How Long Does Topgolf Take to Play? – All The Facts!

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Topgolf is a place where you can go for an evening of fun with friends or family while also getting exercise and enjoying yourself at the same time! There are several games available so there is something for everyone no matter their skill level (or age!).

How long does Topgolf take to play? – You can play a Topgolf game for a maximum of two hours at a time but there is no minimum limit so you can leave at any point by simply exiting the bay area where your game is booked in.

A normal game will last around an hour depending on how many players are in your group – Topgolf currently allows a maximum of 6 players in each bay so the time it takes to play is also dependent on how many players are participating.

Is Topgolf Per Person or Per Hour?

Topgolf is priced per bay, per hour, and not based on per person. This represents excellent value for money because it means you can relax with friends or family and enjoy playing the game whilst spreading the cost across everyone in the group.

The rates per bay vary by location and are also dependent on the time of day you wish to book your Topgolf game.

Generally, the rates go up a little during the day, so an early morning game at Topgolf is usually cheaper than an early evening game where there is more demand.

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But the increase is fairly minimal – so for example, The Virginia Beach location has a price structure that changes by around 20 dollars during the day.

A weekday game is currently priced at:

  • 10AM – 12PM – $27/hr per bay
  • 12PM – 5PM – $27/hr per bay
  • 5PM – Close – $47/hr per bay

Saturday and Sundays are priced in a similar fashion but as Topgolf is a franchise, bay rates are independently determined at each location.

What Games Can You Play at Topgolf?

You’re tired of playing the same games at your local driving range. You want to play something new and exciting!

Now you can hit micro-chipped balls at targets that keep track of every shot’s accuracy and distance while having a blast with friends.

There are around 14 different games available for all ages and skill levels that you can play at Topgolf – (dependent on location) and these are graded by a color-coded difficulty level.

Our top 5 picks are just a few to check out at your local Topgolf center:

Topgolf Standard Game

The Topgolf signature game provides players the chance to score points by aiming and launching balls into a designated target.

The more accurate your shot, and the farther away you are from the given target, the more points you score.

Skill Level: Newbie

Angry Birds Topgolf Game

In this wacky game, the golf balls are actually the characters from Angry Birds!

Hit the ball as hard as you can into buildings, taking down the horrid pigs, and try to get as many points as you can.

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The brilliant ball-tracking technology transforms your ball into the red and bomb features of Angry Birds in order to make it as real as possible to the original game.

Skill Level: Newbie

Quick 9 Novice Game

In this high-octane game of speed and accuracy, you’ll have three opportunities to shoot the red, yellow or green targets.

Points are awarded based on how close your shot is to the center of a target. Your last shot at each target will award double points!

Skill Level: Newbie

Topscore Game

This Topgolf variant rewards big hitters with higher scores.

The farther you hit the target, and the closer you get to your hitting the center flag, the more points you’ll be credited with.

TopChip Game

Like using a pitching wedge? Great!

Check out TopChip where you 20 shots in total and you try to hit the green, yellow and red targets in order to score points.

Hit bad shots and your points total goes down – whos the best chipper in your group?

Skill Level: Medium

Closest to the Hole Game

Execute nine shots on famous courses to land as close to the hole as possible with your best approach shot.

The total distance from the pin on each hole is calculated and the lowest score will win.

Hitting it into the deep rough or water hazards can get you penalized, so make sure to concentrate on all shots in order to give you the best chance of winning!

Skill Level: Expert

Topgolf is a game that you can play and have lots of fun with friends.

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There are many different games to choose from, which vary in difficulty level. There’s something for everyone and each game is marked with a difficulty rating so you can choose what you’re most comfortable with.

The next time you visit your local Topgolf center, be sure to give our top 5 a go!

Where Can You Play Topgolf?

With over 70 locations in the US alone, the new and improved Topgolf centers provide an all-inclusive golfing experience for people of all ages and skills levels.

The locations range from small suburbs to large cities as the demand for such a facility is so high.

Click here to check out all the Topgolf locations in the US – hopefully, there is one near you.

Get Started at Topgolf!

Topgolf is a great way to have fun with friends, family, and co-workers and with no minimum playtime, you can come and go as you like.

If you’re looking for an activity to do in the next few months, then we recommend checking out one of our top-ranked facilities around North America!

What type of game do you want to play?