How to Play the Golf Card Game (and Win!)

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Golf enthusiasts, listen up! You don’t need to hit the greens to enjoy a game of golf. With just a standard deck of 52 cards, you can play the Golf Card Game with your friends and family anywhere in the world.

There are several variations of the Golf Card Game, and this article will introduce you to the basics of the four, six, and nine-card versions.

The objective of the game is to score lower than your fellow players, just like in real golf. Now, let’s delve into the world of this captivating card game and discover how to play it with joy and excitement.

What is the Golf Card Game?

The Golf Card Game is a competitive card game where players aim to score as little as possible, similar to the real-life game of golf. Each player has a square or rectangular layout of cards in front of them, with four, six, or nine cards depending on the players’ preference.

The game consists of nine or eighteen deals, each representing a hole in golf, which corresponds to the length of most golf courses.

Players take turns drawing new cards and replacing unwanted cards, which are discarded. Victory in the game belongs to the player who achieves the lowest score imaginable.

This game is recognized under various names across the globe. For instance, in certain regions of Europe, it is referred to as Polish Polka or Polish Poker.

In other parts of the world, the four-card game is often referred to as Turtle, the six-card game is known as Hara Kari, and the nine-card game is referred to as Crazy Nines.

Despite the different variations, the objective of the game remains the same, as players compete to make a layout of cards in front of them while scoring the lowest possible score.

Four Card Golf Game Explained

Four Card Golf is a popular card game that involves four initial cards dealt to each player. The dealer distributes four cards to each player, which they then place face down in a square formation before them.

All remaining undealt cards are placed face-down in the center of the table, and the top card is turned face up and placed next to the stock, so all players can see what it is. This card then becomes the discard pile.

At the beginning of the game, each player can only examine the two cards closest to them once. These cards cannot be viewed again until they are either discarded or scored at the end.

If a player does not want to play the card they’ve drawn, they can put it on the discard pile directly.

Moving in a clockwise direction, players take turns drawing cards from the pile. These cards can be used to replace one of the cards in their layout. The replaced card is then placed face up on the discard pile.

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Once the play is over, every player’s cards are revealed and placed face-up in the layout. The numerical cards score face value while each Jack or Queen scores ten points.

Most people score a King at zero and an ace at one, while a two sometimes represents minus two points, but this is more commonly the case in the six and nine-card versions.

At the end of either nine or eighteen deals, the player with the lowest overall score emerges victorious. This scoring system bears a resemblance to the game of golf, played on a golf course.

It’s important to note that this is the game of golf in its most basic format, and there are often variations in the way it is enjoyed.

In summary, Four Card Golf is a simple yet engaging card game that can be played with multiple players. The game involves drawing and discarding cards to create a layout of four cards, with the objective of achieving the lowest cumulative score after nine or eighteen deals.

Six Card Golf Game Explained

Six-card golf is a card game that is similar to the four-card version but with a few key differences.

In the six-card game, players aim to find pairs of cards, as a pair scores zero points. The game is played with a rectangular layout, with cards being placed in front of each player.

Before the game commences, players can choose to look at any two of the six cards in front of them. Moving clockwise, each player takes turns removing a new card from the stockpile and can choose to replace or discard it.

At the end of the play, the cards are scored, and the lowest cumulative score wins.

The scoring system of the six-card game is slightly more complicated than the four-card version, with aces scoring one point, twos counting as minus two points, and numerical cards between three and ten scoring face value.

Jacks and Queens score ten points, while Kings are worth zero points. No points are awarded for a pair of cards in the same column. Players aim to score pairs in the relative columns of their layouts while keeping the other cards as low as possible.

In summary, the six-card golf game is a variation of the four-card version, where pairs are the main focus of the game. The game is played with a rectangular layout, and the lowest cumulative score wins.

Nine Card Golf Game Explained

Nine Card Golf is a captivating card game that requires two or more decks of cards. Each player is dealt a total of nine cards, which are skillfully arranged in a three-by-three square layout.

To commence the play, three cards are elegantly revealed, adding an element of suspense and anticipation.

The aim of the game is to achieve the lowest score possible across nine rounds, each comprising of nine holes. In each round, players try to achieve the lowest score possible by swapping cards in their layout with cards from the deck.

Unlike the four and six-card variations, where players look for pairs, in the nine-card game, players are looking for a column of three equal cards to score zero.

The scoring system used in the six-card version can be used in the nine-card game, but some players prefer to add variations, such as leaving jokers in the deck, which count as minus two or three points.

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Overall, the nine-card golf game follows the same style and essence as the six-card game, with the main difference being the number of cards and the scoring system.

With exciting variations available, the nine-card golf game is a fun and challenging game that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels.

