Iomic Golf Grips: 8 Key Facts Before You Buy!

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There are lots of grip manufacturers out there, making it difficult to settle on the best manufacturer for your golf grips.

One brand that is becoming increasingly popular is Iomic, a Japanese manufacturer known for its impressive selection of sticky grips that are extremely durable.

In this article, we take a closer look at Iomic golf grips and provide you with all the information you need to know in order to make a decision about whether they’re a good choice for your golf clubs.

1. What are Iomic Golf Grips?

Iomic golf grips are extremely durable and are a popular option among amateur and professional golfers alike. They are water and UV-resistant, which means they’re less likely to fade, crack, and dry out when compared to other grips.

Iomic Sticky 2.3 Golf Grip (New Green)

The concept for Iomic grips was established in Osaka, Japan, and due to the popularity of the grips, the company has become a global leader in the provision of golf grips to some of the best players on the planet.*

You can find a broad range of grips in different compositions, styles, and colors within the Iomic range, offering you significant choices when it comes to opting for the ideal golf grip for your game.

So, if you’re considering Iomic, read on to find out everything you need to know about this leading grip manufacturer and how their grips can potentially help your golf game this season.

2. Are Iomic Golf Grips Any Good?

It’s fair to say that Iomic golf grips are among the best that money can buy. We make this assertion due to the exceptional durability of Iomic golf grips and because they are manufactured to extremely high standards.

Iomic iXx 2.3 Golf Grip (Coral Red)

Specifically, Iomic grips have been created with the knowledge that torque plays a big role in the grip, as well as the shaft.

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As such, there are a number of Iomic grips within their current range to reflect different degrees of torque, something that is usually only attributed to shafts.

What’s more, before being shipped out, Iomic grips are put through a rigorous 7-point Q&A process, ensuring that the high standards are met, and each Iomic grip is manufactured to the expected levels of quality.**

Therefore, if you’re looking for one of the leading grips in golf, Iomic is a brand that you undoubtedly need to consider for your golf clubs this season.

3. What Types of Grips are in the Iomic Range?

There are lots of grips within the Iomic range to consider, including:

  • iX (Touch 2.0, 2.3, SA 2.0)
  • Sticky (Jumbo, 2.3, Evolution, 1.8, ribbed, MID, Putter) 
  • Army (65g, Black army 65g)
  • MID Evolution
  • Putter Grip (55g, 65g, or 75g)
  • X-Evolution (2.6)
  • Absolute X
  • X-Grip (2.3)
  • Moebius Black (1.8)

Ultimately, you can select Iomic grips for all of the clubs in your bag if you wish, and each of them has its own characteristics for you to consider.

The Sticky range of Iomic grips is particularly popular, and there are several series to consider. The Sticky grips are eco-friendly (made from recycled Iomic grips) and have a soft surface of Lomax material.

IOMIC Golf Grip Sticky Opus2 No Backline White x Red Art Grip Series Base: White x Red End: Red M60

You can choose a Sticky grip in a color scheme to match your preference, enabling you to add a talking point to your clubs this season.

You can review the specifications of each of the grips listed above by listing the Iomic website and checking out the range of grips currently available.***

4. Which Pros Use Iomic Grips?

As one of the leading grips in golf, Iomic is widely played in the professional game, particularly among Asian players. For instance, Masters Champion Hideki Matsuyama is known to play Iomic grips, and he’s perhaps the highest-profile player to do so.

Aside from Hideki, YE Yang and KJ Choi have both played Iomic, and we’re starting to see more and more players try something slightly different, given the huge popularity of Golf Pride grips among current Tour professionals.

But it’s not just professionals who use Iomic grips, and the brand has enjoyed popularity among amateur and recreational players alike, largely due to their durability and the fact that they’re available in lots of exciting colors.

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Therefore, if you wish to emulate some of the leading Asian players on Tour, there’s no reason not to opt for Iomic grips this season.

5. Iomic Grips vs. Golf Pride

Golf Pride is the leading grip in golf, and more than 75% of Tour professionals equip their clubs with Golf Pride grips. Specifically, Golf Pride Velvet grips tend to be the most popular grips in golf due to their comfort and performance.

One of the main differences between Iomic and Golf Pride is that Iomic grips are typically softer and tackier.

This helps with vibrations on your joints, and it’s also great for weatherproofing, as you don’t need to worry about slippy hands when it rains.

Another difference is that Iomic grips come with low torque, which helps to stabilize the grip and minimize twisting during the swing.

Therefore, they’re a particularly good option for players who have faster swing speeds.

While there are some notable differences between Golf Pride and Iomic, they are both trusted brands with an excellent selection of grips, meaning you can opt for either and expect great results out on the course this season.

6. How Do You Clean Iomic Grips?

You can clean your Iomic golf grips with soap and water, as you would clean other grips. They are water resistant and extremely durable, meaning that cleaning them with soap and water won’t affect their structure or performance.

When cleaning your Iomic grips, it’s really important not to apply too much pressure with an abrasive surface, as you risk damaging the exterior of the grip.

For stubborn dirt, some golfers have found that a small application of WD40 and a gentle rub can make a big difference. This is worth trying out, particularly on the ends of the grips, where it can be difficult to remove stubborn dirt particles.

It’s best to clean your Iomic grips regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating on your grips. This will keep them in good shape and increase their durability over time.

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7. Where are Iomic Grips Made?

Iomic is a Japanese brand, and its headquarters are in Osaka, Japan. They have factories in Japan and Thailand, and all of the grips produced for the North American market are manufactured in one of their Asian factories.

As mentioned previously, Iomic grips undergo a 7-point Q&A process before being processed and exported, ensuring that the high Iomic standards are maintained.

Although an Asian brand, Iomic is one of the leading grips in Europe and North America.

After all, golfers are interested in products that are built to high specifications and deliver in terms of affordability, performance, and durability.

It’s for this reason that Iomic has developed such a good reputation globally.

You can buy Iomic grips from a number of online stores – including Grips4Less – and they are widely available in the North American market.

8. How Can You Tell a Fake Iomic Grip?

There are several ways to tell if an Iomic grip is counterfeit. The easiest way is to look at the packaging that it comes in. Lots of fake Iomic grips come in gold-topped packaging, but Iomic only ever uses white and blue tops for their authentic grips.

Another test you can do is to hold the Iomic grip horizontally. If the grip dips at one end and has a soft interior, it’s likely to be fake. Authentic Iomic grips should hold true and feel firm to the touch.

You can also do a smell test to determine if you have a real Iomic grip. Authentic grips have no smell at all, while the vast majority of counterfeit grips have a pungent rubber smell that is immediately apparent when you open the packaging.

To avoid inauthentic Iomic grips that are circulating online, you should buy your grips from trusted online sources or verified Iomic retailers.


Iomic grips have become increasingly popular in recent times thanks to their impressive design, excellent performance, and durability.

If you’re looking for an affordable grip that will stand the test of time and help you strike the ball consistently, Iomic is a brand that you should undoubtedly consider this season.


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