Honma Golf Clubs: (Most Expensive in the World?!)

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We’re truly spoiled for choice when it comes to golf equipment.

We have so many wonderful brands to choose from when selecting our golf clubs, which can often make it a little difficult to know who to trust to build us the perfect irons for our bag.

In this article, we introduce you to seven key facts about Honma, the Japanese brand that is causing quite the stir in the world of golf for the pricing of some of its golf clubs.

While Honma undoubtedly manufactures some of the most expensive golf clubs on the planet, some Honma irons are actually reasonable when compared to other brands like TaylorMade and PING.

By the end of this article, you will be able to decide whether or not Honma is the right brand for you!

Where Are Honma Golf Clubs Made?

Honma golf clubs are made in Sakata, Japan, and have been since 1959. All of Honma’s manufacturing processes are overseen by an in-house R&D and quality-control team, ensuring only the finest quality golf clubs are retailed and shipped.

HONMA Beres Fairway Wood RH 3 15 Graph Reg

The company was started by two Japanese brothers in the late 1950s, but it wasn’t until 2010 that the brand became global, entering the US market in 2019.

Honma clubs are now regarded as among the best in the business, and we take a closer look at them in the sections that follow.

Does Honma Make Good Golf Clubs?

Honma golf clubs are of premium quality and are among the very best that money can buy. Honma retails an impressive range of golf clubs including their forged T-World-X-irons, TR21-X-irons, and their extremely impressive Beres range.

In addition to its irons, Honma manufactures several extremely impressive drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids.

The TR-20 driver, for example, proving to be extremely popular with golfers right now thanks to its light carbon fiber and three-position weight system.

2020 HONMA TR20 Driver 440cc RH 10.5 Graph Stiff

Something that is immediately clear when you play Honma clubs is the attention to detail in the crafting.

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The build quality of Honma clubs is exceptional and each component part of the clubs has been constructed separately.

Although it might not be the most recognizable brand when it comes to American golf equipment and apparel, there’s no question that Honma builds and delivers exceptional golf clubs.

One drawback, however, is the price of Honma golf clubs, as we explore below.

Are Honma Clubs Expensive?

Take a deep breath as Honma clubs are expensive. Honma clubs are expertly hand-crafted, built to the highest possible specifications and the materials used are identified as the best in class. Every Honma golf club must pass a thorough and rigorous inspection before being shipped to the customer.

HONMA Beres Iron Set RH 6-11 Graph Reg

Below are some of Honma’s golf clubs with an indication of how much you can expect to pay for the privilege of using them:

Price (subject to change) of current Honma Golf Clubs:

  • Beres AIZU driver: $1,289
  • Beres 5-star driver: $4,500
  • T-World GS driver: $500
  • TR20 460 driver: $360
  • Beres AIZU hybrid: $499
  • Beres 5-star hybrid: $4,500
  • T-World GS hybrid: $250
  • TR21 hybrid: $149
  • Beres AIZU irons: $399 (per iron)
  • TR21-x irons: $1,209 (set)
  • Beres 5-star irons: $4,500 (per iron)
  • T-World W21 wedge: $165
  • Beres PP-201 putter: $570

We don’t blame you if your eyes were immediately drawn to the Beres 5-star range, which sees clubs retailed at a jaw-dropping $4,500 each.

While these clubs are certainly not accessible to everyday recreational golfers, you can see that you buy Honma golf clubs that fall within the ‘reasonably priced’ bracket.

For instance, picking up a TR20 460 driver alongside a set of Tr21-x irons won’t cost you a great deal more than many other popular golf brands. But ultimately, Honma clubs are certainly on the pricier side and won’t be suitable for everyone!

How Much is a Complete Set of Honma Golf Clubs?

You could essentially put together a full set of Honma golf clubs for around $2,500. But when you think about fairway woods and other accessories, you’re probably looking at a set that costs between the $3,000 and $4,000 mark.

It’s quite difficult to say precisely how much a set of Honma golf clubs is, as it really depends on which clubs you go for.

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But let’s give you a couple of examples so you can see how much you would need to spend.

If you go for a TR20 460 driver ($360) and a TR21 hybrid ($149), pair them with a set of TR21 irons ($1,209), a T-world W21 wedge ($165), and a Beres PP-201 putter ($570), you could essentially put together a set of Honma golf clubs for $2,453.

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t need to worry about money at all, then why not equip your bag with Honma’s Beres 5-star range, at $4,500 a pop?!

If you carry ten of these beauties in your bag, that would set you back a cool $45,000, which is surely the most expensive golf equipment out there!

Why are Honma Irons so Expensive?

Honma golf irons carry such an expensive price tag because of the way they are built. The guys at Honma take quality control seriously, and handcraft golf clubs using only the finest quality materials at their disposal.

The Beres five-star irons, for instance, are decorated with precious metals and 24K gold accents, as well as being built with the highest grade stainless steel and a highly evolved shaft made from carbon aluminum.

But in fairness, Honma doesn’t just deal in extortionately expensive irons.

Their TR-21-x irons retail at a reasonable $1,209 for the set, which is comparable to some of the more popular brands in golf, including the latest releases from the likes of PING, TaylorMade, and Callaway.

HONMA TR21 X Iron Set RH 5-11 Graph Reg

Granted, not everyone has this kind of money to spend on a set of golf irons, which is why Honma certainly isn’t a brand for the masses!

We’re of the belief that you should always start looking for golf clubs with your budget in mind, before looking into brands that you can afford.

Do any Current Pros Use Honma Clubs?

Currently, several pros on the KLPGA and JLPGA use Honma clubs and balls, including Lee Bo-Mee, Shina Kanazawa, and Lee Hyorin. Given that Honma is one of the biggest and most trusted brands in Asian golf, it’s little surprise that they’re endorsed by several players on the Asian tours.

The highest-profile golfer to play Honma was former world number one Justin Rose, who signed a deal with the Japanese brand in 2019.

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But after struggling for form in the season that followed, Rose left Honma and went back to TaylorMade, the brand that he had endorsed for more than twenty years.

Since splitting with Justin Rose, it’s not clear whether Honma will work with any other PGA pro Tours in the near future.

But given the spec of the clubs and the profile of the brand, it’s likely that they will develop some new partnerships on the American tour in the near future.

What Do the Honma Stars Mean?

Honma’s star system was initiated in 1991 and is the company’s way of grading its golf clubs. The system indicates the quality of materials used to manufacture the clubs as well as the seniority of the craftsman responsible for the build.

Essentially, the higher the stars, the better the build quality and materials used in the manufacturing process.

It’s for this reason that Honma’s five-star range is so expensive, featuring the likes of 24K gold and the highest spec of shaft available in the world of golf.

You will be hard-pressed to find golf clubs of a better build quality than Honma’s five-star Beres irons and drivers, but equally, you will struggle to find golf clubs anywhere that are as expensive.

The best way to sum up Honma’s approach is that you get what you pay for and at least the company is transparent when it comes to the pricing of their equipment.

Honma Golf Clubs: Good Specs, Highest Quality with a Price to Match!

Honma has created quite the storm since entering the American market back in 2019. Still seen by many as an exotic, overly expensive brand, many Honma golf clubs are built to extremely high standards at a comparable price to those of other brands.

Of course, if you like the idea of equipping your gold bag with clubs that have been decorated with 24K gold and built to the highest possible specifications, then the five-star Beres irons are just what you’re looking for!

Overall, we’d have to say that Honma golf clubs are of excellent quality and would be a good addition to the bag. Just make sure you can afford the price tag before you commit to your purchase!