Rules of the Golf Card Game

The Golf Card Game is played with a standard 52-card deck, with the objective of having the lowest cumulative score at the end of the game. The game can be played with four, six, or nine cards, and the winner is determined by the lowest score after nine or eighteen plays.

The game starts with the player to the left of the dealer and proceeds clockwise. Players draw and discard cards, and can replace a card in their layout if they choose.

Once a card is replaced, it must be turned face up. The round ends when one player has all their cards face up.

Points are awarded based on the ranking of the cards. Aces hold a value of 1 point, Kings have no point value, Queens and Jacks are valued at 10 points each, and numeral cards carry their face value.

The objective is to have the lowest score possible, so players aim to have as many Kings as possible and avoid Queens, Jacks, and Aces.

If a player has a pair, the score for those cards is zero. In the case of two pairs, only the lowest pair is scored. Matching cards cancel each other out, and Jokers are worth -2 points.

In general, the Golf Card Game offers an enjoyable and stimulating experience, demanding both strategic thinking and skillful execution. Players must carefully manage their cards and aim for the lowest score possible to win.

How to Score the Golf Card Game?

The scoring system for the Golf card game varies depending on the version being played. However, the scoring mechanism widely accepted for each variation is elaborated upon below:

  • An Ace is worth one point.
  • A Two is worth minus two points (this is not always the case in the four-card variation, but it’s up to the players to decide).
  • Three through Ten are face value.
  • Pairs are worth zero points in the six-card version.
  • Triplets are worth zero points in the nine-card version.
  • Jacks and Queens are worth ten points.
  • Kings are worth zero points.
  • Jokers are worth minus two or three points (if included).

Players should agree on the scoring system before the game starts. The victor is the player who achieves the lowest total score after completing nine or eighteen rounds. After each round, players are advised to record their scores on a piece of paper.

Winning Golf Card Game Strategy

To increase your chances of winning at the golf card game, a combination of good luck and a decent strategy is essential. At the onset of the game, players should prioritize gathering aces and kings.

In the six or nine-card version, pairs and triplets should be formed, respectively, regardless of the cards’ values. Players should keep an eye out for cards with lower scores, which can be traded for higher cards in their layout.

As the game progresses, players’ instincts become just as important as their strategy. To enhance the pace of the game, players have the option to establish a time restriction for each round.

An effective winning strategy encompasses swift decision-making and the capacity to adjust to evolving circumstances. By adhering to these suggestions, players can enhance their prospects of triumphing in the golf card game.

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Yes, the Golf Card is Fun to Play!

The game of golf cards offers a delightful and thrilling opportunity to enjoy quality time with loved ones. Regardless of the variation of the game that you choose to play, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

The game is thrilling and greatly influenced by luck, yet players who devise a solid strategy can enhance their odds of winning. It serves as an excellent pastime when the weather conditions aren’t conducive to outdoor activities.

Invite your friends over and see who can shoot the lowest score in games like solitaire, polish polka, polish poker, turtle, crazy nines, and golf solitaire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for the golf card game with 10 cards?

The golf card game with 10 cards is played using a standard deck of 52 cards. At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt 10 cards face down and organizes them into two rows, with five cards in each row.

The objective of the game is to achieve the lowest possible score by exchanging cards with the ones in the middle of the table.

During their turn, each player draws a card from the deck and swaps it with one of their own cards. Ultimately, the player who has the lowest score at the end of the game emerges as the winner.

How do you play the golf card game with jokers?

The golf card game with jokers is played similarly to the game with 10 cards. However, two jokers are added to the deck, and they are considered wild cards.

The jokers can be used to replace any card in a player’s hand. The primary goal of the game remains unchanged: to attain the lowest possible score.

Can you provide a printable version of the golf card game rules?

Yes, there are many printable versions of the golf card game rules available online. A swift search will provide numerous outcomes, affording players the opportunity to select the version that most aptly caters to their requirements.

What is the score sheet for the golf card game?

The score sheet for the golf card game is a simple table that lists each player’s name and their score for each round of the game.

The table typically has 18 columns for the 18 holes in a round of golf. Each hole’s score is recorded by players, and the one with the lowest total score emerges victorious at the end of the game.

Are there any online versions of the 4-card golf card game?

Certainly! Numerous online versions of the 4-card golf card game are readily accessible. Players have the option to compete against computer opponents or engage in multiplayer matches with other online players.

Prominent websites offering this game including

How do you start the game of golf with cards?

To commence a game of golf with cards, each player receives six cards face down. Subsequently, two of the cards are revealed and placed face up in front of each player, while the remaining four cards remain concealed until later in the game.

The player with the least valuable pair of face-up cards assumes the first turn, and the game progresses in a clockwise fashion. The primary objective of the game is to attain the lowest possible score by exchanging cards with those in the middle of the table.