High End Golf Shoes that Hit the Mark!

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With the right pair of shoes, your golfing experience is bound to feel even greater. As a professional sport, companies have created shoes that are made to fit different conditions in which golf can be played and there is always a demand for high end golf shoes from designer brands.

Golf is generally played on green, and usually outdoors. For an outdoor sport, it would be best to have a pair of shoes that can protect you from varying weather conditions. This is why breathability is an important factor when choosing the best golf shoes.

Breathability will enable the shoe to have properties such as waterproof protection to keep the feet dry, and moisture releasing to prevent sweat from building up and to provide cool comfort.

Stability and comfort are also a few notable highlights of golf shoes. In golf, power plays a great role in how well you play. Your shoes play a role in this as well. This is because the smoothness of your swing can depend on how your feet can carry you.

A shoe with great traction will provide you with the stability and support you need to keep your swing movements clean and effective.

Some shoes fail to hold the wearer down enough to be able to execute a neat swing. On the other hand, golf shoes are made to effectively keep you in the right place as you play.

What are the Best Golf Shoes on the Market?

There’s a lot of different factors to consider when you’re out to look for the best golf shoes on the market. Normally, you would want the shoes to be comfortable, durable and have traction.

Golf is a game that is usually played in a field. The shoes should be able to withstand any elements that may affect its performance and cause it to wear out quickly. A shoe with sturdy material will last you a long time because it has the capacity to face various situations.

Comfortability is just as important. If your shoes aren’t comfy or give you blisters and wounds, your performance during a play can worsen. An uncomfortable shoe can tire out its wearer the longer it is worn.

Lastly, a great golf shoe will provide you with the stability you need to keep your swings steady, accurate and powerful whilst still looking great on the golf course to give you that added layer of confidence.

Following these criteria, we’ve broken down a few choices of PGA Tour shoes coming from top brands that fit these exact descriptions.

ECCO Men’s Luxe Golf Shoes

Designed to provide luxurious comfort and enhanced play styles, ECCO Golf’s Luxe golf shoes for men aim to make use of modern technology while keeping a classic style. ECCO Golf teams with BOA to provide new and innovative features in order to achieve this goal.

ECCO Men's Luxe Hydromax Golf Shoe, Bison/Stone, 6-6.5

The laces that come with the shoe can withstand tension even at its highest with the durable steel material, which can also be easily adjusted with one hand. They are dirt-repellent making it easier to clean.

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The hybrid outsole design, known as the ECCO Dynamic Traction System or E-DTS, provides more than 800 angles of traction for enhanced grip throughout the day.

Durable wear-resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethane and about 100 molded traction bars make the sole lightweight, flexible and shock absorbing. All while increasing power and stability to your swing.

ECCO’s Luxe golf shoes utilize the SPYDR-GRIP to provide the wearer with stronger support with your backswing and follow-through as well as long-lasting comfort. The outsole’s design minimizes the amount of dirt that clogs by having an appropriate space between each stud.

With ECCO’s TRI-FI-GRIP, the zones of stability, durability and rotational are enhanced. The TPU construction of the outsole allows it to last a long time.


  • A classic design with ultra-modern features to enhance the quality of the shoemaking it a premium men’s golf shoe.
  • Supple leather uppers with contrasting finishes keep the shoe looking classy and refined while providing breathability and comfort.
  • Better water resistance with the help of the HYDROMAX treated leather which locks out moisture to keep feet dry.
  • Added stability and comfort with a TPU outsole.
  • A universal width with Freedom Fit providing a roomy toe box along with a narrow heel and instep for a stable base.
  • Extra width insole can be taken out for extra room and an improved fit.
  • Spikes are removable which gives room for better traction.


  • The shoes’ spikes tend to leave small indentions on the turf.


