Haywood Golf Reviews (Are These Clubs Any Good?)

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If you’ve recently started playing golf or are hoping to improve your handicap, you’re probably aware that there are so many brands out there for you to think about when choosing your equipment.

One of the newest additions to the online golf space is Haywood Golf, a 2018 Canadian startup that is developing quite the reputation for manufacturing excellent irons and wedges.

But what’s the deal with Haywood’s irons? Are they any good? And what’s the story behind the brand?

To help you decide if Haywood irons are right for you, we explain everything you need to know about the brand and introduce their impressive signature irons below.

Who is Haywood Golf?

Haywood Golf is a Canadian startup that has been making golf clubs since 2018. Founded in Vancouver, Haywood Golf was started out of frustration that golf equipment in the North American market is prohibitively expensive, particularly for beginners.

Haywood started with a line of wedges that were tailored for the beginner and game improvement market before expanding their brand and manufacturing a range of irons that have become particularly popular in North America.

If you order clubs from Haywood Golf, you can be sure that you’re getting good value for your money and supporting an up-and-coming golf startup.

Given that there are so many big brands to consider for your golf equipment, it’s nice to know that Haywood Golf provides a viable alternative.

To help you decide if Haywood Golf clubs are right for your bag, we take a deep dive into the brand below and explain everything you need to know about this impressive Canadian startup.

Where are Haywood Clubs Made?

Haywood Golf is located in Vancouver, Canada, and its clubs are assembled in-house. However, it’s not clear precisely where the component parts of Haywood Golf clubs originate or where a large part of the production process takes place.

In the golf industry, it’s standard for brands to outsource parts of the manufacturing process to cheaper labor markets in Asia, given the high prices associated with manufacturing in North America.

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Some brands like PXG Golf are an exception to this rule, which is why their golf clubs are so expensively priced.

For budget and consciously priced clubs like Haywood, it’s fair to assume that they have outsourced the manufacture of their clubs, but we can’t say this for sure.

Regardless, you can be confident that buying from Haywood means you will be supporting a Canadian startup, which can only be a good thing! Given that most golf clubs on the market are manufactured abroad, it shouldn’t dissuade you from buying from Haywood.

Are Haywood Irons Good?

Haywood’s signature irons have been designed with beginner golfers and high handicappers in mind. As game improvement irons go, we’re impressed with the explosive distance of Haywood clubs, which is undoubtedly one of their most attractive features.

They very much fall into the game improvement bracket of golf clubs and are forgiving and easy to hit.

The clubs are made with a stainless steel body and face and allow you to achieve full distance from the grass or tee.

Checkout the review video from TXG on Youtube, where they breakdown the forged CNC milled irons:

However, you can also be sure of increased forgiveness and a high launch, helping beginner golfers with their desired ball trajectory. Instead of languishing way back on the fairway and struggling to get the ball airborne, Haywood’s irons help you strike the ball fight you desire. 

As well as their signature irons, Haywood also manufactures CB and MB irons, which are designed to help above-average players and lower handicappers. They’re a little less forgiving and help you with aspects of your game, including spin control, which gives you more control over the ball around the green.

Are the Haywood Irons Blades?

No, Haywood’s signature irons are not bladed, and they come with a cavity back, which helps beginners and higher handicappers get the ball off the ground. This is because bladed irons are typically much harder to hit, as they require a greater deal of accuracy.

However, Haywood also manufactures CB and MB irons, which are bladed. The newest iteration of Haywood’s MBs actually come highly rated, and they are particularly stylish, ensuring they look and feel great if you carry them in your bag.

Beginner golfers are presented with lots of options when it comes to buying their first clubs, and deciding between blades and cavity-backed irons is one such consideration.

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If you’re new to the game or have a handicap that is 18 or above, we’d recommend playing with cavity-backed irons over blades.

Although you compromise some distance, they’re much more forgiving and will help you to improve your ball striking.

Are Haywood Irons Forged?

Yes, Haywood irons are forged. For instance, their latest MB irons are forged with 1020 rated carbon steel and 100% milled. This means that forged irons are those that have been created from a metal stamp and are typical of better quality than those that are cast.

Forged irons typically come with a higher price tag than cast irons, as each is made individually to extremely high specifications.

When you opt for forged irons, you can be sure that the clubs are made to the precise weight and feel that the manufacturer was aiming for, allowing for very little error in the manufacturing process.

In most cases, forged irons are the choice of better players, and many beginner sets are often cast. So, the fact that Haywood irons are forged means you’re getting a great set of game improvement irons for the price.

Does Haywood Make a Putter?

Haywood’s signature putter has been designed to complement the other clubs in the Haywood range. It comes with a solid block of 1020 carbon steel and is CNC milled, meaning it has been forged out of a solid block of steel.

The Haywood putter allows for a perfectly square address and, in theory, makes it easier for you to line up your putts. It also comes with dual-bottom weighting, which allows for purer ball striking on the green.

It’s an excellent addition to the bag if you’re looking for a simple yet effective putter that doesn’t break the bag. It has received lots of positive reviews for its excellent feel and performance, and as the signature irons, it’s ideal for beginner golfers and high handicappers.

Haywood Golf vs. Sub 70 – Which Is Best?

There’s no doubt that there are many similarities between Sub 70 Golf and Haywood Golf. However, Sub 70’s range is much more extensive than Haywood’s, and they produce a broad range of irons, fairway woods, hybrids, wedges, and drivers, giving golfers much more choice when deciding what to carry in the bag.

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And while Haywood focuses predominantly on the game improvement market, Sub 70 clubs are the choice of golfers at many different levels of golf. Sub 70 has also been around for a little longer than Haywood, so they have received more reviews and endorsements from players.

Given that both brands are highly rated by recreational golfers, it’s difficult to say which is better. They both manufacture affordable, high-quality clubs that are available for less than you’re required to pay for the biggest brands in the game.

So, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either Haywood or Sub 70 if you’re looking for a set of golf clubs this season. Just be mindful that you have more choices if you head to Sub 70, so make sure you do your research before deciding which clubs are ideal for your game.

Who owns Haywood Golf?

The owner of Haywood Golf is Joshua Haywood. He runs the company alongside his fiancé, Haley Lloyd. They started the company together in British Columbia, and they have built the brand from scratch, taking care of everything themselves.

They manage to keep their costs relatively low by focusing exclusively on e-commerce, and they don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, which would naturally eat away at their bottom line.

Their story is unique, as many of the other recent startups in the golf space have relied heavily on industry connections and bigger marketing budgets to try and compete with the biggest brands in the game.

Still, Haywood Golf continues to go from strength to strength, and the couple should be proud of their achievements to date.

While we might not see Haywood irons on the PGA Tour anytime soon, they will undoubtedly increase in popularity with recreational golfers as the brand becomes more prominent.


If you’re looking for a new set of golf clubs to add to the bag this season, Haywood irons and wedges are well worth thinking about. Their signature range is available for a great price, and they are built with the game improvement market in mind.

So, instead of spending thousands of dollars on the latest equipment from the biggest brands, there’s no reason not to go with Haywood as you look to pick up an affordable and stylish set of golf clubs this year.