your blue-ray player to access the Amazon video app from the following manufacturers:

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • LG

Amazon Device – Amazon devices that support PGA tour include Fire Tablet, an Echo device with a display, and Fire TV.

Is there a Free Trial on Prime Video?

Yes, there is a free trial on prime video. However, it’s only available to new members or those who have been members for less than a year. And to sign up for it, then you must have a genuine credit card that’s current. That means any other options of payment like checking accounts are not allowed. And to sign up,

  • Visit Amazon Prime website
  • Choose “Start your free trial”
  • Complete the sign-up using the on-screen instructions.
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Once you are enrolled in Amazon prime video, you also get two-day free shipping besides access to the package.

Speaking of packages, there are prime video, music, TV shows, and books among others.

And after the free trial with no charges, you are automatically signed up to a payment plan for members.

Can I get the Golf Channel on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, there is no Golf Channel on Amazon Prime. What you can get instead is PGA Tour live channel. This channel gives you access to select live golf tournaments.

What other Live Sports Does Prime Video Cover?

In addition to Golf, there are other live sports you can follow through the Amazon Prime Video.

However, most of them are accessible through the sports channels within Amazon prime. And these channels include CBS and MLB.TV.

Within CBS, you will watch various live sports, like PGA, NFL, football, and college basketball.

On the other hand, MLB.TV on Amazon provides live coverage of all baseball games.

Therefore, you can watch select baseball games that other marketplaces cannot access.

Ready to Sign Up for Prime Video to Watch the Live Golf?

Finally, Amazon Prime Video is the missing link you’ve been looking for a world-class experience of PGA golf tour.

With the many devices, browsers, and operating systems it supports, there’s got to be something for you.

So, go through the platforms supported and choose which among your devices is best for Amazon Prime Video and download it.


So if you are into other sports whether it’s baseball, basketball, or football, there is something for you as well. Sign up for Amazon Prime membership today and get access to all sports channels and find what fits you.