HDK Golf Carts Reviews: Good or Inferior Quality?

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If you’re thinking about buying a golf cart, one of the first things you need to consider is the brands that are available to you. While we’ve all heard of Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha, HDK is much less prevalent in the United States.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re of inferior quality to the carts produced by the more prominent brands. In fact, HDK golf carts represent good value for money and carry many of the same specifications as more expensive makes and models.

But given that you might not have heard a great deal about HDK, we answer some of the most pressing questions people have about the brand to help you find the perfect golf cart that ticks all your boxes.

Let’s begin by looking at whether or not HDK golf carts are any good.

Are HDK Golf Carts Good?

As one of China’s leading manufacturers of electric vehicles, HDK golf carts are of high quality and come with all of the specifications you would find on many of the other, more prevalent brands available on the US market.

One of the biggest advantages of buying an HDK cart is that they’re typically cheaper than all-American brands due to the lower costs associated with production.

In the sections that follow, we tell you everything we know about HDK golf carts, so you can decide if it’s a brand worthy of your consideration.

How Much Do HDK Golf Carts Cost?

HDK golf carts retail at between $7,000 and $12,000, depending on the size and specification of the cart. The two primary HDK golf cart models are the Classic 2 and the Classic 4, but the company also produces a range of utility and commercial vehicles that range in size and use.

One of the reasons why newer model HDK golf carts are a little cheaper than some of the more recognizable brands in the US market is because they are made exclusively in China, relying on cheaper materials and labor to complete the manufacturing process.

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More prominent brands such as Club Car and EZGO manufacture golf carts in the US, which means the end product has to be retailed at a higher price due to the costs involved with the production.

Where are HDK Golf Carts Made?

HDK is a Chinese company, and its carts are made in Haicang District in Xiamen. The company was formed in 2006 and produces a range of EVs alongside golf carts, including shuttle buses and utility vehicles. HDK is capable of building in excess of 30,000 electric vehicles each year.

These are then shipped and distributed around the world.

In North America, HDK’s headquarters are based in Ontario, CA, and the company also has a presence in Houston, Texas.

With so many vehicles and products manufactured in China and elsewhere these days, a lot of consumers are comfortable with buying Chinese products and are satisfied with the savings that they can make on the retail price.

However, if you want to buy a golf cart that has been manufactured in the US, then you’re better served looking at the likes of Club Car and EZGO, as they both have production plants in North America.

Is there an HDK Dealer Near Me?

If you’ve performed a simple Google search trying to find HDK carts for sale in your local area, then you’re probably aware that it’s difficult to find any up-to-date information regarding the retail of HDK carts in the US!

As such, the best way to find an HDK cart for sale in your local town or state is to contact your local golf cart retailer directly.

While they might not stock new HDK carts, they may carry used models that you might be interested in.

Alternatively, you can use the contact form on HDK’s official website to request further information about stockists and distributors of HDK carts in your area.

What About HDK Golf Cart Accessories?

If you’re looking to add accessories, buy parts, or replace the battery on your HDK golf cart, you should visit the ‘Service & Parts’ section of the manufacturer’s website. Here you will find details about any replacement parts that you need, as well as accessories that you can buy.

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Alternatively, you can look online via marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist to see if anybody is selling HDK branded component parts and accessories.

The other thing to consider is that you don’t necessarily need to buy HDK parts or accessories to affix to an HDK cart.

Providing you know the dimensions of your cart, you might be able to attach accessories from another manufacturer.

Given the difficulty of accessing HDK products and accessories online, this is a viable alternative if you own an HDK cart and would like to customize it.

Where Can I Download an HDK Cart Manual?

If you weren’t issued with a manual when you purchased your HDK cart or have misplaced it since you can download the manual by clicking here. If you’re looking for the specifications of the HDK Classic golf cart, we’ve listed them below to save you some time:

HDK Cart SpecificationDetails
Passengers2 to 4
Climbing Ability20-30%
BatteryUS Trojan
ControllerUS Curtis
Wheels and Tires10" Aluminum wheel 205/50-10 tire
Motor4KW AC

As far as the specs of HDK carts go, they’re equally as impressive as many of the high-performing carts that are manufactured by some of the biggest names in the US market.

Where Best to Buy Second-Hand for Sale HDK Golf Carts?

The best place to look for a second-hand HDK golf cart for sale is on online marketplaces such as Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. As you will be aware, these sites provide you with a huge variety of options when looking for used products, and golf carts are no exception.

Due to the fact that HDK carts are nowhere near as prevalent as other brands, particularly in the US, you might have to spend some time refining your search parameters until you can find what you’re looking for.

If you don’t have any luck via these sites, you could always approach a golf cart dealer directly who operates in your local area.

If they don’t have any HDK golf carts in stock, they could always point you in the right direction of someone who does and may even be willing to inform you when an HDK cart becomes available.

Just remember, when you’re looking to buy a used golf cart, you need to be confident that it’s in good condition before agreeing to the purchase, so it’s always a good idea to schedule a quick test drive before you stump up the cash.

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HDK Golf Cart Problems: What are the Common Faults?

The common faults and problems associated with HDK carts are battery issues, charger malfunctions, faulty solenoids, motor issues and damaged or punctured tires. But Perhaps the biggest problem with HDK golf carts in the United States is their availability.

As a Chinese company, the carts are manufactured in Asia, and there is very little information about HDK’s parts replacement process.

Naturally, this makes it difficult to find accurate information about the brand before deciding on which of their carts to buy.

What’s more, even if you find an HDK cart for sale, you will also need to identify a source from which you can buy spare parts if you require them, as the US market is dominated by popular brands such as Yamaha, Club Car, and EZGO.

While this set of challenges is fairly unique to HDK, your cart may also suffer from a range of common faults that are typical of various other golf carts.

In some instances, you will be able to take your HDK golf cart into a repair shop for a service to fix any issues you encounter.

But given that the pros in your city might not be used to working with HDK’s carts and associated parts, you might struggle to find a quick fix to whatever problem you face.

HDK: Cheap Carts but Watch Out for Potential Parts Issues

There’s little doubt that HDK golf carts represent good value for money and come with all of the specifications you would hope to see on a modern cart.

As such, if you can find an HDK cart for sale for a great price, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy it!

But as we’ve mentioned throughout, one of the biggest challenges potential HDK customers face is the availability of these Chinese carts in the US market and spare parts.

Very little information is available online about North American HDK distributors, which makes it difficult to find somewhere to buy an HDK golf cart from!

Regardless, we hope you’ve found this article helpful and insightful, and you should now be in a much better place to decide if an HDK golf cart is right for you.