How to Install and Fix a Golf Cart Windshield!

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Most of the golf carts do not come fitted with a windshield, as they are supposed to be driven on the golf courses and used sparingly. But enthusiasts like to use their golf carts more often and to make them all-season friendly, make certain modifications to their carts.

Windshields are one of the most common modifications done to a golf cart. They keep the occupants protected from the oncoming harmful objects, ideal for rainy days and winters when the breeze becomes unbearable and can be folded as well for an airy experience in summers

So let’s understand how hard is it to install a windshield in a golf cart, how to remove and fix it if cracked, and how to measure the size accurately.

Is it Hard to Install a Golf Cart Windshield?

Installing a windshield in a golf cart is not a difficult process and with proper tools and technique, it can be easily done in your garage. You must measure the size and get an accurate-sized, quality windshield for your golf cart.

Check out the video from DIY Golf Cart which clearly shows how simple the process is:

Windshield installation in a golf cart is a relatively easier job and one can learn to do it themselves (DIY).

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to install a golf cart windshield:

  1. Get an accurately sized windshield and all the necessary tools, including a wrench, strut brackets, and 10 mm screws.
  2. Most golf carts have a dedicated hole for screws that hold the windshield in place. Take the 10 mm screws and put the rubber grommets around their neck, to support the lower end of the windshield rests.
  3. Install the strut brackets on both sides of the windshield by snapping them on.
  4. With the help of these brackets, install the windshield on the front of the golf cart with a snap-fit. Bring the windshield down to rest on the rubber grommets located on the lower side, and secure it on the upper side of the poles by two plastic clamps.
  5. Remove the protective covering at the end to avoid any scratches.
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How Do You Fix a Golf Cart Windshield?

To fix a cracked or broken golf cart windshield, you need a few tools including a drill, and an adhesive repair material to fill and repair the crack. It’s a simple process and can be done DIY at home.

Most golf cart windshields are made of acrylic or polycarbonate, both of which have excellent durability and visibility. These windshields are usually shock and shatter-resistant, but a hard blow can cause damage in the form of a crack that needs repairing.

Here’s how you can fix a golf cart windshield:

  1. Carefully remove the windshield and place it securely on a firm platform.
  2. Get the following tools: a drill, protective eyewear, repair material (Plexiglass adhesive or curable epoxy resin), and an abrasive.
  3. Locate and isolate the crack. Using a drill, carefully make a hole on one side of the crack.
  4. Clean the area and using the repair material, fill the crack by dripping the adhesive or epoxy resin. By dropping it in the hole, it gradually flows into the crack by capillary action.
  5. Let it cure for 15 minutes and remove the excess material using the abrasive pad.
  6. Put it back on the golf cart and you’re good to go.

How to Remove an Old Golf Cart Windshield?

Depending on the type of support, you’d need a wrench and a screwdriver to undo the bolts and supporting parts for removing the windshield on your golf cart.

1. Most golf carts have screws and clips supporting the windshield. 

2. Firstly, undo the clips and fold the upper part of the windshield if it’s retractable.

3. Then put your hands on both strut brackets and unlatch them one by one by pulling motion. Removing both frames at once is not advisable as the windshield can slip and drop.

4. Remove the frames from the windshield and unscrew the bolts from the golf cart.

5. Some windshields are made of flexible material and installed using latch-on buttons. These can either be removed by unlatching those buttons or even rolled up and secured in place. 

How Do You Measure a Golf Cart Windshield?

To get a precise measurement for a golf cart windshield, measure the width and height of the front metal frame of the golf cart with a measurement tape. You should get the readings at 3 different points across the length to ensure accuracy.

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Although most golf carts have a rectangle-shaped front frame and you can easily measure the size for a windshield installation, some latest models have curvy frames due to a sporty shape, making it difficult to measure and design the windshield.

Follow this step by step guide to understand how to measure a golf cart windshield:

  1. You’ve to measure the width and height of the frame accurately, to get a precise windshield that doesn’t budge out of the cart or falls short of the frame.
  2. First of all, measure the width of the frame. You must measure from the outer edge. Measuring from left to right, take readings from three different points from top to bottom to find any discrepancy.
  3. Then measure the height of the frame. Measuring from top to bottom, take measurements from 3 different points from left to right.
  4. If you get different readings, it is due to a curvy/bendy shape and you’d have to get a custom-designed windshield for the golf cart.

How Do You Put on an EZ-GO Windshield?

For an EZ-GO windshield installation, get the windshield and tools, which include a wrench, side strut brackets, and 10 mm screws. Then follow a 5 step guide to safely put it on the cart.

  1. EZ-GO golf carts have dedicated holes for screws to support the windshield. Put the rubber grommets around the neck of both 10 mm screws. This rubber frame protects the windshield from cracking.
  2. Install the side strut brackets on both sides of the windshield by snapping motion.
  3. Install the windshield on the front of your EZ GO golf cart with these strut brackets. The brackets snap-fit onto both of the front metal poles/pillars.
  4. On the lower side, the windshield rests on the rubber frame on the screws and is secured on the upper part with 2 plastic clips.
  5. The protective covering from the windshield is removed at the end to avoid any scratches.

How Do You Put a Windshield on a Club Car DS?

Installing the windshield on a Club Car DS is simpler than that on the EZ GO golf cart and requires no tools or drilling.

Follow these simple steps to easily put a windshield on your Club Car DS:

  1. Get a properly fitting windshield, and 7 strut brackets.
  2. Club Car DS has an almost rectangular front metal frame, and it doesn’t require any holes or screws.
  3. Install 3 strut brackets on the lower side of the frame with a snap-fit, and keep an equal distance between them.
  4. Fit the lower edge of the windshield in these 3 brackets.
  5. Secure the windshield on the side of the frame with 2 strut brackets on each side.
  6. On the top, 2 clips hold the windshield firmly in place on both sides of the metal frame.
  7. Remove the protective covering from the mainframe of the windshield to avoid scratching.
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How Do You Put a Windshield on a Yamaha Golf Cart?

Installation of the windshield on a Yamaha golf cart is similar to EZ-GO and you’d need certain tools to properly fit it to the front metal frame.

Follow this step-by-step guide for easy understanding and installation.

  1. Get a compatible windshield and all the necessary tools, including a wrench, Allen wrench, rubber grommets, and strut brackets.
  2. With rubber grommets on, pass the screws through the lower side of the windshield via 2 holes.
  3. Place the windscreen on the metal frame of the golf cart, pass the screws through the specific housing made for them and tighten the screws with a wrench.
  4. Secure the windshield on the sides of the metal frame with strut brackets that easily snap-fit, and on the upper end with 2 plastic clamps/clips.
  5. Remove the plastic covering at the end.


Golf cart windshields are one of the most common accessories added for the convenience of golfers, especially in windy weather and the rainy season.

It is not that hard to install a windshield on a golf cart as most of these are designed to be fitted with simple tools and techniques.

Similarly, if your windshield gets cracked and the damage is within a 3 diameter, you can easily fix it. Simply drill a hole on one edge of the crack and fill the crack with Plexiglass adhesive or epoxy resin.

Before buying a windshield for your golf cart, get accurate measurements for it using a measurement tape. Take readings of the width and height from three different points to look for discrepancies.

To install a windshield on your EZ GO, Club Car, or Yamaha golf carts, simply get all the required tools, a windshield, and strut brackets.

Secure the windshield on the lower side of the frame with screws having rubber grommets for protection, and on the sides with strut brackets and plastic clamps.

It can be retracted in summers to enjoy an open-air experience and protects you from the cold breeze in summers by folding open.