How Does Topgolf Work? (Beginners Guide!)

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Topgolf has received a lot of hype recently, and so many people are impressed by its unique and innovative social golf offer.

But how does Topgolf actually work? What do you need to know before attending? And how much does it cost?

In the following sections, we take a closer look at how Topgolf works and answer some of your most pressing questions about this innovative and much-loved golf entertainment venue.

What is Topgolf?

Topgolf is a leading, high-tech golf entertainment venue where players can enjoy a wide variety of golf games. Each Topgolf venue is equipped with multiple air-conditioned bays and music, and there’s a focus on the social aspect of the game.

Watch this video that features a Topgolf center in Arizona:


Once you’ve made a reservation, you can select which game you wish to play with your friends and family. All the Topgolf games are interactive, and every player uses micro-chipped golf balls that benefit from Toptracer technology.

The micro-chipped golf balls score themselves, meaning all you have to do is step up and swing away, and the Topgolf system will take care of everything for you!

Ultimately, Topgolf is a leading US golf venue that is perfect for beginners and those looking to play golf socially. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from your visit to Topgolf.

How Does Topgolf Work?

Your first job is to choose which Topgolf venue to attend. Once you’ve located a venue close to home, you can reserve a bay for yourself and your friends. It is charged by the hour, so you need to decide how long you wish to play.

When you arrive, you need to choose which game you want to play. There are so many awesome options, including Angry Birds, Quick 9, and TopScore. They all make use of simulators and provide you with a unique golfing experience.

Using a micro-chipped ball, you then play with your friends and compete to see who wins the game by the end of your session.

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You can then settle into the social areas at Topgolf after your game and enjoy refreshments, as well as popular table games like pool and air hockey. Overall, Topgolf is an awesome venue and offers an unrivaled social golf experience.

How Does Topgolf Pricing Work?

Topgolf is charged per bay, per hour, so you need to decide how long you wish to play before heading to the venue. Topgolf is also split into levels, with each floor commanding a different price. Also, the cost varies depending on when you play. The table below is a run-down of Topgolf’s current pricing structure:

Floors Day & timeCost per hour
1-2Mon-Thur until noon$30
1-2Mon-Thur noon – 5pm$45
1-2Mon-Thur 5pm – close$60
1-2Fri, Sat, Sun untill noon$45
1-2Fri, Sat, Sun noon – 5pm$60
1-2Fri, Sat, Sun 5pm – close$75
3Mon-Thur untill noon$45
3Mon-Thur noon until 5pm$60
3Mon-Thursday 5pm – close$75
3Fri, Sat, Sun untill noon$60
3Fri, Sat, Sun noon – 5pm$60
3Fri, Sat, Sun 5pm – close$90

As you can see, the cheapest time to play is from Monday to Thursday before noon, where you can rent a bay on floors one and two for just $30, which represents great value for money.

Naturally, if you want to play during the weekend at peak hours, you need to pay more. But when you split the price between several friends, it’s still a reasonably affordable night out.

How Does Topgolf Know It’s Your Ball?

Every Topgolf bay is equipped with a ball dispenser that comes with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identify) reader. When it’s your turn to play, you wave your club in front of the sensor, and the ball is dispensed and matched to an RFID chip in the center of the ball itself.

When you hit the ball, and it comes to rest, the RFID tag within the ball is picked up by the beacons within the targets, which is how the system knows where your ball lands. As such, it can assign your score.

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The fact that Toptracer is equipped in all Topgolf bays means that you can also learn about the data behind your shots, which includes things like trajectory, distance, and ball speed, for instance.

As you can see, Topgolf utilizes advanced technology to provide an exceptional social golf experience, and it’s undoubtedly worth trying out with your nearest and dearest.  

How Many Balls Do You Get at Topgolf?

One game at Topgolf consists of twenty balls, and it typically takes around one hour to complete the game. You can certainly play faster than this, but an hour is roughly a good amount of time to enjoy the game to the max.

Also, the pace at which you play depends on the game that you are playing, as some formats are slightly quicker than others. Still, if you factor in one hour per game, it’s more than enough time to shoot the twenty balls provided.

People often wonder if they should bring their own golf balls to Topgolf, but each bay utilizes special, flighted golf balls with microchips inside. Therefore, you don’t need to take your own balls with you as you won’t be allowed to use them for your game.

Are Topgolf Golf Balls Limited Flight?

Topgolf balls are flighted, which means you can’t hit them as far as normal balls. While this might be frustrating for some players, Topgolf uses flighted balls to ensure that patrons don’t hit the balls out of the venue.

The bays at Topgolf are designed to accommodate distances of up to 215 yards, meaning that if they used real golf balls, then people would consistently hit further than permitted by the space at each venue.

Some golfers scoff at the idea of using limited-flight golf balls, but the reality is that it doesn’t negatively impact the Topgolf experience, and you can enjoy all of the games without needing to smash a drive 250+ yards!

If you want to hit your big stick without restriction, you should attend the driving range close to your home instead of Topgolf, as you’re not restricted when it comes to distance.  

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Do I Bring My Own Clubs to Topgolf?

Topgolf provides golf clubs included in the price of the bay, meaning you don’t have to take your own golf clubs with you. However, if you feel more comfortable using your own clubs, you can use them at Topgolf.

We appreciate the fact that Topgolf provides clubs as part of their package as it ensures the venue appeals to beginner golfers, as well as those that have never played the game before. After all, we can’t all afford to buy a set of clubs just to use once in a while.

Clubs are provided for up to six players at any given time, although for health and safety reasons, only one person can hit a shot from a bay at one time.

So, you can bring your own clubs to Topgolf, but it’s not necessary as there are clubs at each venue included in the price of renting the bay.

What Else is There to Do at Topgolf?

As well as the golf bays, you can enjoy delicious food and drink options at all Topgolf venues. This makes Topgolf the perfect location for special occasions or work events, as you can add various features to your booking.

What’s more, Topgolf venues offer PGA golf instruction in a fun and innovative way, which is perfect for kids getting into golf for the first time. There is also a dedicated Kidzone designed to make golf more accessible to and enjoyable for youngsters.

If you’re a Topgolf regular, you can sign up for seasonal leagues in your region and compete for the winning prize against friends and other members.

Ultimately, Topgolf is an excellent venue for social golf and is a great place to go for an enjoyable night with friends or family.


Topgolf has become super popular throughout the United States and is arguably the leading golf entertainment venue out there. The variety of games, value for money, and food and drink options contribute to an exceptional social golf experience.

So, if you haven’t done so already, reserve a bay at a Topgolf venue near you and challenge your friends to a golfing experience like no other!