HD Golf Simulator Reviews (is the Hype Justified?)

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If you’re in the market for a high-tech golf simulator for your home or business, the chances are that you’ve come across HD Golf’s outstanding simulator.

In this review, we take a much closer look at what you can expect from an HD Golf simulator and introduce its key features, how much it costs, and where you can buy one from.

By the end of the article, you will have all the information you need to decide whether the hype surrounding HD Golf simulators is justified and whether it’s a good option for you.

What is HD Golf?

HD Golf is one of the leading golf simulators on the market, boasting exceptional realism, accuracy, and ease of use, no matter where you set it up. It’s ideal for home and commercial use and provides an outstanding indoor golf experience.

You can play some of the most famous golf courses in the world, from St Andrews to Pebble Beach, which is another reason why so many people turn to HD Golf over other simulators available on the market.

Lets take a look at how you can play with your buddies across the world with HD golf:

Another great feature of HD Golf is that you can set up competitions against other players, enjoying games like Angry Golf* that allow you to play without the stresses associated with heading out onto the golf course!

Overall, HD Golf is an outstanding golf simulator that is well worth considering. Read on to find out everything you need to know about HD Golf, and we examine whether the undeniable hype about this golf simulator is worth it.

Is Hd Golf One of the Best Simulators?

There’s no doubt that HD Golf is one of the best golf simulators available today. It is rated highly by customers and has an outstanding industry reputation, thanks to its key design features and the accuracy of the simulation.

HD Golf utilizes Computer Vision Technology to provide amazing results when you’re playing golf from home. Key to the simulator is patented smart cameras, which accurately take measurements and provide accurate ball-flight tracking and metrics.

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The HD Golf simulator measures a range of metrics, including spin, clubhead speed, launch angle, swing path, object contact, club face, and smash factor, which is exceptionally detailed and provides considerable analytic possibilities to all golfers.

Ultimately, there’s a lot to like about HD Golf, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best golf simulators on the market. But how exactly does it work?

How Does HD Golf Work?

There are several models of HD Golf simulators for you to choose from, but they all work in the same way. Using their patented software and cameras, HD Golf simulators enable you to project various golf courses onto an HD screen in your home.

From a mat, you can then play the game with real golf balls, as if you were actually playing the golf course in real life. The IST computer software tracks a range of metrics, allowing you to review and analyze your performance at the end of your round.

When you invest in an HD Golf simulator, you have the opportunity to play some of the best golf courses in the world without leaving home. The simulator is accurate and detailed while providing you with a whole host of metrics that can help you improve your game.

As such, investing in an HD Golf simulator is an excellent way to make golf more accessible and offers you a great way to spend some of your leisure time at home.

What Famous HD Golf Courses Can You Play?

One of the most impressive things about HD Golf is the fact that you can play some of the finest golf courses in the world. A downside to some golf simulators is that you can only play generic, often unheard-of amateur courses – but this isn’t the case with HD Golf.

Some of the courses included in the HD Golf package include:

  • New Course, Memphremagog, Canada
  • Muskoka Bay Resort, Canada
  • Pinnacle at Troon North, Arizona, US
  • Pebble Beach, California, US
  • Jasper Park Lodge, Canada
  • Kauri Cliffs, Matauri Bay, New Zealand
  • Olympia Fields North Course, Illinois, US
  • Links at Perry Cabin, Maryland, US
  • Medinah, Illinois, US

Other courses that deserve mention include Bethpage Black, Torrey Pines, and the home of golf at St Andrews in Scotland. In fact, one of the most impressive things about HD Golf simulators is the fact that you can play at so many championship courses, which is an inviting proposition for all golfers.

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You will certainly never get bored playing your HD Golf simulator, given the exceptional number of golf courses available on the game.

How Much Does an HD Golf Simulator Cost?

Given the fact that HD Golf simulators are widely regarded as among the best in the business, they’re certainly not cheap. But that being said, you get what you pay for, and the price is more than justified.

While you’re encouraged to contact an HD Golf sales rep to put together a package that is best suited to your preferences and budget, the Ultimate Training Package from HD Golf currently retails at $59,999.**

Granted, this is a lot of money, but given that HD Golf simulators are primarily marketed to commercial venues like driving ranges and other leisure facilities, it’s perhaps not surprising that it is retailed at such a high price.

Also, as mentioned, there are so many features included in the HD Golf simulator, making it a standout option if you’re truly looking for the best of the best golf simulator.

Is HD Golf Worth the Money?

Value for money is subjective, but there’s no denying that the HD Golf simulator is among the very best that you can buy. As such, it is priced accordingly and is one of the most expensive golf simulators on the market.

The high price of the simulator is due to the fact that you can track so many metrics when using the software and also that the cameras and software ensure that the simulator is incredibly accurate and doesn’t have any lags or slights that can affect performance.

You also receive a full HD Golf bay that you can install at your home or business, while many golf simulators don’t include as much hardware. This is another reason why the cost of the HD Golf simulator is comparatively high.

So, the bottom line in terms of price is that the HD Golf simulator is undoubtedly expensive, but it’s worth the money if you’re looking for a top-of-the-range golf simulator that tracks a broad range of metrics to help you improve your golf game.

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How Accurate Is the HD Golf Simulator?

HD Golf is one of the most accurate golf simulators on the market. The four cameras and Computer Vision Technology ensure that the simulator provides accurate metrics relating to a range of aspects of your game, from ball speed to launch angle.

People who have used and reviewed the HD Golf simulator have been extremely complimentary about its accuracy, specifically relating to the metrics that it provides for game improvement purposes.***

Accuracy is really important in a golf simulator, as lags in software and poorly aligned ball tracking can make a big difference to the usability of the game.

Given the high level of technology and the positive reviews that have been written about the HD Golf simulator, you can rest assured that it’s one of the most accurate golf simulators out there.

HD Golf Simulators for Sale? (New and Used)

The best place to buy an HD Golf simulator is directly from the company’s website. You can get in touch with the sales team directly to put together the perfect package for your circumstances, which ensures that you get the exact golf simulator that you’re looking for.

Another option is to visit – Shop Indoor Golf – where HD Golf simulators are listed alongside other brands, enabling you to buy the simulator online.

If you’re looking for a used HD Golf simulator, the best place to look is eBay, but at the time of writing, we couldn’t find any listings for HD Golf models, although there are currently other makes available.

Ultimately, if you’re planning to spend such a considerable amount of money on a golf simulator, it makes sense to go directly to the manufacturer to save yourself from any issues with your purchase.


Golf simulators have become increasingly popular in recent times, as golfers are looking for ways to enjoy the beautiful game in different ways. If you have the money available, installing a golf simulator at your home or business can provide an outstanding experience.

The HD Golf simulator is undoubtedly one of the best in the business, but that comes with a lofty price tag. Still, given the outstanding quality of this simulator, the price tag is more than justified if you have the money available.

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