Adidas Men’s Adipure Tp 2.0 Golf Shoe

Adidas maximizes performance and style with the Adipure TP 2.0 golf shoes for men. The classic design provides a luxury display that can boost your confidence while you’re out on the field with the use of quality leather ThnkSOF uppers.

adidas Men's Adipure TP 2.0 Golf Shoe, White, 9.5 M US

This makes it excellent for playing in different weather conditions while staying in comfort.

The refined shape and elegant lines provided by the PUREMTO Last increase the Adipure TP 2.0’s appearance, as well as granting added volume in the forefoot.

For better stability and improved traction, Adidas makes use of a Glassfiber Torsion System featuring a carbon fiber finish. The outsole comes with removable spikes, therefore allowing the wearer to multiply traction by utilizing a spikeless shoe.

The shoe also remains friendly to the green with and without the spikes. The Adipure TP 2.0 makes sure to keep the turf smooth and neat even when you spend hours walking back and forth the field.

The Revolutionary Puremotion in the midsole and outsole produces maximum comfort. For additional support, the Fitfoam PU sock liner boosts comfort with cushioning.


  • Premium Leather ThinSOF uppers consist of climate-proof protection and provide durability and comfort while keeping an elegant design.
  • PUREMTO Last improves volume in the forefoot and refines the shoes’ shape for an increase in both performance and style.
  • Fitfoam PU sock liner with a leather cover for better cushioning, support and comfort for the underfoot.
  • Carbon fiber finish featured with the Glassfiber Torsion System to optimize torsion control as well as support and stability.
  • Midsole and outsole is constructed with Revolutionary Puremotion for the ultimate comfortability.
  • Spiked outsole consists of 10 removable spikes for improved traction and stability when playing in the field, supported by Thintech low-profile technology which also makes the spikes green-friendly.


  • The shoes’ fit tends to feel smaller when worn for the first time.
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ECCO Men’s Cool 18 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

ECCO’s golf shoes are often associated with spikeless styles, which is great for professionals and beginners. As the years go by, ECCO continues to produce high end performing golf shoes.

ECCO Men's Cool 18 Gore-TEX Golf Shoe, Dark Shadow/Black Transparent, 11-11.5

This continues with the Cool 18 Gore-Tex for men’s.

The shoe comes in a contemporary style that makes use of classic colors. They make use of a sock liner instead of the traditional tongue found in most golf shoes.

The highlight of the Cool 18 Gore-Tex is the use of GORE-TEX Surround technology. This gives the shoes 100% waterproof protection to keep the shoes comfortable and breathable all day long.

This is supported by airflow inner channels in the midsole, allowing heat and moisture to escape out of the shoe for enhanced comfortability.

Performance and traction are greatly increased with the use of their Champ Slim-Lok spikes. These can also be removed with ease and leave fewer marks and dents on the turf.

Like most of ECCO’s golf shoes, this pair is made with Freedom Fit which is a universal width design wherein the toebox has more room while the heel and instep are narrower. This allows your toes to spread comfortably and maintains a stable base.


  • Midsole design that consists of new airflow inner channels to enable air to flow through and keep the feet both cool and dry.
  • GORE-TEX Surround construction to provide 100% waterproof protection along with long-lasting dry comfort.
  • Champ Slim-Lok spikes on the outsole for greater traction, which is also green-friendly and can be removed and replaced easily.
  • Extra width insole is removable for an improved wide fit and increased breathability.
  • A combination of soft and durable Dritton leather and stretch-fabric upper for comfort and an athletic feel.


  • These high end golf shoes tend to get heavier when worn for over 4 to 5 hours of play.


Under Armour Mens Spieth 2 Mid GT Golf Shoe

The Spieth 2 Mid GT golf shoes by Under Armour is the second generation of Jordan Spieth’s signature footwear. Now, it includes GORE-TEX technology which provides 100% waterproof protection that maintains the shoes’ breathability.

Under Armour Men's Spieth 2 Mid GT Golf Shoe, Black (001)/Spice Red, 9

This feature keeps the feet dry and comfortable whatever the weather.

For further support and comfort, Under Armour constructs the uppers with woven powerful TPU fibers. These increase the shoes’ durability and keeps it long-lastingly fresh. Despite this, the shoe remains lightweight and easy to wear.

The brand’s Rotational Resistance Spikes are featured in this model of the shoe as well. With this, the shoes’ traction is greatly increased for better play, power and stability. Added traction is supported with a TPU outsole.

To keep a snug fit and increased support, the mid-model features an extended bootie construction that goes over the ankle. While some golf shoes usually sit below the ankle, Under Armour widens their range with the additional ankle support.

The molded EVA midsole provides added comfort for the underfoot as well. The cushioning is designed to keep the feet comfy despite hours of wear and play. This makes it suitable for golfers who tend to spend a lot of time playing actively.


  • Clarino microfiber uppers woven with Smartweave TPU fibers provide lightweight support and added comfort.
  • 100% waterproof technology with GORE-TEX to keep feet in dry comfort and breathable throughout the day.
  • Bootie construction extending up to over the ankle for added support and a snug comfortable fit.
  • Premium comfort for the underfoot with the molded EVA midsole footbed.
  • Outsole designed with TPU for increased stability and great traction.
  • Rotational Resistance Spikes provides a reliable grip with traction at its maximum.
  • Added traction provided by aggressive secondary traction.
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  • The shoes lack ankle support and may sit differently varying on the wearer.


ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 BOA Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

ECCO aims to provide a golf shoe that presents flexibility, durability and comfort while keeping a lightweight construction. These are all features incorporated in the Biom Hybrid 3 BOA Gore-Tex.

ECCO mens Biom Hybrid 3 Boa Gore-tex Golf Shoe, White/Dynasty Yak Leather, 10-10.5 US

The shoe is made from YAK leather for increased breathability that provides maximum comfort. The material is highly durable as well, therefore keeping the shoe in great shape for a longer period of time.

ECCO makes sure the leather used is of the best quality by tanning it in-house.

To increase comfort, it is made with the BIOM NATURAL MOTION Technology. This makes every step comfortable for the wearer even with hours of moving around.

Your feet stay protected from various elements with Gore-Tex construction, which enables the shoes to keep your feet dry and cool.

With the Tri-Grip spikeless outsole, the shoes give you added support when it comes to stability, durability and rotations to help you get the perfect grip when you make back-swings and follow-throughs.

The shoe also comes with a removable extra width insole. Having this gives you the ability to adjust the fit of the shoe. You can simply take off the insole to get some more room for your toes.


  • YAK leather uppers that provides breathability, yet are soft and have excellent abrasion resistance for longer wear.
  • Waterproofing provided with GORE-TEX technology for guaranteed protection against various elements while remaining breathable.
  • Boa fit system for an ideal and comfortable fit along with a quick and easy lace adjustment.
  • BIOM NATURAL MOTION Technology that combines anatomical comfort providing stability with a low-to-the-ground construction.
  • ECCO Tri-Grip outsole to enhance the performance of the shoes in three different areas, particularly for stability, for durability, and for fast and effective rotation.


  • While they are comfortable, the sizes tend to fit differently from the other models.


Quality and Top Brand Choices

Not every golf shoe will be made the same. However, there will be a pair that provides exactly what you need and what you’re looking for in a shoe.

The following top brands are the best in the market, providing the basic needs a golfer needs in their shoes topped with modern improvements and new technology.

Golf shoes are made for the purpose of improving your play while keeping you comfortable despite the hours-long walking around the course. You can spend all day on the grass and still be able to feel comfortable in your shoes through its breathable features.

Compared to other shoes, golf shoes definitely make it easier for you to enhance your abilities particularly in terms of traction and control. These shoes are made to cater to these needs to help you get your game up.

These high end golf shoes are bound to give you an experience in golfing you’ll want to keep!